DXRacer Racer1 Review

The DX Racer1 in the test: A real bargain?

Ever since gaming chairs have been available on the German market, the Racer1 has been an absolute bestseller in the relevant stores. This chair owes its popularity mainly to its low price. You can buy the DX Racer1 for a good $330 – but what can you expect for this money? Chairs in this price range usually don’t meet my demands for a real gaming chair. Find out if the Racer 1 is an exception in this review, including video, size & purchase guide!


The technical data of the Racer 1

Since the DX Racer 1 originally comes from the DXRacer Formula series, the key data of these models largely match. However, there are small differences here and there:

Fabric cover, nylon base, steel frame.

The armrests can be adjusted in height. Backrest tiltable up to 135 degrees. Rocking function (sensitivity adjustable).

Seat height: 41cm to 51cm; seat surface: inside 37cm, outside 42cm; backrest: inside 33cm, outside 57.7cm; backrest height: 84cm (without seat surface).

100kg max. load capacity according to the manufacturer.

Black cover with red applications or completely black.

… Gamers between 165cm & 190cm with slim to average stature.

The price is about $330 

The DXRacer 1 in the field test

Details and close-ups can be found here in the following report. The following offer is up to date and offers you the Racer 1 at favorable conditions!

First impression after unpacking

Compared to the DXRacer King, the package was noticeably lighter – no wonder, since the K-Series is quite a bit more massive and larger. Let’s take a look at what I found inside:


The view is certainly quite familiar to one or the other. At second glance, the first differences to high-priced chairs stand out:

  1. The casters are noticeably smaller, but still just as smooth-running and functional as those of other chairs.
  2. The base is made of nylon – a plastic – rather than aluminum. No problem, as it still easily carries 100kg.
  3. The upholstery of the backrest seems a bit thinner than on expensive chairs. Does this make a difference? More about that in a moment!

The overall picture is quite positive and the parts do not seem less valuable than those of chairs that are 100 or 200 dollar above the Racer 1. The important support cushions for the neck and lumbar spine are also included and in the usual DXRacer quality.

The structure

DXRacer recommends the assembly in pairs, but this is also no problem alone. It took me a good 10 minutes to completely assemble the Racer 1. Overall, the assembly was a bit faster than usual. This was mainly due to the fact that the screws of the backrest – which often cost the most time – were super easy to screw in.


Test sitting - is it worth buying?

I found the feeling when I first sat in it surprisingly good. The fabric cover feels very pleasant and the upholstery is also adequate. Contrary to my original assumption, the backrest is sufficiently padded – there is not much body weight on it.


Both the neck and lumbar cushions are covered with PU leather and can be adjusted in height, as is usual with other chairs. So everyone can find the optimal setting for their stature.


The armrests can be adjusted in height at the touch of a button. The lever that can be seen allows the backrest to be tilted back and forth – an angle between 90 and 135 degrees is possible.

armrest close up

The armrests are curved, as with many AKRacing chairs. The plastic is soft on the surface so that the elbows are comfortably padded.

control lever close-up

The side-mounted lever can be used to lock or unlock the rocker function. The seat height is also adjusted with this lever.

fabric cover close up

Fabric covers have become quite rare in the meantime. It is therefore all the more pleasing that the Racer1 has been equipped with this breathable surface material. The cover feels very pleasant and promises a decent seating climate.


Size & weight - for whom is the Racer 1 suitable?

Apart from appearance and price, the stature of the sitter must of course also fit the chair. Therefore, I generally recommend everyone to take a quick look at my size advisor before buying.


Like other chairs of the F-Series, I recommend the Racer 1 for heights between 165cm and 190cm. Your stature should be in the range of slim to average. The maximum load capacity is 100kg.

My conclusion to the DX Racer 1 test


Let’s summarize: The casters are a bit smaller, but just as good as those of more expensive chairs. The base is not made of aluminum, but of nylon – which is also not a problem, since the look is good and the load capacity is at least 100 kg. The upholstery proved to be flawless in the practical test and the fabric cover is comfortable as well as breathable. 

Want another color variant?

The following offer refers to the Racer 5, which is similar to the tested Racer 1. Only the colors are slightly different here – so you can buy without hesitation if you like it visually!

Better in every way: Nitro Concepts S300


The new opponent of the DX Racer1 is called Nitro Concepts S300. In my review of the S300, I made it very clear why this chair is my absolute number 1 in terms of price-performance – the Racer1 doesn’t stand a chance, especially because it is $100 expensive. The S300 …

  • is more stable and supports 135kg instead of only 100kg
  • has more features such as 3D armrests
  • has a much higher quality fabric cover
  • has more comfortable fabric covered cushions
  • is overall better made and more comfortable

To be honest, the S300 is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs I’ve ever sat on, with its comfortable fabric cover. It’s also about $100 cheaper – forget the DX Racer1 and grab the new S300 here: ▷ straight to the best deal on overclockers!

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