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Secretlab, some also write “Secret Lab”, is a gaming chair brand from Singapore. It was founded in 2014, and the first models were available on the market in the following year. The models of this brand are distinguished by the quality of the products and decent prices at the same time due to the exclusive sale in its own store.


The two founders Ian and Alaric are two passionate Starcraft players, who one day had little pleasure with their seats while gaming and therefore came up with the idea to establish their own brand and sell chairs as they would like them. This has resulted in 3 series so far, the TITAN EVO series, the OMEGA series and the TITAN series. These series range in price between $335-530.

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Basic equipment of all 2020 Series models

In 2019, Secret Lab decided to upgrade all models – while keeping the price the same. The competition in the gaming seat segment is growing year by year, so I consider it a valuable step to go one level higher and constantly improve the quality of our own products.

Of course, that’s not all the chairs can do. The other features like rocking mechanism, tilting mechanism, armrests etc. differ depending on the model. The above list really only describes the common features that all series have.

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Secretlab TITAN Evo - Available in different sizes:

The TITAN Evo 2022 is the new flagship of Secretlab, which offers an extreme wealth of features & innovations, some of which are really nice. Secretlab has worked 2 years on the model and it is definitely an outstanding result come out:

The great thing: The chair can be ordered in different sizes, so that everyone can definitely buy his suitable chair. In addition, Secretlab has developed a new, very soft leather, the backrest can be tilted up to 165 ° – here comes the best of TITAN & OMEGA together.

▷ To the Secretlab TITAN Evo test with pictures, video & more! ◁

Secretlab TITAN - For gamers from 165cm-205cm


The TITAN is the flagship of the Secretlab brand, so the absolute premium model with the most features. Fully equipped with massive space and many possible designs.

Especially with the very flat side panels, this Secretlab chair is particularly suitable for gamers who weigh a bit more and are looking for space. However, “normal” builds will also find room on it. For lightweights under 70kg, one of the lower chairs is better suited.

▷ To the Secretlab TITAN test with pictures, video & more! ◁

Secretlab OMEGA - For gamers from 165cm-185cm


The OMEGA is the middle model from Secret Lab’s trio. Compared to the TITAN not soo much is missing, apart from space and a variable lumbar support. In addition, other rollers are included.

In terms of size, this model is in the midfield. If you are too tall or heavy, you should opt for a higher class. Compared to the THRONE, we have installed a better rocker mechanism.

▷ To the Secretlab OMEGA test with pictures, video & more! ◁

I am absolutely sure that Secretlab will position itself very strongly in Germany in the future. Currently, the main business is probably abroad, but the German market is asking more and more for the solid chairs of this manufacturer. Not for nothing, by the way, the chairs are almost constantly sold out!


My favorites are OMEGA and TITAN. You can easily reach for these chairs if you are looking for a cool chair of decent quality. And note the many design options open to you here: There are constantly changing special editions.

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