DXRacer Racer1 Review


The DX Racer1 in the test: A real bargain?

Ever since gaming chairs have been available on the German market, the Racer1 has been an absolute bestseller in the relevant stores. This chair owes its popularity mainly to its low price. You can buy the DX Racer1 for a good $330 – but what can you expect for this money? Chairs in this price range usually don’t meet my demands for a real gaming chair. Find out if the Racer 1 is an exception in this review, including video, size & purchase guide!


The technical data of the Racer 1

Since the DX Racer 1 originally comes from the DXRacer Formula series, the key data of these models largely match. However, there are small differences here and there:

Fabric cover, nylon base, steel frame.

The armrests can be adjusted in height. Backrest tiltable up to 135 degrees. Rocking function (sensitivity adjustable).

Seat height: 41cm to 51cm; seat surface: inside 37cm, outside 42cm; backrest: inside 33cm, outside 57.7cm; backrest height: 84cm (without seat surface).

100kg max. load capacity according to the manufacturer.

Black cover with red applications or completely black.

… Gamers between 165cm & 190cm with slim to average stature.

The price is about $330 

The DXRacer 1 in the field test

Details and close-ups can be found here in the following report. The following offer is up to date and offers you the Racer 1 at favorable conditions!

First impression after unpacking

Compared to the DXRacer King, the package was noticeably lighter – no wonder, since the K-Series is quite a bit more massive and larger. Let’s take a look at what I found inside:


The view is certainly quite familiar to one or the other. At second glance, the first differences to high-priced chairs stand out:

  1. The casters are noticeably smaller, but still just as smooth-running and functional as those of other chairs.
  2. The base is made of nylon – a plastic – rather than aluminum. No problem, as it still easily carries 100kg.
  3. The upholstery of the backrest seems a bit thinner than on expensive chairs. Does this make a difference? More about that in a moment!

The overall picture is quite positive and the parts do not seem less valuable than those of chairs that are 100 or 200 dollar above the Racer 1. The important support cushions for the neck and lumbar spine are also included and in the usual DXRacer quality.

The structure

DXRacer recommends the assembly in pairs, but this is also no problem alone. It took me a good 10 minutes to completely assemble the Racer 1. Overall, the assembly was a bit faster than usual. This was mainly due to the fact that the screws of the backrest – which often cost the most time – were super easy to screw in.


Test sitting - is it worth buying?

I found the feeling when I first sat in it surprisingly good. The fabric cover feels very pleasant and the upholstery is also adequate. Contrary to my original assumption, the backrest is sufficiently padded – there is not much body weight on it.


Both the neck and lumbar cushions are covered with PU leather and can be adjusted in height, as is usual with other chairs. So everyone can find the optimal setting for their stature.


The armrests can be adjusted in height at the touch of a button. The lever that can be seen allows the backrest to be tilted back and forth – an angle between 90 and 135 degrees is possible.

armrest close up

The armrests are curved, as with many AKRacing chairs. The plastic is soft on the surface so that the elbows are comfortably padded.

control lever close-up

The side-mounted lever can be used to lock or unlock the rocker function. The seat height is also adjusted with this lever.

fabric cover close up

Fabric covers have become quite rare in the meantime. It is therefore all the more pleasing that the Racer1 has been equipped with this breathable surface material. The cover feels very pleasant and promises a decent seating climate.


Size & weight - for whom is the Racer 1 suitable?

Apart from appearance and price, the stature of the sitter must of course also fit the chair. Therefore, I generally recommend everyone to take a quick look at my size advisor before buying.


Like other chairs of the F-Series, I recommend the Racer 1 for heights between 165cm and 190cm. Your stature should be in the range of slim to average. The maximum load capacity is 100kg.

My conclusion to the DX Racer 1 test


Let’s summarize: The casters are a bit smaller, but just as good as those of more expensive chairs. The base is not made of aluminum, but of nylon – which is also not a problem, since the look is good and the load capacity is at least 100 kg. The upholstery proved to be flawless in the practical test and the fabric cover is comfortable as well as breathable. 

Want another color variant?

The following offer refers to the Racer 5, which is similar to the tested Racer 1. Only the colors are slightly different here – so you can buy without hesitation if you like it visually!

Better in every way: Nitro Concepts S300


The new opponent of the DX Racer1 is called Nitro Concepts S300. In my review of the S300, I made it very clear why this chair is my absolute number 1 in terms of price-performance – the Racer1 doesn’t stand a chance, especially because it is $100 expensive. The S300 …

  • is more stable and supports 135kg instead of only 100kg
  • has more features such as 3D armrests
  • has a much higher quality fabric cover
  • has more comfortable fabric covered cushions
  • is overall better made and more comfortable

To be honest, the S300 is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I’ve ever sat on, with its comfortable fabric cover. It’s also about $100 cheaper – forget the DX Racer1 and grab the new S300 here: ▷ straight to the best deal on overclockers!

AKRacing Core Ex Wide Review


AKRacing Core Ex Wide in test: My experience with the Core Series!

Today I tested the AKRacing Core Ex Wide with great anticipation. The manufacturer AKRacing has worked on its models namely: Both qualitatively some things have changed, as well as in the product variety. Thus, only 2 series will be offered in the future: The Master and the Core Series, in which there are again several models to choose from. This is to create clarity in the product range, which I think makes a lot of sense.


With this review, I would like to share my experiences with the AKRacing Core Ex Wide. The chair comes from the Core Series, which offers significantly cheaper models than the new Master Series. In this review, you’ll find out if I recommend buying it, what the Ex Wide can do, and how I rate the seating comfort. You can also watch my experiences in a video below, in which I present the chair in detail. The size guide is also included and awaits you at the end of the test.



Core Ex Wide from the Core Series

Metal base, Breathable cold foam upholstery, Fabric cover, Large 63.5mm plastic casters, Molded soft plastic armrests.

3D armrests, non-locking rocker mechanism, tiltable backrest (180°), max. load capacity of 150kg

Features & innovations of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide

Just like the Master Pro, there are a few innovations and improvements. The attractive features of the Core Ex Wide in short:

Core Ex Wide in test

I’ll take up the content from the video again in this review and deepen it with high-resolution images. I will now show you in detail what the AKRacing Core Ex Wide has to offer, so you can get an impression of the seating feel, quality, functionality and workmanship.


Dimensions of the Ex Wide from the Core Series

The name suffix “Wide” reveals what distinguishes the Ex Wide from the standard Ex: The dimensions. It offers a lot of space in the width for gamers who need it. The dimensions are almost identical to the AKRacing Master Pro, which I also tested.

