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DXRacer chairs for gaming are some of the best on the market.Hi, my name is Tjorven. I made my way from Sweden to Germany, where I lived for quiet a long time. Nowadays I live in California, USA, working for a media company in the valley. Back in the days when I was a pro gamer myself, I have met a lot of other pros and I can tell you that today there is not a single professional gamer who has not invested money into an ergonomic pro gaming chair.

If you want to be a successful gamer, and I guess you do, you just have to get yourself a good gaming chair. Why? Because nobody can sit on a freaking folding chair for more than 4 hours without feeling like crap.

If you sit on a comfortable chair you feel good – and if you feel good, you just play way better.

Tjorven Lundgren, a moment ago

Wise words, right? I guess that at least 99% of all pro gamers sit on a comfortable gaming chair while playing. That is actually no surprise if you think about how many hours they and maybe also you sit in front of the computer every day (or night). For my German friends and me it was not uncommon to sit in our game chairs for 8 hours or more per day, sometimes we have even spent whole weekends in boot camps or on LAN parties.

However, over the years I have tested several pro gaming chairs and even if I am not a professional player anymore I still use a comfortable gaming chair because I am still working on my PC the whole day and of course I want to sit ergonomically while staying focused as well as motivated. What I am trying to say is that through all my experience with testing gaming chairs for PC on events like the German Gamescom and owning multiple models myself I am the man who can tell you which chair is the best buy.

To be honest, cheap computer chairs for $80 are crap, believe me. Even if your mum bought you one of those, give it to your little brother. Or just lean back a little stronger and it is going to break anyways – then you should get yourself a real pro gaming chair.

DXRacer produces the best gaming chairs for pc.
Video game chair in black color.

My favorite: The DXRacer Pro Gaming Chair

I am sure that it is by no means the first time you read about the DXRacer pro gaming chair as there are already countless reviews out there. Their seats provide unreached comfort as well as stability combined with a damn good product design – unquestionably the main reasons why the DXRacer is so popular among pro-gaming-circles. So if you have some spare coins invest them into a DXRacer or into one of the other premium brands. As far as my experience goes, you can not make a better decision. See for yourself and check out my favorite seat in the DXRacer chair review!

I’m typing these words while sitting on a DXRacer Formula Series, a good PC gaming chair that fits my needs perfectly and that I can definitely recommend. Between all the seats that I tested for myself over the years, this one is simply one of the best gaming chairs for PC currently available. It is super stable and insanely comfortable as well as ergonomic. With its price of about $300 it’s not a steal, but: It’s better to invest into a high quality and ergonomic gaming chair than buying cheap plastic trash that destroys your back and that breaks every 6 months. By the way, a “real” office chair with similar characteristics even costs a lot more.

The AKRacing PC Gaming Chair
AKRacing gaming computer chair in black color called "premium"

Quiet similar and also very good: AKRacing Gaming Chairs

Maybe you have also heard of the AKRacing Gaming Chairs – AKRacing is kind of new on the gaming chair scene but already quiet established in Germany. I have to admit that the similarities between DXRacer and AKRacing game chairs are very obvious – they are both great in terms of comfort and ergonomic aspects. I am very happy that there are coming up more and more companies offering high-quality pro gaming chairs with nice designs.

Last year I visited the Gamescom again where AKRacing presented some of their best gaming chairs for PC. I tried them out and I can say: Very good gaming chairs! Lately a friend of mine bought such a pro gaming chair and he’s also very satisfied. He states that in his opinion the AKRacing gaming chair is as comfy as my DXRacer Formula Series. I can confirm that!

All in all, I’d say that AKRacing and DXRacer gaming chairs don’t differ too much – except of colors and design – both manufacturers deliver a high quality standard. Even if I don’t own an AKRacing pro gaming chair myself, my colleague gave me the opportunity to write a little AKRacing chair review and I can fully recommend you to buy one. I had the pleasure of testing several of them and my German friend is very satisfied with his model.

The Vertagear Video Game Chair
Vertagear gaming desk chair

Vertagear – the new king on the PC gaming chair market?

Although Vertagear is one of the newest additions to the pro gaming chair market, it has already established itself as one of the top players on the field. They make great efforts to implement cummunity feedback into their production which is a factor that was missing for quite a while.

Their so far released game seats – S-Line and P-Line – come with great optics that remind me of luxury sport seats in cars the likes of Lamborghini or Ferrari. But it does not end with the racing car look: the Vertagear pro gaming chairs really feel like their luxurious counterpart. They offer great side support for your core and legs that almost gives you a feeling of merging with your racing desk chair.

