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For over 5 years, noblechairs has been a breath of fresh air on the market and already launched a real innovation with the first genuine leather gaming chair. But after the EPIC series in 2016, the brand brought even more series into play and always managed to develop innovative solutions: The noblechairs HERO, the noblechairs ICON & the noblechairs Black Edition were created.


While sticking to the sports car look for the EPIC, they also drew inspiration from the manufacturing of those luxury cars. The result: unprecedented precision in cutting the covers and embroidery. To this day, noblechairs stands for a very high level of quality and manages to bring further innovations to the market every year. The models accommodate heavy as well as lighter gamers, here everyone can find his suitable chair.

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Size advice: Which noblechairs fits you?

Some of the data in the table will be similar, that’s because there are just so many different height/weight combinations. For example, if you weigh 110kg, then you can sit super on the EPIC with 190cm height, with 110kg & 167cm rather less. That’s why absolute specifications are very difficult here. I hope the information about the physique gives a direction, otherwise there is detailed information in the individual noblechairs reviews.

Body height max.: 165-200cm

My recommendation: 170-195cm


Body weight max.: 120kg

My recommendation: 65-120kg


Body type: narrow – min. wide

Body height max.: 120-170cm

My recommendation: 120-170cm


Body weight max.: 120kg

My recommendation: / comes soon


Body type: / comes soon

Body height max.: 165-200cm

My recommendation: 170-195cm


Body weight max.: 150kg

My recommendation: 65-120kg


Body type: narrow – wide

Body height max.: 165-205cm

My recommendation: 170-200cm


Body weight max.: 150kg

My recommendation: 65-150kg


Body type: narrow – max. wide

Tip: The lower limits of the body sizes can still be shifted by 3-5cm, because noblechairs offers extra shorter gas springs for smaller gamers. In addition, the values can vary by a few centimeters because the length ratios between the upper and lower body differ significantly in some people.


Too narrow for the HERO? Nope. Some slim people think the HERO is too tall. But I don’t see that a chair can be too tall. In terms of body size, of course, but if the seat is too long or you can’t get your feet on the floor, that’s unfavorable. Otherwise, having more space is all the better, we don’t need side support in our chair. In terms of comfort, larger beds, armchairs & sofas are also nicer.

The noblechairs Epic series

As the first model from the manufacturer noblechairs, the EPIC really hit the spot. To this day, it sells better than the ICON in my estimation, only the HERO seems to be even more popular. In any case, it impresses above all with its noble and at the same time sporty appearance, without looking so squeaky compared to some other sports seats. Precious diamond embroidery adorns the backrest and seat, which, by the way, has flattened side bolsters so as not to restrict legroom too much.


Due to its shape, the chair is not suitable for gamers who are too wide, especially the shoulder width can be problematic for particularly stable people, so the other models may be more suitable. The same key data applies to all chairs from this series, with the exception of the EPIC Compact and minimal changes in the Black Edition (more on that in a moment).

Short overview of the features

I don’t want to elaborate too much here, but just give a brief overview. For more detailed information and many photos, please visit my noblechairs EPIC review.

As usual, the upholstery is of the firmer variety, but otherwise the model first provides everything you need as basic equipment. Adjustable armrests, an extended rocker mechanism and quality.

Innovation: EPIC Compact - For the first time with synchronous mechanism

At the end of 2021, the EPIC Compact was launched, which is quite different from the standard. It is primarily made for smaller people, 125-170cm are specified. Here, too, noblechairs is not lumpen to bring something new again:


Thus, the Compact as the first model of the brand has a synchronous mechanism installed, which should be conducive to back health. In addition, the chair is covered with a PU leather produced in Germany and equipped with a softer foam. There’s also a seat depth adjustment feature to allow you to optimally adjust the seat depth to your own body size.


Basically, almost everything that a high-quality office chair has nowadays. I’m very happy about that, because there are still too many people who think that a gaming chair is garbage compared to office chairs.

The noblechairs ICON series


When noblechairs launches a new model, it is consistently with intelligence. There is always a new design or function that adapts a new model to other needs. At the heart of this model is the innovative silhouette. Not only do I really like the bold, new shape visually, it also gives a distinct advantage in terms of ergonomics:


Heavier, broad-shouldered gamers often felt cramped on previous gaming chairs – including the EPIC. Instead of the protruding wings that otherwise press into the shoulder girdle from behind, the ICON offers total freedom.