EX-Wide dimensions

Only the seat depth is 5cm shorter here, which makes the Ex Wide also suitable for smaller people. In terms of price, therefore, a super alternative to the Master Pro.


Here you can see: With my 189cm height, I fit very well on the chair. I can easily form a 90° angle between my upper and lower legs and my thighs are comfortably supported.


Even my test person with a height of 167cm still sits well on this chair. The seat depth fits her leg length. 1-2cm more wouldn’t hurt, but the seat depth is still within reason here. It was different with the Master Pro, which was too tall for her. I would not reach under a height of 167cm to the Ex Wide.

Design: Simple or colorful, but chic

Design-wise, the Core Ex Wide seems to be a successor to the Prime Series or AKRacing’s 7012. The color accents are exactly the same here and I think the chair still looks very nice.

Base: metal


The base is made of metal and is not further painted. However, I also like the metal look.

63.5mm large rollers

The casters are normal-sized here. Sometimes larger casters are used for gaming chairs, but I don’t notice any advantages of larger casters, so this point should be considered absolutely neutral.


The rollers run well & are not too noisy.

Practical test: Features of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide

Let’s take a look at how the chair fares in terms of functionality. Compared to its predecessors, AKR has finally stepped up a notch with the new series and brought the models to a new level.

The rocker function...

… is not noticeable, like in the higher-priced Master Pro, for example. However, it is positive that a rocker function is available at all.


This also works flawlessly so far. The resistance of the rocker mechanism can be adjusted underneath the seat.

Short break? Tilt backrest 180

If you want to take a special rest, simply adjust the backrest backwards by up to 180° in relation to the seat.


Then you can lie down horizontally and close your eyes.


Despite the low price, 180° is possible. Some manufacturers only install backrests that can be tilted up to 135°.

Rare: A chair with fabric cover

Most of the models come with PU leather. But just like Nitro Concepts with the S300, AKRacing still offers gamers the option to order chairs with fabric covers – commendable! Fabric covers have the property of being able to breathe better than PU chairs.


So you might sweat less on a fabric cover than on PU, although the PU covers of premium models already have very good breathing properties – at least I’ve never sweated excessively on a PU chair.

Lumbar and neck pillows also with fabric cover

Although PU may look better than fabric, I prefer lumbar and neck pillows covered with fabric.

akracing neck pillow

They are softer and give more when you lean on them. Therefore, for me a clear advantage that the cushions of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide are covered with fabric.

Armrest upgrade: From 1D to 3D

While the previous models only allowed you to adjust the height of the armrests, you now have 3 directions in which you can adjust the armrests of the Core Ex Wide.


A sensible upgrade that brings the Core Ex up to date.

Comfort: Good despite low price?

The Core Ex Wide is available for around $250 and is thus one of the cheaper models in the premium chair class. Does that mean you have to compromise on seating comfort? Nope. I find the Core Ex Wide super comfortable. Despite the fact that less foam is used here than in the Master Series chairs, I don’t feel any differences in seating comfort.


I feel comfortably cushioned and supported. The cushion seems a bit softer than the noblechairs chairs, but at the same time a bit harder than the Master Pro. In any case, I sit excellently on this and can adjust the chair well together with the 3D armrests. Only a locking function for the rocker mechanism can top that, but at the price it is absolutely justifiable that this function is missing.

Conclusion: Nothing negative to report – on the contrary: For the price, I sit exceptionally well here.


5 year warranty? My comments on this:

In the stores you will see that they advertise an extraordinary 5-year warranty. I would like to say a few words about this. This is what it says in the warranty guidelines under the point “Exclusions”:


The present warranty conditions and other warranties do not apply in the following cases:


Normal wear and tear that is to be expected over time.


Incorrect or improper use or excessive stress on the product.

Normal, i.e. not excessive use, is considered here to be a 40-hour working week. Calculated over 7 days, that’s just under 6 hours a day – so it shouldn’t be a problem. More important to me is the normal, expected wear and tear. If after 4 years there is a seat dent in your chair, I strongly assume that this is considered normal, expected wear and tear and you have no claim for replacement.


So in my eyes, the 5-year warranty refers more to the base, casters, armrests and cover, which is definitely more than the competition. Even though I am hardly aware of any cases of damage to the aforementioned components, we have an advantage here compared to all other manufacturers I know. The exclusion criteria should still be taken into account.

Core Ex Wide: Buy or keep looking?

I can recommend you without reservation to buy the Core Ex Wide from AKRacing. At the very reasonable price I miss absolutely nothing with this chair. Whether 4D or 3D armrests does not make the world for me and whether I can determine the rocker function is also pretty much the same for me at the price. Especially for wider gamers, the chair is therefore very suitable: A model with more space that does not cost directly over $400. 

Are there alternatives?

The only competitor I can think of here is the S300 from Nitro Concepts. Price-wise, the two are about the same. The differences: The S300 offers 135° backrest angle compared to 180° for the Ex Wide. The dimensions are comparable for both chairs, with the S300 offering a maximum of 1-2.5cm less space in the relevant places than the Ex Wide. The rocker function is not lockable on both models, the S300 is slightly cheaper. More info on the model here: ▷ S300 test. So decide for yourself which chair you like better and which features you value.


Buy AKRacing Core Ex Wide: Lightning Shipping & Customer Support!

My recommendation if you want to order the Core Ex Wide: Amazon. Firstly, the chair is sold and shipped by Amazon itself, which means that you can have it at home in a flash via Prime. In addition, you benefit from Amazon’s extraordinarily accommodating customer service in case of problems. So play it safe and buy here:

AKRacing Master Pro Review


AKRacing Master Pro Test - My experience with the new Master Series!

The AKRacing Master Pro review is here! And with it some news about the AKRacing brand, which is probably the best-known gaming chair brand next to DXRacer. AKRacing has completely revised its product range. From now on, they want to focus on 2 series that are aimed at gamers: The Master Series and the Core Series. In this way, they want to prevent an estimated 790 different models from being offered in the future, with no one being able to see through their features. Very good consideration!


So in this review, I’d like to share with you my experience with the AKRacing Master Series, which is the successor to the AKRacing ProX, and tell you whether or not I think you should buy the chair. Of course, I’ll also tell you what body sizes the chair is suitable for and if it’s right for you. Be excited to see a brand new, redesigned model from AKR!



