DXRacer King Sеriеѕ

DXRacer King Series / K-Series - Advice & Test

The DXRacer King Series is relatively new. While the F- and R-series only focused on a racing name and the imitation of the real racing seat, it has now been noticed that everyone wants to call a gaming chair their own. And not only those who play Need for Speed and Forza.


In the meantime, the DXRacer King Series has established itself as the most popular series of DX models.


Thus, one has separated from the pure racing designations such as Racing and Formula in order to address all gamer groups. The name “DXRacer King” alludes, among other things, to the physical proportions for which this chair is suitable. Or rather, for which this chair is also suitable. Because the chair is of course downward compatible from its maximum load limits.


The facts about the King series:

King oblique from -front

King Series: suitable size & weight

Flagship from DXRacer: K-Series

I just mentioned it: The King Series models are also suitable for heavier and even taller gamers. While the manufacturer states that the DXRacer chair is suitable for heights of 180-200cm, there are, as always, enough testimonials from gamers who are taller or shorter. I sorted carefully: overall, it can be said that the chair is indeed still suitable for gamers who are 170cm-205cm tall. The backrest and seat dimensions confirm exactly that – you can see them if you scroll down further.

More free space at the King!

The DXRacer King Series has obviously listened to the customer opinions on Amazon & Co. – because especially wider customers have complained about the side parts that protrude on the right and left side of the seats. These have massively restricted the space for butts. However, there are more generous seat surface dimensions here – and load limits of up to 150kg. So for the vast majority of us, the K-Series is very well suited and offers comfort like no other chair.

KS06, KS57 & KS11 - Where are the differences?

A little confusing, isn’t it? But basically, it’s simpler than you might imagine. Purely in terms of functionality and features, the chairs are all the same. The individual designations refer to the covers that the chair has:


KS06 has a PU cover, KS11 is covered in fabric and KS57 has a cover with PU & carbon look applications – that’s it.

Other variants of the King series

The King Series is available in the popular colors. I personally opted for the plain black model, but find that the colored versions are also very attractive.


Accessories are also available: The manufacturer’s Racing wheels also fit the King Series. These are much quieter and roll more easily, so the floor won’t get scratched and you won’t get caught on cables. There is also a particularly large and comfortable neck pillow in U-shape, which provides a more ergonomic posture of the cervical spine for some and is simply more comfortable.

DXRacer King Series Features

This chair is also suitable for taller and heavier people. But that’s not to say that people who are 170cm tall and weigh 70kg can’t sit comfortably on this – on the contrary. I call the DXRacer King series downward compatible. The specified 200cm and 150kg are just maximum values. Much below that is equally suitable, as you can see above in my size advice on the K-Series.


The models of the K-Series are covered with high quality PU-leather, which can shine with appropriate quality and breathability. As always, the gas lifts are TÜV approved and in cooperation with the massive frame, they can also hold a decent amount of weight. The backrest can be swiveled up to 135°. Lumbar and neck cushions are of course included.


The 4-D armrests of the King series can be moved forward/backward, up/down and in/out as well as rotated. The surface is pleasantly soft and gentle on the elbows.


You can see the adjustable cushions of the K-series that optimally support the neck and lordosis. The 85cm high backrest effectively offers a lot of free space in width (measured 39cm between the seat cheeks) – just like the seat surface (measured 43cm in front, 37.5cm in back).


The King’s upholstery is pleasantly soft, while the cover is robust, elegant and easy to clean. The seat is also even and thus does not exert any unpleasant pressure during longer sitting sessions.


The 5 point steel base is not only extremely stable, but also visually an eye-catcher. Rubber studs at the ends provide optimal grip when you put your feet on it. The extra large K-Series casters are quiet and gentle on the floor.


DXRacer wraps the king in a noble PU leather robe: No excessive sweating, easy to clean and durable. There is no fabric version.

In this respect, hardly any other chair can beat the King. As far as seating comfort and adjustment options are concerned, nothing is left to be desired.

Despite the slightly higher price, the DXRacer King series is clearly at the top of the sales charts. No wonder it is often sold out.

The King makes an impression, that’s a fact. It simply looks cool and comes in all imaginable colors.

Almost everyone and also particularly strong as well as tall people this luxury swivel chair enables ergonomic sitting posture.

