Arozzi Vernazza Series

Arozzi Vernazza Test: Quality from the house of Arozzi?

I am pleased to present you today the Arozzi Vernazza test. From Arozzi one hears lately in Germany rather less, the more surprising came for me the new Vernazza Soft Fabric, so a chair covered with soft fabric and at the same time my first test of an Arozzi chair.


The brand itself has been on the market for many years now, it already existed in 2014 when I started I am all the more curious to find out whether the Swedish company has made something out of its certainly large wealth of experience in that time. I will now share my assessment of the seating comfort, the individual components and suitable body sizes with you via photos and video.




Aluminum base, cold foam upholstery, fabric cover (polyester), large plastic castors, plastic armrests

3D armrests with soft plastic overlay, lockable rocker mechanism, backrest can be tilted up to 160°, max. load capacity of 145kg


Arozzi Vernazza test: components & features: What makes the chair

The Arozzi Vernazza is available for a price of around $ 425 and thus plays in the high-class league, where you can expect a lot. The Vernazza faces competitors like noblechairs, Secretlab and some models from DXRacer & AKRacing. The model doesn’t do anything wrong on the product spec sheet:

Comfort & size advice: my assessment of the Vernazza

When I first take a seat, the first thing I notice is the firm upholstery. It is not quite as hard as the ones used by noblechairs & Secretlab, but it goes in that direction. However, since I like harder cushions anyway and the cushion is softer than those of the aforementioned brands, I am satisfied. I sit well!


Who has already test sat a few gaming chairs: I would say the cushion hardness ranges between AKRacing/DXRacer, which both have softer cushions, and noble/Secret, which both have quite hard cushions.

Also noticeable during the first test sitting is the rather long seat. HERO & TITAN, two chairs for taller gamers, have about 50-51cm of seat depth, while the Vernazza trumps with a whole 53cm of usable surface. The chair with the longest seat (57cm) is the Master Pro. Thus, the Vernazza clearly belongs to the gamers’ chairs whose target group are tall gamers.

The seat: Flat side bolsters - plenty of legroom

I have been sitting on the Vernazza for about 2 weeks at the end of this test report. I have long since become accustomed to the cushion hardness and I like the fact that the side bolsters of the seat are flat, especially in the front area. This also allows me to sit very wide-legged, as I prefer to do.


Sitting wide-legged is not elegant, but it is comfortable, so I usually sit that way. All the more regrettable when the chair forbids me to do so. Fortunately, I don’t have any problems here with the Vernazza, on the contrary. Everything is cool here. I’m not a fan of those side bolsters anymore anyway. They make the chair look more authentic like a car seat, but they don’t do any good in front of the computer; on the contrary, they are more of a hindrance.

The backrest: hugging

“Embracing” is about how Arozzi himself describes it, and that’s true. In the upper body area from the latissimus muscle to the shoulders, the chair becomes tighter, more hugging. This is one of the reasons why I would rather recommend the Vernazza for slim to at most normally built gamers.


It will probably be a bit tight for gamers with sporty or unsporty wider measurements.


I also found it a bit tight at the beginning, but I wouldn’t describe the tightness as bad, but as “different”. You basically have to get used to things that are different. And although I thought the backrest was too tight at first, it’s fine now. I would say that I would prefer more space, but I’m still comfortable.

Conclusion: The Vernazza Soft Fabric is suitable for this target group:

For my 167cm tall test person, the Vernazza is already too big, the seat is too long. Therefore, I would set the lower limit at 180cm. From 1.80m you can think about buying the Vernazza.


For someone of my height (189cm), however, the seat is optimal: About 2 fingers should actually be space between the lower leg and the seat, although this is a guideline that may be exceeded and undercut to a certain extent. For me, it is just under 2 fingers, which is why the seat depth is perfect for me.


The only limiting factor in my Arozzi Vernazza test is the upper backrest: gamers who are too wide will have to distance themselves from this and look elsewhere.


My recommendation: If you are between 180-205cm tall, you can sit great on the Vernazza. You should be rather slim or of normal build. With too much cross it will be tight here, but with my cross everything is still ok.

Other components of the Vernazza in the test: This makes it comfortable in the long run

So much for now on comfort & size distribution. Now we have some more on our brand new Vernazza Soft Fabric that will provide more comfort in the long run aside from a quick test fit.

3D armrests with soft touch pad

One of these comfort components is the armrest adjustable in 3 directions. The support of the armrest can be adjusted in 3 different directions: We can rotate the armrest, slide it forward & backward and adjust the height.

soft plastic armrest

In addition, the pad is equipped with soft plastic. Unlike hard plastic armrests, our forearm is pleasantly soft on this without reddening.

Advanced rocking mechanism with locking function

Like almost every gaming chair, the Vernazza from Arozzi also has a rocker mechanism. In this case, as expected for the price, it’s an extended rocker mechanism that we can also detect in any position. Standard mechanisms only allow rocking or not rocking, but nothing in between – different here.


For example, I could lock the rocker mechanism in this position and the chair would remain in this position.