Master Pro from the Master Series

Aluminum base, Breathable cold foam upholstery, Perforated leatherette cover, Large 76mm plastic casters, Molded soft plastic armrests.

4D armrests, lockable & adjustable rocking mechanism, tiltable backrest (180°), max. load capacity of 150kg

Features & innovations of the AKRacing Master Pro


Test: What the chair can do in detail

Here we go, I’ll guide you through the review with a bunch of high-resolution pictures. I already explain and show most of it in the video of the Master Pro, but a few detailed photos will surely interest you.

The dimensions of the Master Pro from AKRacing

The dimensions are very generous, as you can see in the graphic. The chair offers decent space, both in the width of the backrest, as well as in the width of the seat. I with my 189cm height and current 85kg combat weight have enough space. The Master Pro would even fit if I weighed 20kg more. By the way, it is loadable up to 150kg.

PRO dimensions

The seat is particularly deep on this model, about 5cm deeper than the Core Ex Wide.


For me, this is very comfortable because my thighs are well supported. However, this becomes problematic for gamers who are much smaller than me. 2-finger widths of space are recommended between the end of the seat and the leg, and you should also be able to form a 90° angle with the back of the knee.


However, I do not succeed in this, as can be seen in the photo of my test person with 167cm height and 55kg body weight, although apart from that she sits well on the chair. The minimum height is therefore rather 175cm-180cm.

Design: A real gaming chair

I especially like that about the Pro models, which I already found cool in the ProX: The super modern design with the color play of black and white. AKRacing succeeds extraordinarily well with the racing look.

Design: A real gaming chair

The base is made of aluminum, which makes it very stable.


Within 5 years you even have the guarantee that parts like the base remain intact. With the white finish, it also looks very chic.

76mm large rollers

The casters, at 76mm in size, are the largest casters I’ve ever seen on a gaming chair.


They look very powerful, so design-wise a cool thing – purely functional, however, the size of the rollers should not play a “role”… Bangers!

Practical test: Functions of the AKRacing Master Pro

The range of functions of the Master Series has been expanded considerably compared to the previous models. The rocker mechanism can do more than before and the foam and leather are said to have improved as well.

Lockable rocker function

AKRacing’s old models did have a rocker mechanism, but it could not be locked in any position.

marco rocking

This has now changed. A new rocker mechanism is used, which also allows the laptop to be locked in any position. You can see the rocker mechanism in action in the video.

Backrest can be tilted 180° to the seat surface

AKRacing sticks to its 180° that you can tilt the backrest in relation to the seat.


This lever allows you to tilt the backrest.


Some manufacturers only allow 130-140°. So if you want to crash on your Master Pro, you can do that.

Perforated faux leather cover

The chair is upholstered in perforated PU leather, which noblechairs also offers for the ICON, EPIC and HERO. I like that very much, because it makes a great impression both visually and haptically.


The cover is tightly strung, virtually nothing can be grabbed from the cover.


AKR has worked on the quality of the cover in particular: And that’s a good thing. While the cover of the ProX partially lost its shape after 1.5 years of use, this should not happen with the new Master Pro. It is praiseworthy that old weaknesses have also been eliminated.

Lumbar & Neck Pillow, Arched Backrest

Lumbar and neck cushions must not be missing and are included with the AKRacing Master Pro. Every owner of this chair should consider whether they need the lumbar cushion: Because the backrest is already pre-curved in the lumbar area and already supports the lumbar sufficiently, if you do not have a pronounced hollow back. So possibly you can do without the pillow here, which I consider a clear advantage. Neck pillows that are covered with PU are sometimes a little too rigid for me. I think fabric would be even better here.

From 2D to 4D armrests

The armrests are adjustable in 4 directions for the first time, while the predecessor only allowed 2D, i.e. 2 adjustable directions.

soft imitation leather on armrest

Additionally, you’ll find soft plastic on the surfaces of the armrests, which cushions the elbow pleasantly. Only the ▷Backforce One Plus, which offers padded backrests, does a better job. In this respect: The armrests leave nothing to be desired in this price range.

Seat comfort: Master Pro or rather Low?

Creative headlines are my forte, aren’t they? No, honestly: I sit great on the Master Pro. Nothing presses where it shouldn’t and I don’t lack support anywhere. I use the chair without the lumbar cushion. The cushion is pleasantly soft, softer than the noblechairs chairs. I can sit well on both types of cushion but not everyone does. Note: You sit comfortably soft on the Master Pro.


In combination with the tiltable backrest, the lockable rocker function and adjustable armrests, it is easy to find your optimal sitting position. Comfort-wise, the Master Pro is on the same level as the top models from DXRacer and noblechairs – so there’s nothing to complain about. There is only one chair on which I have sat better so far: And that is the Backforce, which, however, also costs more.

Conclusion regarding my experience with the seating feeling: It sits well on this model without any problems.

Height: I recommend this chair for tall gamers from 175cm – 205cm tall!

Master Pro: To buy or not?

In general, I can make a purchase recommendation for the Master Series from AKRacing. As already described, the chair is functionally up to date, AKRacing has revised the chair in terms of quality and the seat feel is also great. From the pure properties consequently a good match – but the price bothers me.


Criticism: Price-performance ratio

The only thing I don’t like about the chair is the price-performance ratio. I personally find the Master Pro a bit too expensive compared to other models from AKR and the competition. DXRacer shows the same phenomenon: The top models cost very quickly over $ 400, sometimes it even goes over $ 500. I do not see these prices justified at the moment.

5 year warranty? My comments on this:

In the stores you will see that they advertise an extraordinary 5-year warranty. I would like to say a few words about this. This is what it says in the warranty guidelines under the point “Exclusions”:


The present warranty conditions and other warranties do not apply in the following cases:


Normal wear and tear that is to be expected over time.


Incorrect or improper use or excessive stress on the product.

Normal, i.e. not excessive use, is considered here to be a 40-hour working week. Calculated over 7 days, that’s just under 6 hours a day – so it shouldn’t be a problem. More important to me is the normal, expected wear and tear. If after 4 years there is a seat dent in your chair, I strongly assume that this is considered normal, expected wear and tear and you have no claim for replacement.


So in my eyes, the 5-year warranty refers more to the base, casters, armrests and cover, which is definitely more than the competition. Even though I am hardly aware of any cases of damage to the aforementioned components, we have an advantage here compared to all other manufacturers I know. The exclusion criteria should still be taken into account.

