NitroConcepts S300 Review

Nitro Concepts S300 Test: New star in the sky for fabric and PU lovers & fear opponent for the Racer 1?

Finally, the German gaming chair company with the catchy name Nitro Concepts brings a new model into the game – the S300. This is the current top model of this brand. The previously released chairs E220 Evo, E200 Race and C80 are in the absolute entry-level range with a price of less than 200$, and the new flagship S300 is still an absolute bargain at around 233$.

What’s also special is that the chair shines with an extremely rare fabric cover, if you will. However, it has also been available with imitation leather since 2019. Does the S300 manage to score with quality? Who is the S300 suitable for? Is it better than its direct competitor, the Racer1? I’ll tell you this and much more in my S300 review today!

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Nitro Concepts


Steel frame, nylon base, high density cold foam upholstery, fabric or PU cover, 50mm PU/nylon casters, PU armrests.

3D armrests, adjustable 14° rocker function, backrest can be tilted up to 135°, max. load capacity of 135kg

The most important facts about the S300 at a glance:

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The Nitro Concepts S300 in practice test

Before we get to the final comparison of the S300 vs. the Racer1, I’ll first take you through my practical test and describe the impressions I’ve gained on the Nitro Concepts S300 over the past few months. This will be followed as usual by size & purchase advice – so stay tuned!


The structure of the S300 in the test

Normally, I skip this almost always the same part, but with a chair from the cheaper price segment, there are not a few black sheep in terms of assembly. I’ll be brief and say that the assembly of the S300 was absolutely comfortable. As with noblechairs & Co. only very few parts have to be assembled, most of it is pre-assembled.


There is another way: with inexpensive chairs, everything usually comes in individual parts. This is not dramatic if you have to do it only 1x, but it is more comfortable pre-assembled. Even the often so awkward fastening of the backrest was quickly done by hand.

50mm big standard rollers

Let’s start at the bottom today: At 50mm, the nylon casters are slightly smaller than those of premium chairs from noblechairs, for example. Does that make a difference?


Not really. They roll thanks to PU coating easily as well as quietly and look high quality. The roller size is completely indifferent to me. Is not a cart on which you need fat rims.

Base & gas lift - loadable up to 135kg!

The base is made of nylon rather than aluminum, as is the case with most lower-priced chairs – however, this specimen carries a whopping 135kg when combined with the Class 4 gas lift, which represents unparalleled stability in this segment.


The base of the S300 also looks better than comparable counterparts: It is more massive, sleekly shaped, and brightened up with colorful accents.

Rocking & tilting function of the Nitro Concepts S300

Of course, the S300 can be tilted (90 to 135 degrees) and also rocked (14 degrees). The mechanics run cleanly and do not have to hide behind even much more expensive models. The only difference to the competition in the higher-priced segment:


The rocking mechanism cannot be locked in every position. This is usually possible with chairs above the €300 mark. In my eyes, however, this is a feature that you can do without at this price.

Generous seat: fabric or PU leather?

Just like the PU cover, the fabric cover is absolutely cleanly finished. Side bolsters and seat are connected with a smooth transition, which ensures the greatest possible legroom and pleasantly soft lateral support. The fabric S300 is already almost 2 years old, my PU model comes from 2019. It looks like the side bolsters have become even flatter in the newer model.


The high-density cold foam feels very pleasant – it is nice and thick and the feel is reminiscent of a gel-like material. You can feel right away that this is a uniquely good quality in this price segment – more on that right away when you try it out.

Show the best price of the S300 at overclockers 🠗
Show the best price for the S300 at Amazon 🠗

Backrest: also enough space

The design of the backrest is not only visually but also ergonomically similar to the seat. There are also pleasantly soft transitions here – nothing presses and even wider gamers have enough room in the lumbar and shoulder areas.


The upholstery trumps with the same quality: It is noticeably thicker than in cheap chairs I have seen so far and feels incomparably higher-quality as well as more pleasant.


3D armrests with soft pad

The Nitro Concepts S300 is equipped with 3D armrests that can be moved forward/backward/up/down and rotated. At a glance, it becomes clear that they are setting new standards in terms of price-performance here as well:


They do not wobble excessively, look classy due to the black-coated metal, among other things, and offer a comfortable grip without getting red elbows due to soft arm pads.

Neck & lumbar pillow with soft fabric cover

The cushions of the S300 are almost on the level of nobelchairs. The big advantage is that the S300 also uses fabric cushions. These still offer a bit of adaptability to the user’s body shape. This is not the case with PU cushions – they are rather rigid.


The cover looks sturdy and feels pleasant on the skin. The cushion inside again reminds me strongly of gel – it is not, but the feeling when squeezing comes close to that of a gel cushion. In a price segment where you are otherwise only served with stiff PU cushions, this is a very welcome feature.

Seat comfort: My seat experiences on the S300

I have the S300 with fabric cover now since 2017, the model with PU cover came now in 2019. In the meantime, I have certainly sat on the S300 for a few months in total, but since I cannot test all chairs at the same time, I often give the chairs to friends or family for long-term experience values.