In such a strong position, however, I do not recommend this. The long and relatively hard seat would otherwise press permanently into our thighs. This happens because almost all gaming chairs adopt the design of a car seat, where the butt is slightly lower than the thighs. So this is not something that affects the Vernazza specifically, but rather most gaming chairs in general.


Just don’t rock too extremely, then there won’t be any problems here. However, this position is perfect when we like to put our feet on the table. For this position, we would then be sitting just right.

Backrest tiltable 165°

The backrest can be tilted backwards by up to 165° to the seat surface in the Arozzi Vernazza test. Apart from the chairs with a synchro mechanism, almost every gaming chair offers this function, whereby the angles here vary from 125°-180°.


Even 130° is quite enough to watch a series or videos on youtube in a very comfortable position. However, having more than 130° is of course not bad either.

Lumbar and neck pillows: The usual oversized

90% of all the chairs I tested have a lumbar cushion that is too large. You have to remember that this lumbar cushion is supposed to fill out our lordosis or hollow back. Many lumbar cushions tend to overstep the mark here and are simply too large for most lordoses. What I have to say, though: The lumbar pillow is already heading in the right direction here. It’s at least not way too big, like some other oversized cushions.

lumbar cushion-des-arozzi-vernazza

What Arozzi already does right here: The cushions are covered with fabric and filled with real padding instead of a PU cushion that almost explodes full of absorbent cotton. PU gives way too little, so fabric is the better option.


What struck me particularly positively at all was the solution of the lumbar cushion. The Vernazza is a chair without belt holes that can serve as an attachment for the lumbar cushion. With the noblechairs ICON, for example, you can therefore not attach the cushion at all.

lumbar cushion-in-lordose

However, Arozzi has come up with a very smart solution here that works. Now only the cushion must become smaller. However, they are already working on this, as I was told after addressing this problem.

For me, the neck pillow is a mix of neck and head pillow. It lies partly in the neck area, but for the most part it rather supports the head. That in this case but one thing I do not find bad. To be able to lean the head already provides a noticeable relief of the cervical spine.


The pillow is nice and soft and comfortably beds the back of the head when leaning back. The purpose of these 2 side parts on the left and right of the pillow is not really clear to me, but they do not interfere.

The cover: Soft Fabric - furniture materials for comfortable feeling & breathable.

Fabric covers are in vogue: while they were an almost extinct rarity until 2-3 years ago, they are now finding their way back into the market, and rightly so: quite a few of us either tend to sweat more or live in an attic apartment that can get quite hot in the summer due to direct sunlight.


The Vernazza is one of the fabric chairs, alongside chairs from Secretlab or the S300 from Nitro Concepts. The Soft Fabric cover of the Arozzi Vernazza is particularly soft in my test: The cover of the S300, for example, is a bit rougher.


A polyester from the furniture industry is used here, which is also used to cover sofas, for example. According to the manufacturer, Arozzi, it is ISO-tested and particularly tear- and tensile-resistant. I like the cover material: In winter, it tends to be cozy and warm because it is not as cold as artificial leather, and in summer it breathes and wicks away perspiration.

Base & casters: Both components with special feature

First, the base: manufacturers usually use nylon (plastic), steel or aluminum. Aluminum is mostly used when the base should look a bit nicer.

aluminum base

This base comes across as classy & elegant: the design ensures a cool look while being robust at the same time. Thus, the base goes beyond the standard, even if it is a pure style element.


The casters are also special, namely extra large. I have only seen such large rollers on one other chair. Larger casters are supposed to roll more easily than smaller ones. However, I think that above a certain size, differences can hardly be recognized: Like I have trouble distinguishing 4K from 8K….


In any case, the casters run smoothly and quietly, and their size also makes them a bit visually appealing, even though I usually don’t care much about the casters on a chair. Here you just wanted to build a cool chair in every detail.

Workmanship & quality: Is the chair worth the money?

It should be clear after the previous Arozzi Vernazza test that the materials used are high-quality. Everything is really top here. The workmanship is also impressive. I didn’t see any material defects or rough edges in the workmanship of the entire chair.


The seams also run very precisely, nowhere are threads hanging out or similar. A beautiful and quality workmanship round off a really decent chair here.

Test result: Buy Arozzi Vernazza Soft Fabric or keep looking?

I’m surprised that a manufacturer previously unremarkable in Germany has constructed a really great chair. If you want to buy the Vernazza, go ahead. You get a basic high-quality chair that makes an impression down to the last detail:

Those who have read the entire Arozzi Vernazza review know: Despite all the praise, there was also a bit of criticism: The lumbar cushion is a bit too big for me and the space available in the upper back area could be increased. That was still okay for me, but wider gamers might find it a bit cramped here. However, if you are slim or have a normal build at most, this will not be an issue for you.


In conclusion, I can recommend the purchase of the Arozzi Vernazza. I had a lot of fun with the test and spent 2 weeks of full working days on the Vernazza to be able to make my final quite positive picture.