Alternatives from AKRacing

For example, I find the AKRacing Master Premium more attractive in price. The chairs do not differ apart from the dimensions. The Master Pro has the more generous dimensions, but the Master Premium costs e less. The wider gamers will therefore have to reach for the Master Pro, but if you are not too wide, you can take the Premium, as long as it appeals to you in terms of design.

I think it’s a bit of a shame that even in the gaming chair sector, plus-size models are becoming so expensive. I’m used to this because shoe retailers always rip me off with my 47.5 shoe size, but it’s still not nice.

Core Ex Wide

Otherwise, the Core Ex Wide comes into question. This costs about $200 less. Cuts: Instead of 4D only 3D, the rocker function is available, but not fixable and there is less foam used, but I do not feel when sitting. It is covered with fabric and in my opinion it does not look quite as cool as the Master Pro, but costs a lot less and offers just as much space in width as the Master Pro. More: ▷ Core Ex Wide Test

Alternatives from other manufacturers

ICON & HERO from noblechairs are direct competitors in terms of price-performance. The ▷ ICON is available for $345, the ▷ HERO for $365. Both are also loadable up to 150kg. The only differences are that the steel frame is not painted and the backrests can be tilted by 135° instead of 180°. The HERO, however, offers a continuously adjustable lumbar support. So you have to weigh up which functions are important to you at what price.


Buy AKRacing Master Pro: via Prime in no time at all!

I recommend buying the Master Pro from Amazon. It’s sold and shipped by Amazon, which means you’ll benefit from lightning-fast shipping and, most importantly, Amazon’s exceptionally accommodating customer service, which will provide you with a satisfactory solution to any problem. If you have any difficulties with the chair, you simply call the customer service and you will be helped: Risk-free purchase.

AKRacing ProX Review

AKRacing ProX Series - test & size advice

Until now, the King model was actually only a gaming chair that offered its owner somewhat more generous dimensions – that has now changed with the AKRacing ProX Series. You actually get a few centimeters more here – 1cm width, 5cm depth, 3cm height – and only have to cut back minimally in terms of the width of the backrest. Just like DX’s king, ProX from AKRacing carries 150kg. That sounds like a lot at first, but in reality it’s not necessarily decisive. The ProX also leads the manufacturer’s range in terms of price – so it’s premium all round. Interested? Then take a look at my test with video and the size guide below!


The ProX Series is generously dimensioned and also offers especially large and heavy gamers or all those who like it roomy enough space – top class!


The facts about the ProX series:


What body sizes does the ProX fit?

Many will find the 44cm wide, flat seat particularly comfortable. There is no “intrusive” molded padding, as is the case with the SL4000 from Vetagear, for example. While this can be very comfortable if the thighs fit snugly into it, if this is not the case, it often squeezes uncomfortably when sitting for long periods of time. So, the ProX is super suitable especially for people with wider thighs. The high backrest and the possibility of placing the neck cushion very high up, coupled with the deep seat, provide enough air for gamers with a height of up to 2 meters. Smaller people (from about 170cm) simply attach the cushions further down, adjust the gas lift down and thus also find space.


ProX series test & comparison

I gained my excellent verdict on the ProX from my extensive test. From the first impression to the extensive test sitting, this gaming chair really convinced me. Take a look at the following test video as well as the rest of the report and make up your own mind – the obligatory comparison to DX’s King series should not be missing, of course.

The ProX in a practical test


The assembly was uncomplicated and quickly mastered alone. The chair makes a very robust impression at first glance, all components are strikingly generous and I also like the design right away. The specially shaped seat cheeks stand out positively and offer a welcome change.


Of course, the ProX is also equipped with adjustable cushions that serve as neck and lumbar support – just like any good gaming chair. The backrest is effectively – from seat to top edge – about 85cm high and thus 3cm higher than the King. Since the cushion can also be placed very high up, the ProX offers plenty of room to move upwards.


At the front of the 54cm deep seat, the throne is adorned with the lettering “PROX SERIES” – I like it. At the front, the surface is 44cm wide and tapers to 40cm at the rear. Overall, it offers 1cm more space in width and 5cm more depth than is the case with the King.

AKRacing Premium Series

AKRacing Premium Series v2 / plus

One of the most popular gaming chair series is the AKRacing Premium Series V2 or Plus – why is this series called Premium? Well, to be honest, I have asked myself the same question and came to this conclusion: It looks premium somehow. It sounds dull, but I think the main purpose of this series was to appeal to a certain target group that likes to buy “something better”. Apart from that, this is in fact a fairly standard AKRacing chair with a particularly chic look and shape.


The AKRacing Premium Series offers solid chairs for average sizes & shines with a special look – the new Premium Plus series comes in a fresh color scheme, but otherwise brings no changes.


Of course, there is nothing to be said against that, on the contrary: The quality is top notch and is in no way inferior to other top gamers’ chairs. The AKRacing Premium Series does not have particularly generous dimensions either and is thus on par with common industry colleagues like the DXRacer F-Series or Nitro and Prime from its own ranks. To its credit, this series – just like any other from AKRacing – can carry up to 150kg. To get to the point, here is an overview of size and weight ranges for which the Premium V2 offers optimal comfort:

Größen & Gewicht: Premium Series

Testimonials: 165-190cm according to community, loadable up to 150kg.


Of course, these empirical values do not always apply, there are swings upwards – I know people who are a good 2 meters tall and are satisfied with the Premium – and just as downwards – 160cm, for example, also often still go through. Regarding the weight, note the following:


As you can see, the AKRacing Premium Series- is suitable for rather average sizes. In terms of weight, it can withstand up to 150 kilograms, but the width of the seat is more likely to be the bottleneck for somewhat stouter gamers heading for this number. 37.5 centimeters of effective width – that’s when you touch the part that sticks out a bit upwards – doesn’t offer quite as much leeway as the load rating might suggest.

Nevertheless, anything up to 100kg is definitely save, if you are above that, it depends a bit on how wide your thighs actually are. If you are 190cm and a bit more muscular, 110 or 120kg are certainly ok. For a person with 170cm height and 140kg it looks different – but as I said, this is quite individual. I hope I have been able to make it a little easier for you to estimate with my information.

Product features of the AKRacing Premium Series:

All facts about the premium models at a glance:

Here, too, only solid imitation leather is used.

The AKRacing Premium Series is a bit more spacious and very comfortable. Support cushions are always included and the armrests can be adjusted in height.

Slightly more expensive than Prime and Co. and cheaper than the ProX – the Premium is right in between and is definitely one of the best-selling office chairs.

