AKRacing Master Pro Review

AKRacing Master Pro Test - My experience with the new Master Series!

The AKRacing Master Pro review is here! And with it some news about the AKRacing brand, which is probably the best-known gaming chair brand next to DXRacer. AKRacing has completely revised its product range. From now on, they want to focus on 2 series that are aimed at gamers: The Master Series and the Core Series. In this way, they want to prevent an estimated 790 different models from being offered in the future, with no one being able to see through their features. Very good consideration!


So in this review, I’d like to share with you my experience with the AKRacing Master Series, which is the successor to the AKRacing ProX, and tell you whether or not I think you should buy the chair. Of course, I’ll also tell you what body sizes the chair is suitable for and if it’s right for you. Be excited to see a brand new, redesigned model from AKR!



Master Pro from the Master Series

Aluminum base, Breathable cold foam upholstery, Perforated leatherette cover, Large 76mm plastic casters, Molded soft plastic armrests.

4D armrests, lockable & adjustable rocking mechanism, tiltable backrest (180°), max. load capacity of 150kg

Features & innovations of the AKRacing Master Pro


Test: What the chair can do in detail

Here we go, I’ll guide you through the review with a bunch of high-resolution pictures. I already explain and show most of it in the video of the Master Pro, but a few detailed photos will surely interest you.

The dimensions of the Master Pro from AKRacing

The dimensions are very generous, as you can see in the graphic. The chair offers decent space, both in the width of the backrest, as well as in the width of the seat. I with my 189cm height and current 85kg combat weight have enough space. The Master Pro would even fit if I weighed 20kg more. By the way, it is loadable up to 150kg.

PRO dimensions

The seat is particularly deep on this model, about 5cm deeper than the Core Ex Wide.


For me, this is very comfortable because my thighs are well supported. However, this becomes problematic for gamers who are much smaller than me. 2-finger widths of space are recommended between the end of the seat and the leg, and you should also be able to form a 90° angle with the back of the knee.


However, I do not succeed in this, as can be seen in the photo of my test person with 167cm height and 55kg body weight, although apart from that she sits well on the chair. The minimum height is therefore rather 175cm-180cm.

Design: A real gaming chair

I especially like that about the Pro models, which I already found cool in the ProX: The super modern design with the color play of black and white. AKRacing succeeds extraordinarily well with the racing look.

Design: A real gaming chair

The base is made of aluminum, which makes it very stable.


Within 5 years you even have the guarantee that parts like the base remain intact. With the white finish, it also looks very chic.

76mm large rollers

The casters, at 76mm in size, are the largest casters I’ve ever seen on a gaming chair.


They look very powerful, so design-wise a cool thing – purely functional, however, the size of the rollers should not play a “role”… Bangers!

Practical test: Functions of the AKRacing Master Pro

The range of functions of the Master Series has been expanded considerably compared to the previous models. The rocker mechanism can do more than before and the foam and leather are said to have improved as well.

Lockable rocker function

AKRacing’s old models did have a rocker mechanism, but it could not be locked in any position.

marco rocking

This has now changed. A new rocker mechanism is used, which also allows the laptop to be locked in any position. You can see the rocker mechanism in action in the video.

Backrest can be tilted 180° to the seat surface

AKRacing sticks to its 180° that you can tilt the backrest in relation to the seat.


This lever allows you to tilt the backrest.


Some manufacturers only allow 130-140°. So if you want to crash on your Master Pro, you can do that.

Perforated faux leather cover

The chair is upholstered in perforated PU leather, which noblechairs also offers for the ICON, EPIC and HERO. I like that very much, because it makes a great impression both visually and haptically.


The cover is tightly strung, virtually nothing can be grabbed from the cover.


AKR has worked on the quality of the cover in particular: And that’s a good thing. While the cover of the ProX partially lost its shape after 1.5 years of use, this should not happen with the new Master Pro. It is praiseworthy that old weaknesses have also been eliminated.

Lumbar & Neck Pillow, Arched Backrest

Lumbar and neck cushions must not be missing and are included with the AKRacing Master Pro. Every owner of this chair should consider whether they need the lumbar cushion: Because the backrest is already pre-curved in the lumbar area and already supports the lumbar sufficiently, if you do not have a pronounced hollow back. So possibly you can do without the pillow here, which I consider a clear advantage. Neck pillows that are covered with PU are sometimes a little too rigid for me. I think fabric would be even better here.

