How we benefit from a good gaming computer chair and why YOU should buy one today!

What a good gaming computer chair does for you!The are countless gaming chair Articles, Video-Clips, DXRacer reviews and reports out there and most of them have two alarming things in common:

  1. They get sponsored by big computer gaming chair companies like DXRacer and AKRacing.
  2. Their informative content lacks some major points.

Point A should make you question their credibility and point B leaves open some important aspects that are supposed to play THE major role in your thought-process while you are on the edge of buying your first good quality gaming computer chair – but don’t worry, today I’m going to solve this case for you guys.

Find out what makes a good gaming computer chair and what it is that makes such a chair so important for you if you are serious about gaming a.k.a. if you are spending a sh*tload of time in front of your PC – have fun!

“Enough. Where do I find the gaming computer chairs I was looking for?” Straight to the gaming chairs

The role of a quality gaming computer chair

Sitting is bad for your health. It really is. “Is this a joke?” you are asking? No, the human body is predominantly made to walk, run and jump around – in case it needs rest, we are supposed to lie down and sleep. Originally sitting was something only practiced for very short periods of time, which stands in very sharp contrast to what we – especially gamers and people with desk jobs – are doing today.

OK, so we found out that sitting is a bad thing in general, but that doesn’t solve the problem if you are chained to your computer chair by your profession or passion. This is where the gaming computer chair jumps in:

A good gaming computer chair fits your personal posture and body size and allows you to sit both ergonomically and comfortably. To be more precise, it allows for a better blood flow to your lower body (hello healthy virility) and relieves your joints and muscles especially in your lower back and neck area. Furthermore, good quality gaming computer chairs like the DXRacer ship with two valuable cushions that offer additional posture support – bye bye back pain.

To sum this up: The most important role of a gaming computer chair is to keep you healthy in the long run. You sit comfortable and are able to maintain a good posture which in turn leads to an improved well being – and being well and feeling great leads to more focus and motivation while playing your games.

Even in the risk of repeating myself: If you sit on a really good gaming computer chair you don’t just feel way better, you are also getting an instant skill boost with it – believe me, you are not going to want to sit another minute on a cheap chair again!

Still not convinced? OK, this is what a crappy office chair does for you:

  1. Makes you feel like crap during long “sitting-sessions”
  2. Point 1 leads to you loosing focus and motivation which makes you suck at your game
  3. Inhibits a healthy blood flow to your lower body and can even harm your virility
  4. Weakens important muscles that support your posture
  5. Point 3 leads to you looking more and more like a nerd and when you are at age, you – the future Hunchback of Notre Dame – are going to need a crooked stick to be able to “walk”

Give your health and skill a boost with a good gaming computer chair!

Don‘t get me wrong, even a really good gaming computer chair is not going to solve all the problems that come with sitting in general, but it is going to reduce them to an acceptable amount.

What is your health worth to you? Are you looking for a way to gain even more edge against your opponents in your game of choice? A good gaming computer chair is a declaration of war towards back pain and it gives you the opportunity to feel better and stay healthy in the long run. Stay focused and alert during extensive gaming sessions and outsmart your opponent – get your self a gaming chair today!