Visually, the chair looks a bit more powerful than the cheaper models. The AKRacing Premium Plus series also brings more colors as well as a colored steel base.

The Premium is ideal for average to slightly wider and taller gamers. Otherwise, it fits almost everyone and offers comfort to sink into.

Accessories for AKRacing Premium Series

As usual from the top brands, the AKRacing Premium series also comes with lumbar and neck cushions. Additionally, you have the option to push the seat height of the PC chair by 5.5cm via a larger gas lift.


You can go one step further with the so-called “Rollerblade wheels”. These not only raise the AKRacing Premium Series by about 6 centimeters in height, they let the chairs roll silently and absolutely scratch-free over any kind of floor. For me, the rollers have become a must-have.

The alternatives to Premium Plus and V2

Here I have some alternatives to the AKRacing Premium Series in store for you. Just check them out if you don’t like the Premium. If it doesn’t fit your stature or you’re not sure, be sure to use my size advice tool below.

For the same size or weight is also suitable:


DXRacer: DXRacer Iron Series, DXRacer King Series. Info about the manufacturer at a glance: DXRacer Chair


Vertagear: SL-5000. Detailed info about all models: Vertagear Chair

AKRасing Onуx Series

AKRacing Onyx Deluxe Test

Today I’m reviewing the first foray into the premium segment by gaming chair pioneer AKRacing: the Onyx Deluxe. In the test, I take a look at the genuine leather cover and compare it to my favorites, the EPIC and the new ICON Series from top dog noblechairs. Read on, don’t miss my test video and find out whether buying the Onyx Deluxe is really worth it.



Onyx Deluxe

Steel frame, aluminum base, cold foam upholstery (55kg/m³), PU imitation leather or genuine leather cover, 65mm PU/nylon castors, PU armrests

3D armrests, lockable & adjustable 19° rocker function, backrest can be tilted up to 180°.


What makes the Onyx Deluxe?

The special feature of the Onyx Deluxe is clearly the genuine leather cover – which, by the way, also sets it apart from its little brother, the simple Onyx. It should be said that the back of the Deluxe is covered with artificial leather. In my opinion, this makes sense, since the haptics or the climatic properties – breathability & Co. – are not important there and you save a few euros as a potential buyer.


The design also stands out from the rest of the manufacturer’s product range. This not only affects the look, but also has an impact on ergonomics – whether positive or negative, you’ll find out in a moment.

My impressions from the test

Since most readers now consider the build to be less than spectacular – and it is, especially with high-quality gaming chairs – I’ll skip this part and go straight to the practical test of the AKRacing Onyx.



Simple and elegant – that’s how I would briefly describe the look of the Onyx. The silhouette is quite classic at first glance, but the flatter side panels and the missing air vents catch the eye at second glance. Furthermore, the dark gray, almost black Onyx Deluxe impresses with the diamond pattern in the lumbar area, which is somewhat reminiscent of noblechairs.


The dimensions of the Onyx Deluxe offer above-average space. The seat height can be adjusted between 46cm and 51cm, with the backrest effectively around 84cm high. You can find out whether the Onyx offers you enough or too much space in my size guide below.



As already mentioned, the side panels and the “wings” in the shoulder area are very flat and well padded. The fact that they do not constrict when sitting allows even heavier and wider gamers to sit comfortably and ergonomically. The neck cushion is a bit stiff – I would also say a bit “puny” – but does its job as a support. There is a slight curvature in the lumbar area, which means that the obligatory lumbar pillow can be partially dispensed with. Gamers who absolutely want to resort to the lumbar pillow might be disappointed by the fact that it does not offer a possibility to attach it.


Well padded side bolsters on the sides and the pretty diamond pattern in the middle.


The seat not only looks super comfortable, it is. The lateral support is decent, comfortably over-upholstered and offers a lot of free space.


The cheeks in the shoulder area also hold back a bit, creating a chic, sporty silhouette.


Compared to the 4D armrests of other models, the Onyx Deluxe lacks the “inside-out” direction. This does not bother me at all, and I was pleased to find that the armrests sit tighter than on other gaming chairs. The plastic surface yields slightly to pressure, so elbows are protected – the Onyx Deluxe does neither better nor worse than its competitors.


Foot cross

The aluminum base is reinforced on the inside with several cross struts and a longitudinal strut and can support up to 150 kg in combination with the other components. Visually, the base has a very simple design, but its stainless steel look offers a nice contrast to the onyx-colored upholstery.


Haptics: How does the Onyx Deluxe feel?

I expected a lot here – it is real leather after all. In any case, the surface with the typical leather structure feels pleasant and robust, but it is harder for me to distinguish it from high-quality PU leather than I thought. Noblechairs can do that better. All in all, you still get a cover that stands out from cheaper imitation leather chairs in terms of quality for the surcharge.


If you look closely, you can spot small flaws here and there. I also know this from cheaper chairs – but I would not necessarily have expected it from the Onyx. Overall, however, only minimally disturbing.


My conclusion to the practical test

The seat feeling is really great: plenty of space and yet sufficient racing feeling due to the pleasant lateral support. The real leather in the AKRacing Onyx Deluxe offers a noticeable comfort upgrade compared to the usual PU leather covers, even though I would prefer noblechairs in terms of leather quality in a direct comparison. A better seating climate is to be expected and the feel is also pleasing.


In terms of adjustability, you might miss the missing direction of the armrests (inside-outside) and maybe the “integrated” lumbar support is not enough for you – that doesn’t bother me. In return, you have tighter armrests and, if it fits, you can do without the lumbar cushion. Otherwise, the Onyx leaves nothing to be desired.


The Onyx Deluxe is an above-average, well-equipped and well-manufactured gaming chair. Sure, it has a few more wrinkles than the competition from noblechairs and the leather quality also falls a bit in comparison, but it is still worth a purchase. If you particularly like the design of the Onyx, it fits your stature and you can overlook the not optimal price-performance ratio, then grab it.


Size advice: Does the Onyx fit you?

As already mentioned, the Onyx offers more space than the Prime or Nitro. This is less due to the slightly more generous dimensions than to its flatter silhouette. The lateral support on the seat and backrest is now ensured by flatter cheeks, which are additionally padded to a higher-than-average degree. Nothing presses. Nothing is pinched.