The steel braces for the side bolsters have also been dispensed with on the seat in order to generate legroom – together with the increased load capacity of up to 150kg, it’s clear that the model is aimed at wider and heavier gamers. In addition, the headrest is padded more thickly and the narrowly tapered backrest gives you more freedom in adjusting the neck cushion. The otherwise stainless steel-colored knobs on the armrests are powder-coated black here, and the base is also made of solid aluminum, although the EPIC now also has one.

Short overview of the features

Again, only a brief overview, for in-depth information including many photos & a video please stop by here: noblechairs ICON review.

This means that we have everything we need here when it comes to a high-quality chair in this price range. Unlike many typical racing chairs, this one does without limiting side bolsters.


The noblechairs HERO series

The HERO is my favorite of all noblechairs series that I have tested. On the one hand, the design goes new ways, I think of a sports car seat you see here nothing more, it shows up more as a boss-like throne or executive chair, without looking less classy. It combines all the features of the previous series, while relying on an innovation of the time.


As with the ICON, there’s plenty of room here, but this time it’s not through a narrower line, but a wider one. Side panels are hinted at here at most, there’s massive space and above all new features that are worthwhile and pay off to this day.

Short overview of the features

What the noblechairs HERO can do, I summarize here again only very briefly. Photos, videos and information about each individual component as usual in the noblechairs HERO review.

Compared to its siblings, the backrest here can be adjusted backward at a maximum angle of up to 125° to the seat surface. That’s 10° less, which shouldn’t really be a problem. However, the absolute highlights here are the lumbar support and memory foam, which trumps all previous series with its particularly generous space.

Coverings: Fabric, PU, genuine leather, hybrid - everything possible in the noblechairs test

Fortunately, at noblechairs you don’t have to worry much about whether your favorite chair is available with the right cover material, because absolutely no wishes are left open here. You can get any of the models with any cover.


They are available with pleasantly soft fabric covers, with classic PU leather, but also with genuine leather cover, which can be replaced with the hybrid leather of the Black Edition at a smaller price and similar breathing properties. More about that now:

The noblechairs fabric cover

The models that are marked with the suffix “TX” are covered with a soft fabric cover. TX stands for “textile”. The fabric cover is equipped with a support fabric made of fleece to give the material a longer life.


Many of you who write me mails prefer fabric models, so the textile cover comes just in time. Only in the color selection we are somewhat limited: Because so far, the TX series is only available in plain & at the same time noble gray.

The noblechairs PU leather

Even if the cover is not made of real leather, the quality and workmanship of the PU leatherette has not been compromised. According to noblechairs, the punched holes make the PU cover more breathable, which could significantly reduce a serious disadvantage of imitation leather. However, it should be mentioned here that high-quality PU leathers are not as extremely sweat-inducing as is often claimed.


Of all the brands I know, noblechairs uses the thickest PU leather, which is even thicker than the standard. In my opinion, this ensures a longer durability of the cover. In addition, the material looks very high-quality, not least due to the beautiful embroidery, and is also very attractive in price compared to real leather!

The noblechairs genuine leather

The genuine leather chair trumps with high breathability and longevity – these are two clear advantages that genuine leather brings with it, if you also want to care for it. It offers an optimal seating climate and looks very classy both visually and haptically. For an office chair covered in genuine leather, the noblechairs offers quite a good price-performance ratio.


If it fits into your budget, I can only recommend it. I myself sat on the genuine leather model for a whole year as one of my first gamer chairs ever. But it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive, and some people might not like genuine leather for animal welfare reasons. And noblechairs has recently come out with an insanely good alternative:

The noblechairs hybrid leather

You don’t want to do without noble-looking leather, but real leather is too expensive for you and you also want it to be breathable? What was impossible in the last few years is now possible with the hybrid leather. Only the Black Edition is delivered with this leather.


Behind it is a material mix of vinyl & polyurethane (PU) produced in Germany. If you take a close-up look at the material, you’ll also understand its breathing properties, because the cover is littered with tiny openings that absorb and wick away your sweat. In addition, the cover is still super easy to clean and especially robust.


Due to the German production, you can also be sure that there are no unauthorized softeners in the cover.

The differences in detail

It’s best to check out my comparison video at the very top of the page, where I go into all the differences between the genuine and PU leather versions. Besides the fact that the cover is made of a different material in each case, there are the following differences:


Difference No. 1: The incorporated decorative seams show a slightly different pattern.


