DXRacer Master Review – Soft, modular & lots of space: My experience

DXRacer Master Review - Soft, modular & lots of space: My experience

In my current DXRacer Master review I was really surprised, because after I was previously rather convinced by models like the DXRacer King, but otherwise have not really found many suitable models from the house of DXRacer for me, the DXRacer Master meets my taste very well.


DXRacer has done a good job with the Master and added some new features to the program that have not been available in any other gaming chair of the brand so far. How these features affect the seating comfort and to which body sizes the DXRacer Master fits, you can now find out in the test & video!



steel frame, aluminum base, cold foam upholstery, PU leather, 75mm plastic castors, PU armrests

4D armrests, extended tilt mechanism with lock, integrated variable lumbar support, backrest can be tilted up to 135°, max. load capacity of 135kg

Table of contents

New & general functions on DXRacer Master

The DXRacer Master is well equipped and comes with pretty much everything possible in its price range & also surprised me with an interesting neck pillow attachment:


Seating comfort: This is how well the Master sits

The cushion of the DXRacer Master is pleasantly soft on the seat. Foam hardness is always a big issue, not everyone wants to sit on firmer chairs like the noblechairs HERO or Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 and prefers rather softer cushions.

DXRacer installs the softest cushions of all the tested brands on my website and accordingly my butt is comfortably softly bedded here. The backrest feels firmer in the lumbar support area or above. However, this is not a problem depending on the seating position. If I let myself slump more in the chair, it can get a little uncomfortable – but that’s a personal thing, my girlfriend didn’t have that feeling, for example. The bottom line is that I found the comfort super in 3 weeks of testing.

Cross-legged test: Possible on the master?

The fact that there is a lot of space on the DXRacer Master in the test and that hardly any or no restricting side panels are used, crossing the legs is not a big problem:


On the contrary, with my 189cm & 80kg I can easily cross my legs without getting into trouble. With my girlfriend with 167cm is of course no problem.

Cross-legged test passed!

Seat: Hardly any sidewalls

Many gaming chairs still emulate the typical sports seats from cars, where side bolsters help us maintain our sitting position in the corners. Of course, such side bolsters don’t make sense in front of the PC; at most, they can limit our legroom.


As you may have read in the DXRacer Formula F08 review or the DXRacer 1 review, DXRacer still has such side bolsters, but not on the Master!


At the seat these are here only maximally indicated, the seat is already nice and wide and the legroom is not threatened in any way.

Backrest: side bolsters measured with protractor

To show you the sidewall expression as well as possible, I recently bought a protractor. I use it to measure the angle between the flat backrest and the side bolster. The values are certainly not 100% accurate, but give a good starting point.


Here, the angle is approx. 160°. On the smaller models, this is partly around 145°, so 160° is a clear improvement. Considering that 180° means no sidewalls at all, I would call this only implied with 160°.

Size advice: this is how big/small & heavy you can be

DXRacer itself gives a height recommendation of 170-190cm and this recommendation I can also agree. It is actually rather rare that the sellers here really realistic information, so big praise to DXRacer!


My girlfriend, for example, is a bit too small for the chair at 167cm. On the one hand, the seat is too deep, and on the other hand, she can only reach the floor with a little more than the tips of her toes. From 170cm, however, that should work.


I with my 189cm have no problems and fit pretty perfectly to the DXRacer Master. The limit of 190cm fits well, however, because if I were taller, the neck or head pillow would no longer have the best position. I use it already pushed all the way up, with a few cm more height it would sit me under the neck in the shoulder area.


You can sit on the DXRacer Master if you are between 170-190cm tall. In terms of physique, you can be slim, average build or even wider: there is enough space with a load capacity of up to 135kg.

NEW: Master goes modular: Exchangeable seat, footrest & cup holder optional

A completely new feature of the DXRacer Master is that it is modular to a certain extent. For example, it will be possible to replace the seat in the future: It can already be removed, but the optional seat surfaces are not yet available. Fabric seating surfaces for particularly hot days would therefore be conceivable here.


In addition, we are quite flexible when it comes to accessories: The base frame of the DXRacer Master, for example, is prepared to optionally mount a cup holder, footrest or monitor holder.


The accessories are of course not included and must be purchased separately. I find the option but very nice, especially the footrest I imagine quite cool.

Functions & innovations of the DXRacer Master in detail

Now let’s take a detailed look at the new features of the DXRacer Master. I don’t really look at the construction in my tests, because I don’t find it all that interesting. But already here I noticed something positive: To mount the backrest to the seat, there is a rail attached to the backrest, so you can mount the backrest much easier.


And in addition, the side covers are magnetic here and no longer need to be screwed tight. I found that quite nice already!

Variable adjustable lumbar support

I believe the DXRacer Master is the first gamer chair from DX to do away with lumbar cushions and instead rely on a variable lumbar support that can be adjusted in degree with a wheel to our right.


Since lumbar pillows are too thick for the hollow back in most cases, I see this as the best decision. Producing a lumbar pillow for all backs is just extremely difficult, so adjustable lumbar supports are just much better.

Interior of the lumbar support - back upholstery removed

With my lordosis, I do not even have to extend the support, my lower back is already filled in the DXRacer Master Review. So who is equipped with a stronger hollow back, gets here no problems with a good setting.