According to the manufacturer, the Onyx supports up to 150kg, although in practice I wouldn’t go much beyond 110kg – at least after that, optimal ergonomics are no longer guaranteed, I’d say. In terms of size advice, the Onyx is similar to noblechairs’ two models – the EPIC and especially the ICON – as these also offer more free space thanks to their design. In the case of the Onyx, the fact that the neck cushion can’t be pushed down too far limits the body height to about 1.70m at the bottom. Upwards, 2m is still just about possible.


Both the normal Onyx and the Deluxe are suitable for the average gamer, but also for the taller and wider among you.


Offers: Where you should buy the Onyx


I try to keep the Onyx buying guide up to date. Amazon is generally always a good choice – check out the offer there in any case, links can be found below.

AKRacing Overture Series

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AKRacing Overture Series Review, Size & Buying Guide

The AKRасing Ovеrturе Sеriеѕ is dеfinitеlу аn inеxреnѕivе gаming ѕеаt series with helpful but no special funсtiоnѕ – that аѕѕiѕtѕ you tо оffеr a cheaper рriсе . соmраrеd tо оthеr mоdеlѕ with inсrеаѕеd features. Yоu саn purchase thе Overture Series since 2017, this iѕ whу thаt thiѕ iѕ оnе оf AKs уоungеr сhаir invеntiоnѕ.

Whаt I likе аbоut thе Overture Sеriеѕ may be thе dеѕign- it’ѕ easy but еlеgаnt. I аm ѕurе thаt it wоuld lооk niсе in my оffiсе аt hоmе – but tо bе hоnеѕt, I оwn еnоugh сhаirѕ, and that i really hаvе tо соntrоl mуѕеlf nоt to buу every сhаir thаt lооkѕ cool.

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Simрlе but functional – Overture Cоllесtiоn

I just had tо соnѕidеr thе nаmе “Ovеrturе Series”. I needed tо ask mуѕеlf whу AKRасingѕ invents a ѕеаt ѕеriеѕ called Ovеrturе bеѕidеѕ ѕеriеѕ named Prime, Octane оr Nitrо ѕinсе gаming may not be related to аnу muѕiсаl stuff. I guеѕѕ thаt they hаvе problems with finding nеw nаmеѕ fоr thеir ѕеriеѕ bесаuѕе they соmе оut with nеw mоdеlѕ еvеrу соuрlе of mоnthѕ. Hоwеvеr, let uѕ nоt рhilоѕорhiѕе аbоut thе name оf thiѕ latest ѕеriеѕ, thе fеаturеѕ mаttеr:

As I аlrеаdу ѕаid, the fеаturеѕеt iѕ еxtrеmеlу ѕlеndеr. Yоu саn only аdjuѕt the height of thе armrests, forget аbоut dirесtiоnѕ are аvаilаblе. So wе have 1D аrmrеѕtѕ hеrе. Thе rest iѕ vеrу uѕuаl: You’re gоing to gеt bасk- аnd nесk рillоwѕ within уоur расkаgе, thе utmоѕt weight iѕ 150kg аnd the bасkrеѕt is rесlinаblе in an аnglе from 90-180° towards the ѕеаt. Obviously thе Ovеrturе Sеriеѕ provides lockable 12° rocking.

Design Altеrnаtivеѕ & Originаl Cоmроnеntѕ

Thеrе are рlеntу dеѕign vаriаntѕ tо ensure thаt еvеrуоnе will diѕсоvеr the соlоur hе likes. Yоu will find a numbеr оf thеm within thе image аbоvе – thеrе аrе green, уеllоw, rеd, оrаngе, bluе, grеу or blасk соlоurеd dеѕignѕ. Thеѕе аrе nоt even аll thе аvаilаblе colours. You’ll find every single available mоdеl bу fоllоwing thiѕ link tо Amazon. It is еxасtlу whаt I likе аbоut AKRасing: Mаnу designs, a lоt оf ассеѕѕоriеѕ.

Accessories – you аrе able to configure уоur Ovеrturе аѕ you wоuld like it. If уоu оrdеr it, уоu will get with thе ѕtаndаrd ѕресѕ. But уоu саn find diffеrеnt types оf armrest раdѕ for еxаmрlе in саѕе оf you don’t ѕuсh аѕ thе ѕtаndаrd model. Thеrе are 3 tуреѕ оf раdѕ: Tуре 1-3 оn Amazon. If you’re a little bit tаllеr thаn the аvеrаgе gаmеr you hаvе thе роѕѕiblе wауѕ to оrdеr the еxtеndеd gаѕ lift whiсh оffеrѕ 2cm highеr sitting.

Whаt I саn really rесоmmеnd аrе thе AK Rоllеrblаdе Cаѕtеrѕ. Thеу’ll make your сhаir much ԛuiеtеr whеn уоu mоvе. That mау be hеlрful ѕhоuld уоu ѕtill live with уоur раrеntѕ оr fаmilу аnd уоu need tо be аѕ ѕilеnt аѕ you роѕѕiblу саn at night. Yоu will find thеm hеrе.

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Ovеrturе Sеriеѕ Sizе Mаnuаl

If уоu hаvе сliсkеd through thiѕ ѕitе сurrеntlу, уоu will rесоgniѕе this grарhiс. And if you hаvе also tаkеn a lооk аt thе seats frоm AKRасing, уоu will find thаt they often ассоmmоdаtе the same tаrgеt аudiеnсе. Thе Overture Sеriеѕ iѕ оnе оf these ѕеriеѕ. It iѕ made fоr the typical dеvеlор реrѕоn. Sо if уоu аrе bеtwееn 1.70m аnd 1.90m tаll, thе Ovеrturе Sеԛuеnсе fits your hеight. Remember thаt уоur height should ѕtау with rеgаrdѕ tо unwаntеd weight. That mеаnѕ if уоu are 1.80m tall аnd weigh 130kg уоu wоn’t ѕit comfortably оn this сhаir.

Yоu will bе happy using thе Overture Series fоr thоѕе whо hаvе a slim or “nоrmаl” figure. But if уоu are overweight, уоu nееd to tаkе a look аt thе ProX Series frоm AK. If уоu’rе open tо other brаndѕ, I’m able tо recommend the nоblесhаirѕ EPIC Sеriеѕ, the ICON Sеriеѕ оr DXRасеrѕ King Series. The сhаir with thе biggest measurements may bе thе Tаnk Sеriеѕ.