The features include high quality PU-leather, a heavy steel frame, armrests that are adjustable into 4 directions and of course you can tilt and rock the Vertagear gaming chairs. All the chairs can carry at least 330 pounds while the very comfortable and roomier P-Line even fits gamers that weigh up to 440 pounds.

Yes, there are also some cheap game chairs…

I hope that I successfully convinced you that buying a cheap PC gaming chair brings a lot of disadvantages with it: Your back won’t thank you, it’s bad for your posture as well as blood flow and it does by no means improve the fun or skill factor while gaming.

But in case you don’t have a choice, I found 3 gaming chairs that are a little cheaper than our premium desk seats. These computer gaming chairs definitely can’t reach the quality & performance of the models from above, but they are more or less okay. Let’s just say that aspects like comfort, ergonomics and performance are yet acceptable here. I wouldn’t buy them, that’s for sure, but like I said, they are okay and at least these video gaming chairs are better than the typical $80 office chairs from the discounter around the corner.

Some of these so called video gaming chairs differ quite a bit from the conventional racing chair you would expect – they are not designed like them and they don’t feature all the ergonomic aspects – but we have still got some decent racing office chairs here which at the very least offer more comfort than a folding chair.

Merax Boss Chair


  • Covered with PU leather
  • Seating surface 20×21″
  • Seat height from 19-23″
  • Backrest size 20×29″
  • User weight: 250-300 lbs
  • Not tiltable
  • Comfy arm rests
  • Robust metal frame
  • Lumbar- & head-support

Merax Ergonomic Series

Merax Video Game Chair red color with footrest

  • Covered with PU-leather
  • Seating surface 20.8x 19.7″
  • Sitting height 20.1 to 24.0″
  • Backrest height 33.8×23.2″
  • Backrest 180° adjustable
  • Max user weight: 331 lbs
  • Extendable footrest
  • 2 ergonomic pillows
  • Armrests adjustable (up/down)

Merax Racing Style


  • Covered with PU & fabric
  • Seating surface 20×21″
  • Backrest 21×28 inches
  • Seat height from 19.2-23″
  • Maximum user weight 225lbs
  • Variable tilt mechanism
  • Comfy arm rests
  • Heavy chair base
  • Incl. lumbar- & head-pillow

What makes a good gaming chair for PC?

In my video gaming chair reviews I check for qualities in certain criteria: Quality of materials and workmanship, number and usefulness of features like adjustable armrests, style options, ergonomic properties and last but not least the value-for-money ratio. To give you a quick overview of all those features, take a look at the following table:

Materials usedPlastic sucks for the most part, so I prefer stable and durable materials for the base and frame parts like steel or aluminum. As far as the seating surface goes there are PU-leather as well as fabric and both have their ups and downs – that choice is up to you.
ComfortA real pro gaming chair comes with comfortable pillows that also offer ergonomic advantages. In addition to that the seat should be rockable as well as tiltable and it should be possible to adjust the armrests to your needs.
PricingIt is your call: If your budget allows it then go for a premium computer chair if not you have no choice but to buy a cheaper game seat or save money until you can afford a real pro racing chair.
OpticsThis is both a very important and extremely subjective aspect. If a brand offers a very broad range of colors and styles that is definitely a plus. But in the end it all comes down to the buyer’s preferences,
ErgonomicsThe best gaming chairs offer perfectly adjusted lumbar and side support to optimize your seating habits, keep you healthy and alert. It is vital that you choose a gaming computer chair for PC that fits your personal stature.

Frequently asked questions about buying the right game chair

Which one is the most comfortable gaming chair for PC?

I can not give you a general answer to this question since not every chairs fits every gamer the same. It depends on your personal stature – size, weight, height. If you would ask me to recommend a chair without further information about your measurements, I would say: Go with the top gaming chair brands and pick for example the DXRacer Iron, AKRacing Premium or Vertagear P-Line – these seats fit almost anyone.

Where to buy a good video game chair?

I would definitely say: on amazon. Why? Because they are fast, cheap, very reliable and they offer a very broad range of gaming chairs for PC. Of course it would be nice to try some seats before you buy, but if you spend some time on my website and read through the amazon customer reviews it will be no problem to find a chair, that suits you.

Are cheap gaming chairs worth it? How much money do I have to spend?

To tell you the truth: I would never ever buy a cheap racing chair again. It just frustrates you and the thing is, if you have sat on one of the best gaming chairs you just do not want to lower your standards down again. I spend so much time sitting in my chair that for me it appears just not logical to save 100 or 200 bucks sacrificing ergonomic and performance qualities for that. Read my reviews and buy one of the top gaming chairs, you will not regret it. Get yourself about 300 dollars together and aim for chairs like DXRacer, AKRacing or Vertagear!

The best racing chair for your stature.