My PC gaming chair: PU-leather or fabric?

Aspects like stability, design and rocking are important but you should not forget thinking about which surface material to choose. Do you rather want a leather or a fabric gaming chair? The material is really important because I guess that you don’t want to sweat like a pig in the summer, right? And you don’t want your seat to be covered in sticky dirt and stains, do you? You’d better read this short article before you choose your personal PC gaming chair. Leather vs fabric, who is going to win the battle?

“Yeah, whatever. Where do I find the PC Gaming chairs I was looking for?” Straight to the gaming chairs

DXRacer fabric or pu leather gaming chair

Should my PC gaming chair be covered in PU-leather or fabric?

I can’t make that decision for you, I can only recommend which seat cover I would choose if I had to buy a new PC gaming chair now. In the end you have to make that decision by taking care of what YOUR priorities are. So ask yourself the question: Which are my priorities? Would it disturb me if I sweated a little more on longer gaming-sessions? Did my parents teach me how to eat right or will I mess up my PC gaming chair? And so on. Interview yourself and read my words:

Characteristics of a PU-leather PC gaming chair

What are the characteristics of PU-leather gaming chairs? Well many people like the noble look of leather furniture and PU-leather is cheaper than real leather. I also like the look and I have tested several PU-leather gaming chairs. Check this one out: AKRacing chair review!

1. Sweating

PU-leather gaming chairs sometimes make you sweat a bit more, that is the main reason some people don’t like PU-leather. This material doesn’t really breath, and so some gamers sweat bullets sitting on a PU-leather chair in summer and that makes them feel very uncomfortable while gaming. A few hours pass by and suddenly you notice that your seat is kind of sweaty just as your backrest. Do you want that? Nobody wants that. You want to feel comfy on your PC gaming chair. But in the end it depends on how much you sweat. Some people tend to sweat a lot more than others so you have to decide how important this aspect is for you.

2. Almost immune to stains

An advantage of PU-leather is that you’re not in too big trouble if you mess up your PC gaming chair with food or something like that, it is very easy to clean. You can easily wipe the dirt off your seat. But since we are all grown up that shouldn’t play a major role.

3. Durability

This more or less a draw between the leather gaming chair and the PU-model: With time abrasion leads to damaged material. In that case modern PU-leather is very durable, but with time small tears can start to appear. However, this does happen very very slowly and it does not change the fact that premium PU-leather chairs are extremely durable – they just age this way.

Characteristics of a fabric gaming chair

Is a fabric gaming chair the better choice? I think so. My DXRacer Racing Series is a fabric covered chair. Check out my DXRacer chair review!

1. No hassle with sweating

For me the crucial advantage is that fabric is more breathable and I don’t start sticking on fabric covered PC gaming chairs in summer. The downside is that the fabric tends to mess up a bit if you sweat a lot and do that on a regular basis. However, this is only relevant if you really sweat huge amounts.

2. Stains

I have to admit that stains have way better chances affecting fabric covered PC gaming chairs. I actually don’t know how people get to mess up their chairs with substances I’d better not talk about any further, but if you are one of these guys that constantly spreads food and stuff on his PC gaming chair then that’s not too much of a problem: There are certain ways to effectively clean them like with special fabric cleaners. Another option would just be learning to eat properly. Also: #NoFap!

3. Durability

Fabric gaming chairs are by no means ageless. The material rubs off over time, the color will bleach and fibers will begin to stick out. Again this may sound like a horror scenario but in reality this will only happen after decades and that is not even for sure. In case of durability there is no winner in the battle PU vs Fabric – they will wear down sooner or later, just in different ways and not in a manner that should bother you.

A fabric gaming chair vs pu? Check out this overview!

Choose your personal PC gaming chair wisely

Finally, you have got your personal priorities straight in order to choose your perfect PC gaming chair. It is hard to call a winner and I would say that it totally depends on your personal preferences, the only “problem” being, that 90% of all available seats are made of PU-Leather. It is just more convenient and the maintenance effort is minimal. At least stains are no problem for me because my mother did a great job teaching me how to eat without messing up everything around me.

Whatever, there are good PC gaming chairs with fabric as well as PU-leather covers out there and I managed to find the best models out of both categories for you guys. Don’t hesitate and have a look: Fabric and PU-leather PC gaming chairs!

DXRacer fabric or PU? Here are two examples for you:

DXRacer Leather (PU): R-Series

Leather gaming chair

DXRacer Fabric: F-Series

The DXRacer formula chair is one of the high quality models.