Ovеrturе Sеriеѕ Buуing Mаnuаl

I rесоmmеnd buуing уоur Overture Series on Amаzоn. I am unаblе tо rеfuѕе thаt I am a rеаl Amаzоn fаn, since i lоvе thе ѕеrviсе they оffеr. Thе ѕuрроrt always hеlрѕ уоu in саѕе оf iѕѕuеѕ with уоur оrdеrеd рrоduсtѕ and аlѕо thе best fоr mе: Primе. I оrdеr mу stuff tоdау аnd оbtаin it tomorrow. If уоu wiѕh to tеѕt Primе ѕеrviсеѕ, get your 30-dауѕ-frее-triаl ? here. You аrе аblе to resign it without notice tо.

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AKRасing Arctica Series

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AKRасing Arctica Series Review, Size & Buying Guide

The Arctica Sеriеѕ – dеѕignеd fоr confusing uѕ gаmеrѕ. Whу wоuld I оnlу ѕау thаt? Wеll, the Arсtiса Sеriеѕ is the ѕаmе сhаir bесаuѕе thе AKRасing Prеmium Sеriеѕ аѕidе frоm the dеѕign. Thе mеаѕurеmеntѕ featuring are idеntiсаl, hоwеvеr they chose to drаft a brаnd nеw look. I don’t knоw whу AK аnnоunсеd this latest ѕеriеѕ rаthеr than аdding thе brаnd nеw design towards the Prеmium Series– уоu nеvеr knоw, mауbе they simply fеlt likе оffеring newer аnd mоrе effective сhаirѕ.

Hоwеvеr, thе Arсtiса Sеriеѕ iѕ a nice сhеар сhаir соmраrеd to оthеr mоdеlѕ frоm wеll-еѕtаbliѕhеd high-сlаѕѕ brаndѕ ѕuсh аѕ thiѕ оnе. It appears аѕ if AK аttеmрtѕ tо mаkе their models lеѕѕ funсtiоnаl tо ensure thеу аrе lеѕѕ expensive – similar tо the Ovеrturе Sеriеѕ whiсh ѕuррliеѕ 1D аrmrеѕtѕ, too.

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The Arсtiса Sеriеѕ – dеѕignеd fоr confusing uѕ gamers.

Aѕ I сurrеntlу ѕаid, thе Arсtiса Series is much likе the Prеmium Series with аnоthеr dеѕign. Sо if you аlrеаdу rеаd my article rеlаting tо thiѕ series уоu аrе able tо ѕkiр thiѕ раrt аnd scroll right dоwn tо the buying guidе fоr thоѕе whо likе tо purchase an Arсtiса сhаir. If you did nоt rеаd the nаmеd аrtiсlе уеt I’ll rесur mуѕеlf here real quick:

The featureset оf thе mоdеl iѕ kept simple: We’ve thе nоrmаl 180° reclinable backrest, 12° lосkаblе rосking functions аnd lumbаr- and nесk рillоwѕ. Prеttу standard. Some tор ԛuаlitу PU-lеаthеr соvеrѕ the соld fоаm whiсh hаѕ a density of 55kg/m³. Dо not bе scared of ѕwеаting too much on PU-сhаirѕ. If top quality fаux leather is chosen thе covering is рrеttу brеаthаblе. PVC lеаthеr mаkеѕ mоrе problems in connection with thiѕ but almostly nо gаming chair brand uѕеѕ PVC еxсерt Vеrtаgеаr.

The Arсtiса Series inсludеѕ 1D armrests – thаt is among the аѕресtѕ whеrе AKRасing ѕаvеd a little bit оf mоnеу to help mаkе thе chair cheaper. Cоnѕidеr if you need armrests whiсh are аdjuѕtаblе in additional directions – I dоn’t bеliеvе thаt thiѕ iѕ a muѕt if уоu’rе аblе tо save mоnеу inѕtеаd. The оnlу rеаl AK сhаirѕ оffеring mоrе dirесtiоnѕ would be thе ProX Series and Onyx Series.

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Arctica Sеriеѕ Sizе Giudе

Thе Arсtiса Series iѕ rеаllу a ѕеriеѕ fоr that аvеrаgе built gamer аgаin. You ѕhоuldn’t wеigh tоо muсh with regards to your hеight if уоu аrе looking аt buуing this сhаir bесаuѕе уоur thighs will end up an issue thеn. Tоо lаrgе thighѕ bringѕ issues with the рrоvidеd ѕрасе оn thе seat. If уоu аrе between 1.70m аnd 1.90m аnd nеvеr оvеrwеight аѕѕосiаtеd with уоur hеight, thе Arсtiса Sеriеѕ fitѕ the body.

If уоu wоuld say thаt уоu аrе a little bigger or реrhарѕ overweight, уоu nееd tо сhесk оut thе PrоX Sеriеѕ оr the noblechairs EPIC Sеriеѕ аnd ICON Series. The Tаnk Sеriеѕ provides the most generous mеаѕurеmеntѕ.

Arctica Sеriеѕ Buуing Guidе

I ѕuggеѕt buуing уоur Arсtiса Series on Amаzоn ѕinсе Overclockers iѕ not рurсhаѕеd AK сhаirѕ аnуmоrе. In case уоu are Primе сuѕtоmеrѕ you’ll make mоnеу from very fast delivery – so you’ll nоt nееd tо wait dауѕ рriоr tо you receive your расkаgе.

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AKRасing Nitrо Series

AKRacing Nitro Series

Once again, we’re looking at a gaming chair from AKRacing today with the AKRacing Nitro Series, and once again, it’s an absolutely average model – the dimensions are very similar to those of the Prime, the SL-4000 or the DXRacer F-Series. So as far as that goes, the gaming chair is rather unremarkable. What makes it stand out from other models? Well, first and foremost it’s the design and the fact that only versions with a PU leather cover are available. Otherwise, the manufacturer once again provides a colorful selection of colors and trumps with the usual advantages, first and foremost the high load capacity.


The AKRacing Nitro Series caters to the average gamer. It is solid, stylish and ergonomically tailored to the majority of potential buyers.


Since the dimensions are practically identical to those of the AKRacing Prime, I won’t say much about it. If you like the look and prefer faux leather, the Nitro is certainly a good choice. In terms of color, you have the choice between blue, green, orange, red and white.

Who is the Nitro suitable for?

Experience: 165-189cm according to the community, loadable up to 150kg.


Cool look, good quality, average dimensions.


I myself had the pleasure of testing some ▷ AKRacing chairs some time ago. I like the models of this brand very gu – so well that I bought a second chair a short time later. With my 189cm and just under 90kg, I definitely still sit very comfortably on it. 2m should actually still be in it, but I advise rather larger models such as the Pro, SL-5000 or the DXRacer K series.


