DXRacer: Reviews, size & buying advice for all series!

You won’t be surprised to learn that DXRacer is one of the TOP brands on this portal. DXRacer chairs are still the best known on the market today and have been established in the gaming scene for a long time, partly because this is one of the first major gaming chair brands. Just like AKRacing and Vertagear, high-quality chairs in racing design are produced here, which only have to admit defeat to the premium brand noblechairs in terms of workmanship. Office chairs from DXRacer are incredibly popular in the scene and therefore regularly sold out.


Quality, comfort, style & durability – DXRacer.


You’ll see the DXRacer chair at every major gaming and eSports event – whether it’s Gamescom, Paris Games Week or ESWC. DXRacer offers one of the widest gaming chair assortments in the industry and is also very active in Esports. Thus, various teams are sponsored, including Complexity, Natus Vincere and NiP, for example.


Many of you have certainly seen or test-sat models from DXRacer’s ranges. They combine ergonomics and comfort with stability as well as design, and they look awesome too! It is not for nothing that this gaming swivel chair is often seen by pro gamers. As with all real gaming chairs, the same applies here: Once you’ve sat on such a high-quality racing office chair, you won’t want a cheap one again.

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The best DXRacer chair?

I am often asked this question – of course, everyone wants the best for their money. That brings us to the topic: If you want the best, you have to dig deeper into your pocket. But don’t worry, no matter which DXRacer chair you ultimately choose, the quality is on the same level for all of them.

The royal class of DX: the King


But to answer your question: chairs that have been very popular for a long time can be found, for example, in the ▷ DXRacer King Series. Generous dimensions, armrests adjustable in all directions, a royal look and in addition a load capacity of up to 150kg make this flagship one of the top sellers and in my opinion the most comfortable DXRacer chair. So if I had to title one the best, it would be the King.

DXRacer King test with pictures, video & more! ◁

Racer 1: One of the best-selling gaming chair


The Racer 1 is a very affordable offshoot of DXRacer’s Formula series, which includes both fabric and leatherette chairs. With its affordable price of around $330, combined with its realitv extensive feature set – e.g. rocking & tilting function, adjustable armrests, lumbar & neck cushions – and quality level, it breaks all sales records. This DXRacer chair appeals optimally to the average gamer and could also convince me in the test in terms of price-performance.


The Racer 1-5 – the DX Racer1 can be seen above in the picture with me – are often available at Amazon at low prices. I tested this inexpensive DXRacer chair in detail here: ▷ Racer 1 in the test!

DXRacer1 test with pictures, video & more! ◁

The midfield: F, D & R series

Generally, the F, D and R series are still interesting for many. These are a bit cheaper and very suitably sized for the average gamer. You get a little less comfort and adjustability here, but you also save a few euros. Especially the Formula series enjoys great popularity – one reason for this is probably the given availability, which is often missed with the other series. Here are the data for the cheaper F series:

Other popular DXRacer chairs

A direct alternative to the King is the Iron Series, which comes with similarly generous ergonomic features and adjustment options. The manufacturer pushes it to the limit with the new Tank Series: it can handle loads of up to 200kg and offers a comfortable seating environment even for particularly large gamblers. So you could say that K-, I- and T-Series are the best choice as long as your budget allows you to do so.

Which chair from DXRacer should I take?

I myself have used a cheap DXRacer chair from the F series for a long time (▷ Racer 1 review) and can only recommend it to you. If you have the money to spare, then go for the King series. Of all the gaming chairs I’ve had the pleasure of testing in my career, this one is one of the best: generous dimensions, great price/performance ratio, super stable, very comfortable upholstery – I simply like the comfort and the greater space. Of course, there are certainly cheaper chairs, but it’s better to buy quality than to break your back sitting on cheap plastic chairs.


Of course, as always, the decisive factor is whether the DXRacer chair fits your physique. Height and stature – these are the factors you should look for when buying. Here is some info about it:

For which body sizes are the DXRacer chairs suitable?

Personally, I am 1.89m tall and still find comfortable space on a DXRacer 1. However, I have also augereizt this – find out here “▷ Racer 1 Test” whether it fits you. I felt much more comfortable on the King model, which I tested for the first time at Gamescom in 2015 and found out here “▷ DXRacer Test”. It’s in a whole different class again, but it also costs quite a bit more. It’s best to check out both DXRacer Chairs!