When I sat down on the S300 for the first time in 2017 without any expectations, I almost couldn’t believe that such an inexpensive chair could be so comfortable – because until now, chairs in this price range were really only rarely usable. I even like both cover variants. I’m used to PU anyway, and I like it very much here, too. But sitting on fabric also has its advantages, for example in breathability and temperature.


The combination of the high-quality feeling and haptically appealing fabric or PU cover with the unobtrusive ergonomic design of the chair offers an excellent sitting experience. Add to that the soft, cuddly cushions, and the seating comfort is suitably rounded off.


Nitro Concepts christens the chair’s construction the H.E.A.T. System – this lurid-sounding abbreviation stands for Health Enhancing Adjustment Technology. Even though I smiled at this a bit during my initial research, it now seems somehow appropriate to give this surprisingly great seating experience a name.


Armrests and adjustment functions run cleanly, as previously mentioned, and allow the chair to be adjusted optimally. One is used to this from expensive models, but in the price segment that the S300 targets, I like to emphasize this again. Such high-quality and flexible armrests are by no means the rule.

Show the best price of the S300 at overclockers 🠗
Show the best price for the S300 at Amazon 🠗

Cross-legged on the S300

Many of us like to sit cross-legged on our chair. That’s why I made a photo where you can see how it feels to sit cross-legged on the S300 with 167cm and with 189cm.

Cross-legged sitting on the s300

It gets tight on me, my legs are on the edge but don’t slide down. The armrests are also far enough back, they don’t get in my way. My test person naturally has a bit more room due to the less voluminous body mass. So I think the cross-legged seat is fine here. However, I’m not the cross-legged type, but I think I can still judge it quite well.

Workmanship of the S300: Rather cheap or solid after all?

A few words about the workmanship. My Corsair T1 Race, for example, costs 280€ and the cover is full of wrinkles and uncleanly sewn. What about the even cheaper S300? I have had very good experiences here, much better than with the more expensive model from Corsair.


The cover is nice and tight. With a decent covering, there are then also virtually no wrinkles on the chair. This makes the S300 look very high-quality.


The seams here all sit exactly where they should. It was sewn wonderfully straight, there is no dropout here. The processing is absolutely convincing.


The embroidered logo also looks more than reasonable. Compare that with MC Racing 1 & 2 – the S300 is absolutely premium.

The duel: Racer1 vs. S300


The DX Racer1 is, as many know, the best-selling gaming chair in Germany – this is due to the combination of the big name DXRacer and the very low price of 200€. Until now, there was hardly any serious competition in the segment, which has changed with the release of the S300.


I have mapped the relevant technical differences in the duel:

Racer1: 1D

S300: 3D

Racer1: up to 100kg

S300: up to 135kg

Racer1: PU

S300: Fabric

… and that was just the tip of the iceberg:



  • The armrests of the S300 not only have 2 more directions, but they look higher quality, are padded and feel much better in practice.
  • The S300 appears noticeably more robust not only visually, but also in use.
  • The padding on the S300 hugs the body better and is thicker at the same time – on the Racer1, your fingers touch when you press your thumb and index finger together on one of the wings.
  • The fabric cover is softer and more velvety on the S300. While the Racer’s cover feels rather plastic-heavy in comparison, the S300 offers a real fabric experience.
  • The dimensions are more generous on the S300, and the shaping – especially around the seat with the side bolsters merging into it – allows even heavier, wider gamers to sit comfortably on the Nitro Conepts Chair.
  • The cushions of the S300 are also in a completely different league than those of the Racer1: Both the soft, cuddly padding and the fabric cover mercilessly outshine the PU cushions of the Racer.

For a little more, you get the Nitro Concepts S300, a gaming chair that is far superior to the Racer1 in my opinion. Anyone who now still reaches for the economy model because of pseudo-brand prestige & one less bill has only themselves to blame.

My conclusion to the Nitro Concepts S300 test


The S300 not only leads Nitro Concepts’ flagship lineup, but it’s my insider tip for all gamers on a tighter budget.


Features that I was previously only used to from much more expensive gaming chairs, such as the high-quality 3D armrests or the very generous, thick padding, make the S300 particularly attractive in combination with the highest-quality fabric cover I have tested so far.


Add to that the cushions, the generous dimensions paired with the high load-bearing capacity, the comfortable, high-quality cold foam upholstery and, last but not least, the harmonious colorful or simply elegant look – the S300 is my number 1 in the lower price segment and the first choice for fabric lovers.


You can buy the S300 either here at overclockers or here at Amazon. You can find more information and current offers in the buying guide at the end of this post.

S300 size advice


Like most chairs, the S300 is designed for the average gamer, but it also comfortably accommodates more corpulent gamers thanks to the unobtrusive side bolsters and somewhat more generous dimensions. The fitting complement to this is the load capacity, which is rated at 135kg.


I would recommend the S300 for gamers who are between 1.65m and 1.90m tall and weigh up to a good 110kg. Depending on the height-weight combination and the resulting stature, some of you will certainly be able to sit comfortably at 120kg – of course, this can never be 100% narrowed down.

Where should I buy the S300?

Order the S300:

I myself buy from Overclockers, because in my opinion they are the best place for Nitro Concepts. Prices, availability, know-how, goodwill – all that is always convincing at Overclockers.

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