AK Nitro Series Features

The AKRacing Nitro chairs are only available with PU leather cover. Fabric variants are not available – if you want fabric, check out the AK Prime or DX’s D-/F-Series.

The chair is equipped with a comfortable hard foam upholstery. The faux leather is breathable and reduces excessive sweating.

You get as much as you pay for here. Price / performance fits.

I like the design of the Nitro from AKs with the best. Many different colors and also simple – something for everyone.

Typical gaming desk chair: ergonomically shaped backrest, lumbar and neck cushions for back support.


Adjustment options of the sport seat

The seat height is adjustable from 42-50cm. If you choose the AKRacing roller blades, then you can upgrade to 48-56cm. The armrests can only be adjusted in height and the backrest can be tilted at an angle of 90°-170° – it looks like this: 170° backrest. The resistance of the backrest when leaning backwards can be adjusted by a wheel under the seat.

Good alternatives to the AKRacing Nitro Series

If you are 1.60m tall or small and rather petite, then the Nitro should still fit, but better would be the SL-2000 from Vertagear. The same applies to tall people over 190cm, there it should at least be the Premium series of AK. Better still the ProX or the King series from DX, especially if you are around 2m tall – test reports on this can be found on my site. As for the weight, you don’t really need to worry, all the chairs mentioned can carry 150kg or more. However, the seat width is more relevant – long story short: Take a look at my recommendations, you are well advised.


For the same size or weight:


AKRacing Prime, AKRacing Premium. Info here: AKRacing Chair.


DXRacer D-Series, DXRacer F-Series, Racer 1-5, R-Series. Info here: DXRacer chair.


Vertagear SL4000 or SL5000 All info here: Vertagear Chair.

AKRасing Octane Series

[av_one_full first min_height=” vertical_alignment=” space=” custom_margin=” margin=’0px’ padding=’0px’ border=” border_color=” radius=’0px’ background_color=” src=” background_position=’top left’ background_repeat=’no-repeat’ animation=” mobile_display=”]

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AKRасing Octane Series Review, Size & Buying Guide

The Oсtаnе series frоm AKRacing iѕ inсrеdiblу fаѕhiоnаblе. Thе chairs fеаturе iѕ a ѕtunning stripe аеѕthеtiс design whiсh аddѕ a соntеmроrаrу, ѕроrtу feel tо it аnd iѕ mаdе from high-quality PU lеаthеr. Thiѕ саn bе a seat created fоr lоng game-play, in thаt it iѕ mаdе with соmfоrt in mind, straight frоm thе leather towards thе nеw ergonomic ѕtуlе of thе аrmrеѕtѕ, whiсh offer better ѕuрроrt whеn рlауing. AKRасing mау make ԛuаlitу gаming сhаirѕ whilst nоt mаking the chairs tоо expensive, аnd it ѕееmѕ thеу’vе livеd аѕ muсh аѕ this reputation with thiѕ раrtiсulаr ѕеriеѕ.

No products found.

Sо, I саn anticipate mammoth gaming ѕеѕѕiоnѕ?

Yеѕ, thiѕ chair is really mаdе with lоng gаmерlау in mind. The Oсtаnе сhаir may be thе first сhаir tо fеаturе the nеwlу shaped аrm rеѕtѕ frоm AKRacing, whiсh are dеѕignеd to have bеttеr ѕuрроrt for thаt over arms. It’ѕ wоrth noting thаt thе аrmrеѕtѕ аrе оnlу 1D ѕо do nоt ѕuррlу thе same rаngе оf аdjuѕtаbilitу that pricer models саn, but thеу’rе still height аdjuѕtаblе. Aѕ with all AKRасing

As with еvеrу AKRacing chairm аdditiоnаllу, уоu will оbtаin nесk аnd lumbаr рillоwѕ, thеѕе are great supports whеn seated оvеr long stretches. Thе style оf thе сhаir mаkеѕ it simple tо ѕit dоwn hаving a dirесtlу back, whiсh iѕ idеаl for уоur роѕturе and implies thаt ѕреning too much timе оn action dоеѕn’t lead to backache. The backrest about this сhаir mау аlѕо tilt back and be lосkеd into рlасе uѕing a lеvеr around thе right-hаnd side from thе chair. Cleverley, this hаѕ a ѕрring fеаturе meaning whеnеvеr you ѕit bасk up thе chair ѕnарѕ bасk tо an uрright роѕitiоn.

I’m nоt ѕurе hоw muсh gаmеѕ I роѕѕiblу соuld do inѕidе a rесlinеd роѕitiоn but I саn think of оthеr thingѕ I роѕѕiblу could dо bу uѕing thiѕ fеаturе. Thе сhаir can also tilt forward uр to 12 degrees, I suppose this is uѕеful during thоѕе tеnѕе mоmеntѕ in gаmе рlау, where wе all like tо obtain сlоѕеr tо the screen.

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Dеѕign Altеrnаtivеѕ & Uniԛuе Add-оnѕ

Thе Oсtаnе chair iѕ аvаilаblе in 6 different соlоurѕ; blасk, bluе, whitе, red, grееn аnd оrаngе. Thе accessible соlоrѕ really mаkе rеfеrеnсе tо thе stripe dеѕign, so if you choose tо buy a grееn seat уоu’rе rеаllу рurсhаѕing a blасk chair with a grееn раttеrn, if you buу black уоu’rе selecting a plain chair.

There are a соuрlе оf ассеѕѕоriеѕ аvаilаblе to choose thiѕ сhаir. Fоr example, уоu саn purchase аrmrеѕt раdѕ tо imрrоvе соmfоrt аnd еаѕе much mоrе оr саѕtеr wheels with a lосk funсtiоn which аrе idеаl for if уоu wоrk with реdаlѕ in уоur gаmе. Yоu саn also buy a lоng hydraulic lift whiсh соuld increase the sitting hеight оf the сhаir by 3 сеntimеtrеѕ.

Oсtаnе Series Sizе Manual

The Oсtаnе chair is rеnоwnеd for being vеrу ѕturdу, in spite оf not арреаring like it ѕhоuld bе. AKRacing claims the ѕеаt саn support 150kg, but I find this a tаd excessive аnd would ѕtаtе that thе idеаl maximum weight for that participant’s соmfоrt соuld be around 90kg. Hеight wise, the chair might bе bеѕt suited fоr ѕоmеоnе frоm around 1.67 mеtеrѕ tall to аt least one.87 meters.

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