My research has shown that even taller people are satisfied with the DXRacer chairs: I have found people with a height of over 2 meters, some of whom even said that there was still room for improvement. So roughly I would say that you can still find room on a gaming chair of the F-series or on the Racers 1-6 up to about 1.90m. On the home page in the comments, there are testimonials that confirm that even small, slim people under 1.60m are satisfied with these chairs. The King series also serves heavier people up to a good 2 meters tall without any problems. However, anyone who scratches the 2-meter mark and weighs well over 100 kilograms should take a look at the Tank series – there is certainly enough room there!

Body size:

rather small to average



narrow to average

Body size:

average to tall


average to broad

Body size:

large to very large


wide to very wide

What is important in a DXRacer test?

If you want to buy a DXRacer, the right fit and of course the quality features are important. Of course, you should be aware that a set budget can limit the possible quality level, but since a DXRacer is a DXRacer, you can at least assume a solid quality.


But how is quality actually expressed in such a gaming chair and how do I judge it in my DXRacer tests?


The processing

  • Does the cover sit tightly over the upholstery? Does it wrinkle?
  • Are there threads or plastic residues sticking out?
  • Do the attachments have too much play? Does anything wobble?

These are the questions that arise in a DXRacer test in terms of workmanship. In general, all the chairs from this manufacturer are on the same solid level of workmanship. Comparable to the quality of an AKRacing or Vertagear chair, which clearly sets these brands apart from noname Chinese bombers, but still noticeably lags behind premium manufacturer noblechairs.


Materials used

  • Fabric, PU or even genuine leather?
  • What kind of cover was used?
  • What is the feel of the cover and is it thick enough?
  • How sturdy are the frame, base and armrests?
  • Are the casters smooth running and what about the cushions?

Scratchy plastic casters are more affordable than ball-bearing roller blades. Thin faux leather is cheaper than thick genuine leather. A polyester cover costs less than a high-quality cotton surface. Again, the question: do you value floor-saving, quiet wheels, breathability, and the fancier look, or would you rather save a few bucks when buying your DXRacer?


Scope of functions

  • 1D, 2D, 3D or 4D? How flexible are the armrests?
  • Are there rocking & tilting mechanisms, and if so, how pronounced?
  • Are there adjustable neck & lordosis supports?
  • To what extent can the height of the seat be adjusted?

Here, too, opinions differ in the test: What is necessary, what is more of a gimmick? I think there should be a solid basis – height-adjustable armrests, neck & lumbar cushions, rocker & tilt function, height adjustability – and everything else is a matter of taste or budget. The almost inflationary wide range of DXRacer accommodates everything from limited (Racer 1) to maximum (King) adjustable. By the way, the DXRacer 6 is just like the Racer 5 on the same level as the chair just presented.

Ergonomic qualities

  • What is the shape of the seat and backrest like?
  • Is there room for wider or narrower people?
  • Is the side support aggressive or generous?
  • Do the dimensions make sense?

Even if the shape of DXRacer chairs looks similar at first glance, there are sometimes serious differences that affect the ergonomic properties. This point is of crucial importance for the subsequent seating comfort. It is often difficult to find out on the Internet whether a particular DXRacer fits your stature. That’s why I place particular emphasis on providing the most precise sizing advice possible in the test.



  • Innovative or mainstream?
  • Are there different color variants?
  • Is the overall concept coherent?

It is only possible to evaluate the design of a DXRacer in a test to a limited extent – this is where personal taste comes into play. Nevertheless, it’s easy to tell whether the manufacturer has put some thought into the design or simply bought something as cheap as possible off the shelf.

DXRacer 6, 5 & 1 – Where are the differences?

In the end, a DXRacer 5 is not much different from the Racer5 or 1. The chairs are all on the same level in terms of quality, only the dimensions are a little different. I have seen each of these DX Chairs live and can say: If you have seen my review of the DXRacer 1, you also know 6 & 5. Because as I said: Different dimensions, same manufacturer, same feature set and same quality level.


DXRacer series tests & advice:

Here you can find all my reviews and info pages about the individual DXRacer series. Before buying, you should get a short overview of all DXRacer gaming chairs and also watch one or the other test video from me. As always, it is important to make sure that your stature fits the chair. This is the only way to ensure good ergonomics that allow you to comfortably gamble for many hours!