Innovative headrest with memory foam

I also find the attachment of the headrest very nice, which I have not seen before in any chair. Apart from that, the neck and head cushion of the DXRacer Master is filled with memory foam.


Anyway, here on the backrest there is a plastic rail that we slide the headrest onto.


Thus, we can slide the headrest up and down on this rail. The mechanism is a bit stiff, but since you don’t really adjust the cushion that often, that’s fine.


So the advantage here is that on the one hand we don’t have any more straps on the cushions, which looks better. On the other hand, the cushion can no longer slip, it holds bombproof.


There are only disadvantages here for people who want to do without these cushions altogether, because the fastening rail is firmly installed in the backrest. So the cushion has to be used, but that shouldn’t really be a thing, because it’s really cozy.


The only thing I could imagine for the support would be a cover made of soft fabric. That would be even more pliable and the memory foam would work even better with it. However, this is not a criticism, even so, the support does a great job.

4D armrests with button & soft support

The DXRacer Master is equipped with 4D armrests, so we can adjust the armrest support in 4 directions. The armrest is made of a soft plastic that is pleasant to the skin.


There is also a button at the front of the armrest that you have to press before you can adjust or rotate the support forwards and backwards. This is very convenient for many gamers, because the armrests cannot be adjusted accidentally.


But here’s a hint: Most gamers move their armrests unintentionally because they push themselves up on the armrests when moving or standing up. You should never do that with armrests, because they are not designed for such high loads. So when moving or standing up, it’s best to keep your hands off the armrests 🙂

DXRacer Master with extended rocker mechanism

The DXRacer Master has an advanced rocker mechanism that can be locked in any position. With simple rocker mechanisms, we can only switch the function on or off, but not lock it variably.

rocking mechanism -dxracer-master

With the adjusting wheel under the seat, we still need to adjust the resistance of the spring in the mechanism to our body weight and we can benefit from the function.

Backrest tiltable up to 135°

The backrest can be tilted backwards by up to 135° to the seat in the DXRacer Master test. In the past, 170° or 180° were also possible, but the trend is declining because no one really needs that.


135° is a solid configuration, no one should actually need more to sit back and relax while watching videos.

Huge 75mm casters & aluminum base

As of 2021/2022, the DXRacer Master’s plastic rollers are the largest I’ve ever seen. With 75mm are the huge. Thus, they also run very nice smoothly and quietly.

75mm-large -rolls

The base is made of aluminum. Plastic covers are clipped onto the individual arms of the base. I assume that DXRacer does this for the sake of looks, or because plastic is perhaps a bit more comfortable on bare feet than cool aluminum.


Visually, the clunky covers are not my taste, but that is really a matter of taste and purely functionally, the covers have no disadvantages. The main thing is that the base looks good (in the eye of the beholder) and is stable.

Covers: PU leatherette or fabric cover

The DXRacer Master is available with a high-quality PU cover, like the model in this test, or with a mix of fabric and PU.


In the mix, the vast majority of areas are covered with a soft microfiber cover and only some parts are covered with imitation leather for visual reasons. Importantly, the contact surfaces on the backrest, seat & headrest of the DXRacer Master are covered with fabric. This way we benefit from increased breathability in the important places.

leatherette- of -master

However, even a PU cover is not always contemptible in terms of breathability if it is a high-quality material. Because even polyurethane can breathe to a certain degree, depending on the quality. I haven’t had any exceptionally big problems with high-quality PU synthetic leathers like this one in the summer so far. You’re more likely to get those with chairs around $200 or less if the quality of the faux leather is too poor, as is the case with my dining room chairs, for example.

Processing of the DXRacer Master: Precise or expandable?

I was not so satisfied with the workmanship in the DXRacer Racing Review. The RV131 model had too many inconsistencies for its price of around $240. However, the DXRacer Master shows that it can be done differently.

precision -processing-the-suture

Here is no trace of the many wrinkles or inconsistencies. Only on the seat there was the one or other wrinkle after sitting for a long time, but I seem to be an isolated case and DXRacer-Germany has promptly sent me a replacement. I could not find another report of this kind on the net.


Also, the seams run nice and straight here, so in terms of workmanship I can not criticize anything here. The DXRacer Master looks thoroughly valuable.

Conclusion: Is the DXRacer Master worth buying?

I have tested the DXRacer Master a good 3 weeks now and can say: The Master is absolutely suitable for everyday use, so 8-10 hours a day I spent gladly on the Master. The padding of the seat is pleasantly soft, although the backrest is somewhat firmer.


Due to the innovative headrest attachment, the neck or head pillow always sits optimally, as long as you of course adhere to the size specifications: 170-190cm tall is optimal with a few centimeters of leeway, since we are all very individually built.


The lower back can be supported very precisely with the lumbar support and large 4D armrests provide a comfortable rest for the forearms. Add to that a precise build and we have a very good gaming chair!


At around $420 – $445, it’s not exactly cheap either, but it doesn’t have to hide from similarly priced chairs from other manufacturers. When all the fuss about the pandemic is over and the transport and material costs drop again one day, the price will probably also become more attractive.



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