My detailed test of the King Series

Today, I’ll take a look at a model from the K series in the test. The King is currently the manufacturer’s flagship and record holder in terms of sales figures. Generous dimensions, comprehensive adjustment options, a particularly robust frame, and a royal design make this gaming chair so attractive. I’ve also been eyeing the King for a long time, and I’ve had the opportunity to try it out at trade shows on several occasions. In this detailed DXRacer review, including a video, I will take a close look at this special office chair and see if it lives up to its reputation.

DXRacer test

The technical data of the King

Let’s start the test with the most important features. Even on paper, most people will notice that there are small but subtle differences to most other gaming chairs – but see for yourself:

The K-Series at a glance:

The first impression of the K series

The usual heavyweight package from Amazon arrived well protected by the brave GLS man. With the dimensions of 68 x 39 x 88 cm and a load of 25 kg, the whole thing can just be managed single-handedly – but those who live on the upper floor will have their fun. Unpacked, the contents look like this:


The structure of the chair

As usual from my other tests, the assembly was very easy. No additional tools are needed, and the individual parts are precise enough to make sure that the actions are right the first time and there is no frustration. The setup is completed within 20-30 minutes.


If you get stuck at any point, you can use the clear instructions, which also have a QR code that – once scanned with the smartphone – reveals a detailed assembly video.

4-D armrests

Interim conclusion on the King Series

When handling the individual parts – backrest, seat, casters, aluminum base, etc. – you immediately notice that they are more generously sized and more robust in the King series than in “smaller” gaming chairs. I also noticed the wheels, which have a softer rubber coating than the standard wheels of the competition and are much quieter. A nice little feature are also the rubber studs on the ends of the base, which are supposed to prevent the feet from slipping off. Quality and workmanship are on a high level, and there are no unclean seams, scratches or low-quality plastic parts to be found.


Test sitting

The Gaming Throne: Having now sat on the Vertagear SL4000 for a long time, I immediately noticed the enormous freedom for the thighs and shoulders. Overall, the King Series offers less “aggressive” support than many of the less expensive chairs – i.e. smaller, less intrusive seat bolsters on the backrest and seat. This does take away from some of the racing feel, but you are duly compensated by the generosity that the K Series offers. You literally feel like you’re sitting on a throne – or a comfortable armchair.


The upholstery: The cold foam has a density of 54 kg per m³ – this not only speaks for durability on paper, but I was optimally put into practice. The seating feel is not too soft and not too hard at all. The King Series is thus somewhere between the AKRacing Pro and the noblechairs EPIC.


Freedom for the thighs: Especially gamers with wider thighs or a generally wider stature often have problems with chairs with excessive lateral support. If the first impression is often good, it fades all too quickly when there is unpleasant pressure at all corners and ends. Personally, I’d give the K-Series texture preference any day over gamer chairs, which give a better sports car feel but are too constricting in the long run.


Ergonomic qualities: If you now think that ergonomics are lost in all this generosity, I can reassure you. The two adjustable support cushions allow you to comfortably adopt a healthy sitting posture. The individually adjustable armrests do the rest for a pleasant, healthy sitting position.

DXRacer test report

Adjustment options: How flexible is the King?

5-D armrests:
You’ve probably wondered what the fifth direction is supposed to be – that’s how I felt before the review. As you’re used to with modern chairs, you can adjust the height of the armrests, rotate them, move them forward and backward, and adjust them inward and outward. In addition, you can move the King’s entire armrest, including the holder, further inwards and outwards. To do this, you loosen two screws on the underside and then have about 2 centimeters of additional play – not much, but still. Strictly speaking, this is not even a further direction, but DXRacer describes this feature as “5D”.


Everything is possible from 90 to 135 degrees – steplessly. Other chairs can be adjusted even further horizontally (up to 170°), but this hardly makes sense unless you like to play dentist on your gamer chair. The tested King also has a rocker function that can be locked and adjusted in sensitivity as desired.


Lumbar & Neck Pillow:
The lumbar pillow slides up and down on two straps as you wish. The neck pillow – if you put it over the backrest from above as usual – can’t be adjusted very far down. For smaller people, however, an extra plastic clip is included, which can be used to attach the cushion alternatively and thus slide it further down.


Seat height:
The seat height can be adjusted within a range of just under 10 centimeters via the stepless gas lift.


For what stature is the chair suitable?

