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Noblechairs HERO Review: My experience with the new model!

I’ve been looking forward to this day: The new noblechairs HERO is on the market and joins the ranks as the third in a series of extremely high-quality and impressively good-looking chairs. Here is my HERO test!


After ICON and EPIC were already great successes, this time the manufacturer “noblechairs”, known for its high quality and yet affordable prices, relies on a concept that offers even more space for the occupant of his throne. The HERO is in fact the largest chair of the now 3 available models, without becoming outrageously expensive.

noblechairs Hero Series Review

But that’s not all: There’s another innovation that I’m very excited about: the adjustable lumbar support. Lumbar cushions are unnecessary here for the first time because a completely variable lumbar support is used, just like in a sports car. Be curious what else I have to say about this chair.


The following is my test video for the chair as well as a detailed test report with high-resolution photos that will introduce you to all of the chair’s features. After this review, you’ll know everything you need to know! Whether I recommend the purchase, what the chair costs and for what height it is suitable, you will now learn.

Table of contents

Features & innovations of the noblechairs HERO

noblechairs surprised me with one or two innovations besides the generous dimensions. Besides these innovations, noblechairs trumps with the usual advantages of a luxury gaming chair brand despite very competitive prices:

Test: Is the HERO convincing in detail?


I will now guide you through the test report bit by bit with high-resolution images. I’ll revisit all the features mentioned in the video with detailed images. Only a few more minutes between you and a meaningful impression of the new HERO.

Size advice: dimensions of the noblechairs HERO

The dimensions here once again exceed those of the already generous ICON. I once had two very massive gamers in the office who had to choose between DXRacer King, AKRacing ProX and noblechairs ICON. Although the former two are built specifically for wider gamers, they both opted for the ICON, a chair that offers a lot of space.


The HERO is now even larger and the side bolsters at the edge are now so flat that no thigh will demand more space here. We also have even more space available in the back area than before. So definitely a chair for gamers who need more space – without being too expensive.

Height: My test person with 167cm height sits super on the chair – me with 189cm as well! I would set the limits at 165cm-205cm, whereby: are you smaller, you simply buy the -5cm gas spring! So you find even with 160cm still place on the Hero. Only the hard cushion can be too hard for very light people.

Design: Noble. Valuable. Elegant.

Noblechairs once again manages to create a symbiosis of racing and elegance. We still find a gaming chair in front of us, but one that will also please any boss. Because the chair surpasses the typical executive chair character once again and just looks classy.


The chair’s noble look is provided by its shape on the one hand, and on the other hand by the noble embroidery in a diamond pattern and the PU leather that has a high-quality feel to it.

The offered color variations also make a difference and always look elegant and not kitschy or squeaky.

Base: solid aluminum and powder coated

Even the rather unspectacular base is given a noble look with the powder coating.

Full aluminum is used as the material, which offers decent robustness and strength.

Smooth running 60mm rollers

The casters have remained fairly standard: 60mm plastic casters that glide quietly over hard and soft floors.

plastic castors-of-the-noble-hero-chair

There are a few competitors who use even larger rollers. Basically, larger rollers run more easily than smaller ones. However, this is not really reflected in the size, especially since the rollers of the HERO are very quiet anyway.

Field test: Features of the noblechairs HERO

As already announced, the range of functions of the new model has been expanded once again. More space, more functions, more fun. Let’s take a look at what the HERO can do:

Lockable rocker function

As always, we find a rocker function that can also be locked in any position. A must for every premium chair. Below the seat is an adjustment wheel that allows you to adjust the resistance of the rocker function to your body weight. The rocking mechanism runs smoothly and works.

Backrest tiltable (135°) 125°

With a lever on the right side of the chair you can tilt the backrest backwards.

reclining backrest

An angle of 135° to the seat surface is possible here and sufficient in my eyes, among other things because I rarely use this function. Some manufacturers offer here up to 180 °, but for me the 135 ° are sufficient.


Update: In the meantime, according to the store, it is only 125°.

Perforated PU cover, genuine leather or new breathable cover?

The noblechairs HERO is covered with PU or genuine leather. It goes without saying that the genuine leather version costs more money. I was able to test the EPIC in genuine leather and I liked the feel of it extraordinarily well.

New: Recently, the HERO is also available upholstered in a new PU/vinyl mix, which is as breathable as genuine leather but costs much less! Click here for the –> noblechairs Black Edition.

perforated leatherette

However, those who don’t want to invest the money will certainly be satisfied with the perforated imitation leather cover: Because it feels very good and is extraordinarily thick with a thickness of 1.5mm and thus durable.


Lumbar and neck pillows? Yes, but…

Both cushions are included and are covered with soft fabric as usual, which makes the cushions much more comfortable than the rigid ones with PU-covered cushions. They fit much better.

neck pillow-hero

As always, covered with a very soft, fluffy fabric and pleasantly compliant.


The neck pillow also still makes sense, but we do not need the lumbar pillow due to the new continuously adjustable lumbar support. Fortunately: Because lumbar pillows are the somewhat less elegant solution anyway, not least because they are usually much thicker than the user’s lordosis.

wheel lordosis support

Because this can be adjusted by means of wheels on the edge of the backrest steplessly and individually to your loin.


The lumbar region at the bottom inflates as a result of the rotation.


When seated, it can be easily and quickly adjusted to your own lordosis.

Memory foam in headrest

Also new: Memory foam is used for the first time in the head area of the backrest.


This is supposed to provide a comfortable cushioning for the head. This also works very well as long as you do not use the neck pillow and lean back with the chair, for example when you relax and play games or watch videos. In comparison, it feels a bit softer with the foam in the headrest.

4D armrests

As always, the armrests can be adjusted in 4 directions (4D).


So, along with the other adjustment options, you’ll customize your chair just the way you want it.

soft plastic on armrests

The soft plastic on the armrest ensures that the elbows are comfortably padded and not irritated by constant friction.

Seating comfort: HERO or ZERO?

Creative headline, eh? In terms of seating comfort, I can look as long as I want, but I won’t find any criticism. As is typical for noblechairs, the upholstery is harder than that of the competition, but it is also particularly resistant to deformation. The upholstery of the Black Edition feels a bit softer, which will be due to the cover. Otherwise, there is firm upholstery here as usual.

Especially the new lumbar support, which makes the lumbar cushion completely unnecessary, makes for an excellent sitting experience. There’s basically no room for improvement here, apart from a synchro mechanism like on the Gamechanger or Backforce One perhaps, but that’s also only available for significantly more money.

Conclusion: Impeccable comfort features make sitting fun!

Conclusion: noblechairs HERO buy?

Absolutely. I see no reason why you shouldn’t reach for the HERO and order it if you like the design. The range of functions is quite large and is not inferior to the models of the competition in any way – on the contrary: With the new lumbar support and the memory foam in the headrest, we even get a feature here that is a real rarity on the market.


The price-performance ratio is also extraordinarily good: Where gamers who need more space had to spend sums beyond $400-500 so far, you can get the nobelchairs HERO for a very affordable $365 with a PU cover. And for $60 more, you even get a super breathable cover if you opt for the Black Edition. Conclusion: Recommended purchase!

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