AKRacing Core Ex Wide Review

AKRacing Core Ex Wide in test: My experience with the Core Series!

Today I tested the AKRacing Core Ex Wide with great anticipation. The manufacturer AKRacing has worked on its models namely: Both qualitatively some things have changed, as well as in the product variety. Thus, only 2 series will be offered in the future: The Master and the Core Series, in which there are again several models to choose from. This is to create clarity in the product range, which I think makes a lot of sense.


With this review, I would like to share my experiences with the AKRacing Core Ex Wide. The chair comes from the Core Series, which offers significantly cheaper models than the new Master Series. In this review, you’ll find out if I recommend buying it, what the Ex Wide can do, and how I rate the seating comfort. You can also watch my experiences in a video below, in which I present the chair in detail. The size guide is also included and awaits you at the end of the test.



Core Ex Wide from the Core Series

Metal base, Breathable cold foam upholstery, Fabric cover, Large 63.5mm plastic casters, Molded soft plastic armrests.

3D armrests, non-locking rocker mechanism, tiltable backrest (180°), max. load capacity of 150kg

Features & innovations of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide

Just like the Master Pro, there are a few innovations and improvements. The attractive features of the Core Ex Wide in short:

Core Ex Wide in test

I’ll take up the content from the video again in this review and deepen it with high-resolution images. I will now show you in detail what the AKRacing Core Ex Wide has to offer, so you can get an impression of the seating feel, quality, functionality and workmanship.


Dimensions of the Ex Wide from the Core Series

The name suffix “Wide” reveals what distinguishes the Ex Wide from the standard Ex: The dimensions. It offers a lot of space in the width for gamers who need it. The dimensions are almost identical to the AKRacing Master Pro, which I also tested.

EX-Wide dimensions

Only the seat depth is 5cm shorter here, which makes the Ex Wide also suitable for smaller people. In terms of price, therefore, a super alternative to the Master Pro.


Here you can see: With my 189cm height, I fit very well on the chair. I can easily form a 90° angle between my upper and lower legs and my thighs are comfortably supported.


Even my test person with a height of 167cm still sits well on this chair. The seat depth fits her leg length. 1-2cm more wouldn’t hurt, but the seat depth is still within reason here. It was different with the Master Pro, which was too tall for her. I would not reach under a height of 167cm to the Ex Wide.

Design: Simple or colorful, but chic

Design-wise, the Core Ex Wide seems to be a successor to the Prime Series or AKRacing’s 7012. The color accents are exactly the same here and I think the chair still looks very nice.

Base: metal


The base is made of metal and is not further painted. However, I also like the metal look.

63.5mm large rollers

The casters are normal-sized here. Sometimes larger casters are used for gaming chairs, but I don’t notice any advantages of larger casters, so this point should be considered absolutely neutral.


The rollers run well & are not too noisy.

Practical test: Features of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide

Let’s take a look at how the chair fares in terms of functionality. Compared to its predecessors, AKR has finally stepped up a notch with the new series and brought the models to a new level.

The rocker function...

… is not noticeable, like in the higher-priced Master Pro, for example. However, it is positive that a rocker function is available at all.


This also works flawlessly so far. The resistance of the rocker mechanism can be adjusted underneath the seat.

Short break? Tilt backrest 180

If you want to take a special rest, simply adjust the backrest backwards by up to 180° in relation to the seat.


Then you can lie down horizontally and close your eyes.


Despite the low price, 180° is possible. Some manufacturers only install backrests that can be tilted up to 135°.

Rare: A chair with fabric cover

Most of the models come with PU leather. But just like Nitro Concepts with the S300, AKRacing still offers gamers the option to order chairs with fabric covers – commendable! Fabric covers have the property of being able to breathe better than PU chairs.


So you might sweat less on a fabric cover than on PU, although the PU covers of premium models already have very good breathing properties – at least I’ve never sweated excessively on a PU chair.

Lumbar and neck pillows also with fabric cover

Although PU may look better than fabric, I prefer lumbar and neck pillows covered with fabric.

akracing neck pillow

They are softer and give more when you lean on them. Therefore, for me a clear advantage that the cushions of the AKRacing Core Ex Wide are covered with fabric.

Armrest upgrade: From 1D to 3D

While the previous models only allowed you to adjust the height of the armrests, you now have 3 directions in which you can adjust the armrests of the Core Ex Wide.


A sensible upgrade that brings the Core Ex up to date.

Comfort: Good despite low price?

The Core Ex Wide is available for around $250 and is thus one of the cheaper models in the premium chair class. Does that mean you have to compromise on seating comfort? Nope. I find the Core Ex Wide super comfortable. Despite the fact that less foam is used here than in the Master Series chairs, I don’t feel any differences in seating comfort.


I feel comfortably cushioned and supported. The cushion seems a bit softer than the noblechairs chairs, but at the same time a bit harder than the Master Pro. In any case, I sit excellently on this and can adjust the chair well together with the 3D armrests. Only a locking function for the rocker mechanism can top that, but at the price it is absolutely justifiable that this function is missing.

Conclusion: Nothing negative to report – on the contrary: For the price, I sit exceptionally well here.


5 year warranty? My comments on this:

In the stores you will see that they advertise an extraordinary 5-year warranty. I would like to say a few words about this. This is what it says in the warranty guidelines under the point “Exclusions”:


The present warranty conditions and other warranties do not apply in the following cases:


Normal wear and tear that is to be expected over time.


Incorrect or improper use or excessive stress on the product.

Normal, i.e. not excessive use, is considered here to be a 40-hour working week. Calculated over 7 days, that’s just under 6 hours a day – so it shouldn’t be a problem. More important to me is the normal, expected wear and tear. If after 4 years there is a seat dent in your chair, I strongly assume that this is considered normal, expected wear and tear and you have no claim for replacement.


So in my eyes, the 5-year warranty refers more to the base, casters, armrests and cover, which is definitely more than the competition. Even though I am hardly aware of any cases of damage to the aforementioned components, we have an advantage here compared to all other manufacturers I know. The exclusion criteria should still be taken into account.

Core Ex Wide: Buy or keep looking?

I can recommend you without reservation to buy the Core Ex Wide from AKRacing. At the very reasonable price I miss absolutely nothing with this chair. Whether 4D or 3D armrests does not make the world for me and whether I can determine the rocker function is also pretty much the same for me at the price. Especially for wider gamers, the chair is therefore very suitable: A model with more space that does not cost directly over $400. 

Are there alternatives?

The only competitor I can think of here is the S300 from Nitro Concepts. Price-wise, the two are about the same. The differences: The S300 offers 135° backrest angle compared to 180° for the Ex Wide. The dimensions are comparable for both chairs, with the S300 offering a maximum of 1-2.5cm less space in the relevant places than the Ex Wide. The rocker function is not lockable on both models, the S300 is slightly cheaper. More info on the model here: ▷ S300 test. So decide for yourself which chair you like better and which features you value.


Buy AKRacing Core Ex Wide: Lightning Shipping & Customer Support!

My recommendation if you want to order the Core Ex Wide: Amazon. Firstly, the chair is sold and shipped by Amazon itself, which means that you can have it at home in a flash via Prime. In addition, you benefit from Amazon’s extraordinarily accommodating customer service in case of problems. So play it safe and buy here:

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