As always, the “official” data from stores and manufacturers give a mixed picture: sometimes you read something about 175-185 cm and sometimes from 180-200 cm. It looks similar for the load capacity: While it was said for a while that the King would carry up to 180 kg, it is now said that the upper limit is 150 kg. Maybe because they want to make the new Tank Series with its max. load of 200 kg appear more attractive? I can only speculate, but the obligatory weight peak when dropping the King at 180kg probably does not like.


I myself am 189 cm tall and sit very comfortably in the K-Series. If you’ve watched my test video – it’s worth it! – you will have seen that even a more petite person with a height of 170 cm can sit comfortably on the King.


Taking into account my personal experience and feedback from the community as well as Amazon reviews, I come to the following recommendation in the King Series review: The owner should measure between 170 cm and 205 cm in height and weigh a maximum of 150-180 kg.

color variants

Color variants & accessories

Available colors: The usual colors can also be found in the assortment of relevant stores for the King. Red, green, blue, white, gray and black – there should be something for everyone. I personally like it plain and chose black for my test – as usual.


close-up-of-rolls-and-alu-crossClose-up of the casters and the aluminum base.Accessories: Actually, the King comes with everything a gamer’s heart desires. However, if you want, you can get one or two small upgrades. I can especially recommend the Blade casters, which let the King glide gently over parquet or laminate on even quieter feet (check out my video: ▷ AKRacing Rollerblade casters – these are comparable). You can then save yourself an office chair pad.


If you are looking for a comfortable headrest, you should have a look at the optional U-shaped cushion – I have already tested it on several DXRacers and was quite impressed.

Overview: My impression in the King Series test

As is usual with current chairs, this one also only comes with a PU leather cover. However, I did not notice this negatively in the DXRacer test. I can now get used to high-quality imitation leather. It looks chic, is easy to clean and offers a good seating climate.

The generous dimensions make you feel like you’re sitting on a comfortable couch. The sport seat feeling comes across a bit less than with narrower seats, but you feel less cramped and sit more comfortably in the long run. The comparatively quiet and smooth-running castors and the extensive adjustability are also pleasant.

At around $500, the King definitely falls into the higher price range. However, since you only make such an investment once and the chair is worth the money, I don’t see this as a negative point. The price/performance ratio is top – not for nothing is the King a bestseller despite the higher purchase price.

It really does look like a modern Tron. It is bigger, wider and heavier than its colleagues. I really like the look and the color selection leaves hardly anything to be desired.

The comprehensive adjustability of backrests, seat height, cushions and co. offers a suitable setting for almost everyone, so that intervertebral discs and spine assume a pleasantly healthy position.

I could not find any flaws in my chair from the DXRacer review. Everything was cleanly processed and made a robust impression. The manufacturer vouches for its quality with a lifetime warranty on the frame and base and 2 years on the rest of the chair – excluding normal signs of use, of course.

My test verdict on the King series


The King offers a bit less support and racing seat feeling than smaller gamer chairs, but trumps with particularly generous dimensions that give the sitter more freedom and promise consistently high seating comfort for many hours. Personally, I definitely prefer the seating feeling on the K-Series.


I also noticed the quiet castors and the overall more robust construction in the test. There are small plus points for the anti-slip points on the aluminum base as well as for the 5-way adjustable armrests.


In terms of quality, the King only has to admit defeat to the current top dogs from noblechairs.


For me, the King is currently one of the best gaming chairs on the market. It combines the most important aspects that I value in my tests: The quality is great, the adjustability leaves nothing to be desired, it can be optimally adapted to the user, is still very comfortable even after sitting for a long time and looks impressive as well as classy. If you are in the range of 170cm to 195cm, the chair will definitely fit you – even if you weigh a few kilos more. Check out my size guide above and if it looks good to you, go for it. The King Series is impressive all around and well worth the money – I spend hours on it every day!

Alternatives to the King Series


In case you don’t like the DXRacer K Series, you don’t have that many alternatives. Not so many doesn’t mean none either – there are two models from AKRacing as well as the Iron Series from DX and the new Tank Series, which is even more spacious and stable. The premium ProX chair from rival manufacturer AKRacing – shown in the picture above – is hardly any different from the King. I also tested this one in detail: ▷ Master Pro series in test. Backrest and seat differ only by a few centimeters and both carry the 150kg without any problems. So you have a free choice between the K Series, the Iron and the Pro Series.