Secretlab TITAN Review

Secretlab TITAN Test: Better than the HERO? My experience with the TITAN series!

I am happy to present you my new Secretlab TITAN test! I have already told you my experiences with the Secretlab OMEGA and they were already quite good. But this time I go one series higher to present you the new TITAN in the 2020 Series. I’ve been sitting on the new Secretlab chair for a total of 4 weeks now and I’ve noticed a few things about this gaming chair.


Above all, it is similar to the noblechairs HERO in all its functions. You can also find out how the two compare in this review. The reading time is about 5 minutes and is refined by a lot of photos to illustrate the individual functions of the TITAN. Let’s go!

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Painted solid aluminum base, breathable cold foam upholstery, PU cover/genuine leather/fabric possible, large 60mm plastic castors, molded soft plastic armrests

4D armrests, lockable rocker mechanism, tiltable backrest (135°), max. load capacity of 150kg, NEW: Continuously adjustable lumbar support, NEW: Memoryfoam in neck cushion

Features of the Secretlab TITAN - The Highlights


Secretlab TITAN in the test: The details

Even though I already have 25 chairs standing here, it always brings a smile to my face at 3 moments: When the package delivery guy rings the doorbell, when I cut open the box and take out high quality chair components that don’t stink, and: When the chair is in place and I feel like I’m the owner of a new and imaginable model. That’s exactly how it was with the TITAN. And then I sat on it for 4 weeks for the time being….

Dimensions: No tightness, lots of free space

If you’re interested in the Secretlab TITAN, there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about: About free space. The side bolsters are very pleasantly flattened. So if you are either a bit bulkier or like to sit very wide-legged, you don’t have to worry about being limited in legroom by pronounced side bolsters.


The TITAN is the largest model in the Secretlab family and it is absolutely commendable that they have created a model for tall and wide gamers at an affordable price that is not beyond $500. In the shoulder area, the side bolsters also do not protrude and ensure that men with wide crosses can sit comfortably.


Height: For my 189cm, the chair is made for me. My 167cm tall test person also gets along very well with the chair. She gets her feet on the floor and the seat is not too deep. So you can sit well on the TITAN with heights from 165cm to 205cm.

Design: Successful with loving details

Visually, Secretlab has designed a good wallow with the TITAN, which is additionally available in many exciting versions. There is a Dark Knight version, Dota version, as well as deadmau5-version among many other variants. What I additionally like are the details. Many normally standard parts like bezels and other small plastic components are specially molded and some have the “Secretlab” logo on them.


Something like this shows me that there is attention to detail in the chair. You could have used standard, but you opted for something special. This underlines the demand for a unique and lovingly designed gamer chair.

All aluminum base with lacquer finish

The base is made of metal and has been painted black. Even though the base may not be the centerpiece of a chair, it can make a visual impact. And it does.


The design gives the entire chair an additional elegant look.

60mm rollers with solid running properties

These are hybrid rollers that can be used on both carpets and hard floors. For hard floors, a floor protection mat is often recommended for plastic rollers, but they do run pleasantly in any case.


Otherwise, rollers are not a highlight for me, as long as they do not scrape loudly and crabby over the floor. Everything is right here.

TITAN in the field test: Functions & comfort

What I just showed was nice and important accessories that round out the chair. But now it’s down one level to the heart and kidney test to prove the capabilities of the important functions. My experience with the Secretlab TITAN goes into detail, just like before with the OMEGA:

Special: variably adjustable lumbar support

I have a feeling that this very feature will one day become the standard. Lumbar cushions often adapt well to the lower back, but often they don’t: We people are built too differently for that. The curvature of the lumbar spine is more pronounced in one person than in another. That’s where a variably adjustable option comes in handy.


This wheel allows you to adjust the curvature of the lumbar support to your own spine. Some people may know this from their car. For longer sessions, the spine and the surrounding muscles can be relieved in my opinion better than with a rigid cushion.

Neck pillow with memory foam

The HERO has memory foam directly in the head area of the backrest. The TITAN provides memory foam in the neck cushion. In both cases, the memory foam can improve the seating experience.

memory-foam neck pillow

This is a nice innovation of the 2020 series. The advantage is not particularly noticeable, but a nuance more comfort may be there in the long run.

New: 4D armrests "Full Metal

These are the new, much higher-quality metal armrests in the 2020 series. I have to say, it makes quite an impression. Of course, parts of the trim are still made of plastic, but the new metal elements definitely bring an upgrade in feel & look and certainly in durability.


For comparison: Here are the old armrests again. They are basically the standard of many manufacturers and also solid, but look almost cheap compared to the metal version, although they are not.


Of course, the armrests can also be adjusted in 4 directions (4D=4 Directions) as usual.


In addition, the armrests are equipped with soft plastic and provide sufficient and comfortable padding for the elbows.

Lockable rocker function & tilt mechanism up to approx. 125°

A rocker mechanism should not be missing in the Secretlab TITAN test. It also works flawlessly in the long-term test. However, you have to adjust the rocker mechanism to your body weight. You do that by turning the dial underneath the seat directly on the mechanism until it can be tilted lighter or heavier.


The tilt function allows an angle of up to 125° to the seat surface and also invites you to watch movies or YouTubing at your desk. You can influence the behavior of the tilt function by turning the tilt mechanism on or off.

Seat comfort test: Is the Secretlab TITAN comfortable?

I sit comfortably on the Secretlab Titan. Experience has my butt now already collected with many a cushion. At AKRacing, for example, the cushions are softer, at DXRacer too. Secretlab and noblechairs, however, use rather harder cushions. In a direct comparison between noble and Secret, I can’t see much difference in the hardness. So if the HERO is not too hard, you will also be satisfied with the TITAN.


The seating comfort is essentially a result of the interaction of the individual components: Extensively adjustable armrests, the shape of the TITAN, the upholstery, the neck cushion and, importantly for me, the lumbar support.


With this chair, which is comfortable anyway, an even higher comfort level can be achieved with this feature. The only thing that could still offer an upgrade here would be a synchronous mechanism. However, experience has shown that you have to pay a bit more for this.

Secretlab TITAN vs. noblechairs HERO

That’s exactly what I’ve been asked many times: Who performs better, the TITAN or the HERO? Well, the differences between the two chairs are not that big. The noblechairs HERO has memory foam in the headrest, the TITAN has memory foam in the neck cushion. I think both make sense – it’s a tie.


The other features seem to be pretty much the same. There are only some visual differences, which is why I declare the TITAN vs. HERO battle a pure design issue. Decide for the model that appeals more to you visually, because otherwise two equal giants meet here.

Conclusion: Can I recommend buying the Secretlab TITAN?

Absolutely. The seams are all where they belong, nothing was sewn crooked here. The workmanship is on a very high level and Secretlab did not let itself down in terms of design either. In addition to the visual aspects, the range of functions also shines:


A rocker and tilt function is available, we have memory foam in the neck cushion, 4D armrests with soft plastic and a lumbar support that can be precisely adjusted via a wheel.


In addition, the TITAN offers unlimited space and legroom due to very flat designed side bolsters on the seat and backrest. The chair is suitable for people from 165cm-205cm height and from a weight of 65kg for those who do not like harder seats. In my eyes, an all-round successful product! I can only recommend you to buy the Secretlab TITAN. You will not regret it.

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