Difference #2: While the chair on the right is covered in smooth genuine leather, which is naturally breathable, the perforation of the PU cover ensures that there is no excessive sweating even on the faux leather chair on the left.


Difference No. 3: The side bolsters of the imitation leather chair are covered with an imitation suede, reminiscent of suede or Alcantara.


Difference No. 4: The logo emblem, which adorns the headrest on all noblechairs, is stamped a bit deeper on the less expensive PU version, making it more distinctive.

Features: They all have this in common

Here I have a few more points that you can basically expect from noblechairs gaming chairs, so what really comes with each chair. noblechairs does not want to deliver cheap stuff, but a certain basic level of equipment is always included.


Advanced rocking mechanism with locking function

As you can read on the Gaming Chair home page, there are simple rocking mechanisms and extended ones. With the extended ones, the mechanism can be locked in any position instead of just being able to turn the rocking on or off.


There are no models with less extensive mechanics; on the contrary, the EPIC Compact uses an even better synchronous mechanism.

4D armrests with soft pad

Brands like DXRacer are still putting chairs on the market these days that only have height-adjustable armrests, which in my opinion is no longer up to date. This is probably done there partly to justify the prices of the better models.


Noblechairs doesn’t do anything like that, they basically have 4D armrests, ones that adjust in 4 directions and all of them have a soft plastic armrest so your arms don’t get irritated by rough, hard rests.

Precise workmanship & value

Workmanship and material quality are really high up here. The chairs from noblechairs are tightly upholstered, there is no excess leather hanging around anywhere, and the seams run very precisely and straight. The chairs are covered and sewn with the utmost precision using automated manufacturing systems, so there should be considerably fewer defects than was previously the case. The cover and upholstery form a single unit, so the seat looks as if it were made of one piece.


The materials are also reasonable. The PU leather, for example, is inherently thicker than that of all other brands. The foot crosses are made of solid aluminum, knobs for adjusting are partly made of metal, just like the insides of the armrests. Everything is designed for durability, so the chairs won’t blow up in your face after 2 years.

Quite firm pads

The firm upholstery foams are the most common criticism of noblechairs chairs. And indeed, noblechairs upholstery together with Secretlab are among the hardest. The advantage here is the very strong resistance to deformation. You will probably never see a sagging seat.


However, some find the cushions uncomfortably hard. I used to sit on the EPIC for a good 1 year and could never understand this criticism. But when I then sat on the predecessor of the much softer Master Pro from AKRacing and took the noble chair again after months, I noticed it too: thoroughly firm cushion. However, I was able to get used to it again after a few days, as before.


It depends on your own preferences, i.e. whether you like it hard or soft. Especially very lightweight gamers complain about too hard cushions, because they sink less into firm cushions than heavier people. Ultimately, though, noblechairs would hardly have had such great success if the hardness suited so few people. I wouldn’t be too put off here.

Cushion with fleece cover

Many manufacturers have their neck and lumbar pillows covered with artificial leather. However, this ensures that the cushions are unpleasantly cool, especially in the neck, when you sit down for the first time.


Fabric-covered pillows, on the other hand, are a blessing: no thick PU that restricts flexibility and super soft to the skin. I think that’s good! That’s how Secretlab & Backforce One do it too.

Conclusion: My experience with noblechairs

So far, luxury manufacturer noblechairs is “only” represented on the market with three series – the EPIC, ICON & HERO series. But these are really something – and quite honestly: I prefer it when a manufacturer releases mature, high-quality products that fill a niche or have a raison d’être than when, true to the motto “the more the better”, new chairs are constantly thrown onto the market that are identical down to minimal details. This only causes confusion.


Apart from that, the models are available with all conceivable cover fabrics, which makes the few series quite complete. Moreover, yes, there is already a “sub-series”, namely the Epic-Compact for small gamers with juicy ergonomic upgrades.


I’m in the fortunate position of being able to test all of the current models, and I’ve been impressed all around: material quality and manufacturing are nearly perfect, the adjustment options are flexible, and the looks are ingenious. In addition, the know-how and the accommodating support of noblechairs impress me again and again. This is how a modern premium gaming chair brand should function – a true prime example.


Serious, noble, sporty, functional – noblechairs has managed to perfectly simulate the feel and look of a luxury sports seat.