noblechairs Black Edition

Noblechairs Black Edition in test - An impressive upgrade for the noble family

New from noblechairs: The Black Edition! Of course, I am directly at the start with the new model. I have here today the EPIC in the Black Edition, but HERO & ICON are also available in the new edition.

The absolute highlight is the completely new cover, which is a synthetic leather, but breathes, brings a super quality look and thus offers an alternative for real leather.


But that’s not the only innovation – a few more little things adorn the new Black Edition and make the noblechairs experience even a touch classier. I would now like to introduce all these innovations to you!

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noblechairs Black Edition Test - this is NEW:

Before I show you the individual innovations with pictures and my comment, first in short form the innovations that distinguish the Black Edition from the normal editions of the EPIC, HERO and ICON:

So a lot has changed. The big change is, of course, the revolutionary and German-made cover of the noblechairs Black Edition. Not only does this one feel classy, it also comes to your home with a damn classy looking matte finish.


In combination with the small optical and material upgrades, the Black Edition for EPIC, ICON & HERO is a successful upgrade.


The innovations of the Black Edition in detail

Now I show you how the whole thing looks in comparison! For comparison I have here the EPIC in genuine leather, the PU variant and the new EPIC Black Edition.

The breathable cover

The cover is breathable, water vapor permeable, abrasion resistant, as well as durable and robust. At the same time, it feels pleasantly soft. Ultimately, that sounds like a dreamy faux leather, doesn’t it? It is.


It keeps up with the properties of real leather in every discipline and is completely free of animal components, so it is completely vegan.


Much cheaper than genuine leather

This artificial leather from the development of a German company combines the properties of real leather, but at the same time is much cheaper. While a real leather chair quickly costs an extra 200€, the extra expense amounts to a fraction of that.


Your opportunity to get an absolutely breathable noblechairs without having to pay more than 500€ for it.


Easy care & extremely durable

It always gets better: genuine leather must be cared for, otherwise it becomes brittle and cracked. The faux leather of the noblechairs Black Edition is super easy to care for and does not need to be regularly treated with care products.

Lever, armrest & base upgrades

Less plastic, more metal: This not only means an upgrade for material quality and thus durability, but also for the senses: Metal components look and feel more premium.


Here we see the metal lever for adjusting the backrest.


Here is a comparison picture: The standard model vs. the Black Edition


Here I show you the new armrests with the larger metal part.


Even when you adjust the height of the armrest, you can hear the metal construction inside. An excellent upgrade that will probably extend the durability of the armrests considerably.


Not to mention, the armrest has also changed – all Black Editions now have the same premium armrest as the HERO.


Here’s the base: previously an inconspicuous but good steel base, now aluminum with powder coating.

Belt guides: Comparison to predecessor

Finally, let’s talk about the new seatbelt grommets and the overall look. Those who found the noblechairs classy anyway will find another upgrade here in the noblechairs Black Edition in the test:


Conclusion: Green light for attic dwellers & lovers of high-quality workmanship

Those who sweat a lot, live in attic apartments or are looking for an exceptionally good artificial leather experience will now find what they are looking for.


The anyway high-quality PU leather of the noblechairs series is replaced here by an artificial leather that takes up the properties of real leather and even improves them: breathable, abrasion-resistant, durable and absolutely easy to clean to boot.


With the matte finish of the breathable cover material in combination with the further upgrades with regard to the armrests, the base and the belt feed-throughs, noblechairs has created a new definition for “noble” with the Black Edition that deserves its name:


The new EPIC, just like its colleagues HERO & ICON, now comes to your home with even higher quality features.


A new overall package consisting of look, feel and the insanely comfortable cover material leaves me no choice but to recommend the noblechairs Black Edition to you.


Put an end to your search for fabric covers and get yourself a classy leather-look chair that still won’t make you damp while gaming and breathes.

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