From 2D to 4D armrests

The armrests are adjustable in 4 directions for the first time, while the predecessor only allowed 2D, i.e. 2 adjustable directions.

soft imitation leather on armrest

Additionally, you’ll find soft plastic on the surfaces of the armrests, which cushions the elbow pleasantly. Only the ▷Backforce One Plus, which offers padded backrests, does a better job. In this respect: The armrests leave nothing to be desired in this price range.

Seat comfort: Master Pro or rather Low?

Creative headlines are my forte, aren’t they? No, honestly: I sit great on the Master Pro. Nothing presses where it shouldn’t and I don’t lack support anywhere. I use the chair without the lumbar cushion. The cushion is pleasantly soft, softer than the noblechairs chairs. I can sit well on both types of cushion but not everyone does. Note: You sit comfortably soft on the Master Pro.


In combination with the tiltable backrest, the lockable rocker function and adjustable armrests, it is easy to find your optimal sitting position. Comfort-wise, the Master Pro is on the same level as the top models from DXRacer and noblechairs – so there’s nothing to complain about. There is only one chair on which I have sat better so far: And that is the Backforce, which, however, also costs more.

Conclusion regarding my experience with the seating feeling: It sits well on this model without any problems.

Height: I recommend this chair for tall gamers from 175cm – 205cm tall!

Master Pro: To buy or not?

In general, I can make a purchase recommendation for the Master Series from AKRacing. As already described, the chair is functionally up to date, AKRacing has revised the chair in terms of quality and the seat feel is also great. From the pure properties consequently a good match – but the price bothers me.


Criticism: Price-performance ratio

The only thing I don’t like about the chair is the price-performance ratio. I personally find the Master Pro a bit too expensive compared to other models from AKR and the competition. DXRacer shows the same phenomenon: The top models cost very quickly over $ 400, sometimes it even goes over $ 500. I do not see these prices justified at the moment.

5 year warranty? My comments on this:

In the stores you will see that they advertise an extraordinary 5-year warranty. I would like to say a few words about this. This is what it says in the warranty guidelines under the point “Exclusions”:


The present warranty conditions and other warranties do not apply in the following cases:


Normal wear and tear that is to be expected over time.


Incorrect or improper use or excessive stress on the product.

Normal, i.e. not excessive use, is considered here to be a 40-hour working week. Calculated over 7 days, that’s just under 6 hours a day – so it shouldn’t be a problem. More important to me is the normal, expected wear and tear. If after 4 years there is a seat dent in your chair, I strongly assume that this is considered normal, expected wear and tear and you have no claim for replacement.


So in my eyes, the 5-year warranty refers more to the base, casters, armrests and cover, which is definitely more than the competition. Even though I am hardly aware of any cases of damage to the aforementioned components, we have an advantage here compared to all other manufacturers I know. The exclusion criteria should still be taken into account.

Alternatives from AKRacing

For example, I find the AKRacing Master Premium more attractive in price. The chairs do not differ apart from the dimensions. The Master Pro has the more generous dimensions, but the Master Premium costs e less. The wider gamers will therefore have to reach for the Master Pro, but if you are not too wide, you can take the Premium, as long as it appeals to you in terms of design.

I think it’s a bit of a shame that even in the gaming chair sector, plus-size models are becoming so expensive. I’m used to this because shoe retailers always rip me off with my 47.5 shoe size, but it’s still not nice.

Core Ex Wide

Otherwise, the Core Ex Wide comes into question. This costs about $200 less. Cuts: Instead of 4D only 3D, the rocker function is available, but not fixable and there is less foam used, but I do not feel when sitting. It is covered with fabric and in my opinion it does not look quite as cool as the Master Pro, but costs a lot less and offers just as much space in width as the Master Pro. More: ▷ Core Ex Wide Test

Alternatives from other manufacturers

ICON & HERO from noblechairs are direct competitors in terms of price-performance. The ▷ ICON is available for $345, the ▷ HERO for $365. Both are also loadable up to 150kg. The only differences are that the steel frame is not painted and the backrests can be tilted by 135° instead of 180°. The HERO, however, offers a continuously adjustable lumbar support. So you have to weigh up which functions are important to you at what price.


Buy AKRacing Master Pro: via Prime in no time at all!

I recommend buying the Master Pro from Amazon. It’s sold and shipped by Amazon, which means you’ll benefit from lightning-fast shipping and, most importantly, Amazon’s exceptionally accommodating customer service, which will provide you with a satisfactory solution to any problem. If you have any difficulties with the chair, you simply call the customer service and you will be helped: Risk-free purchase.

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