Arozzi Milаnо Series

Arozzi Milano Buying & Sizing Guide


This time we will show you the Milano from Arozzi. Especially in the iced tiger segment, this manufacturer was able to establish itself. With the dynamic designs in sports seat look, adjustable features and the affordable price, Arozzi is popular with many gamers. The Milano also falls into this pattern. Technically, it’s almost identical to the Monza and Enzo. PU leather and extensive upholstery determine the picture here as well. Only a plywood frame serves as the Milano’s base – not exactly confidence-inspiring! The adjustment options of this gaming chair are more functional than luxurious, but offer the most necessary for gamers of average stature and a small wallet. Unfortunately, this is not enough to receive an unqualified recommendation from us.




Height adjustable (47cm – 57cm), lockable & adjustable rocker function up to 12°, adjustable lumbar cushion

For a handful of dollars

The price is probably the best argument for the Milano. Although there is nothing serious to complain about in its function, it doesn’t really stand out with anything either. The upholstery of 50kg/m^3 is firmer than that of the Enzo and Monza (30kg/m^3). It is also somewhat narrower with a seat width of 51.5cm. Otherwise, the models differ only in design. The Milano can be rotated 360°. The seat can rock backwards up to 12° and can be locked in an upright position. The thick padding is comfortable, but will make for a sweaty back, especially in the summer months. This can be annoying during long gaming sessions. The upholstery is drawn on a glued wood frame. This also explains the relatively low load capacity of 105kg compared to chairs with an aluminum or steel base and is also reflected in the low weight of 17.2kg. The motto here seems to be: as much as necessary and as little as possible. At least the assembly of the Milano is done in a short time.

Available Designs & Accessories

Arozzi Milano color palette

Like Arozzi’s other models, the Milano’s design is characterized by the racing seat look popular with many. The Milano is available in many color designs. Instead of monochromatic large surfaces, the Milano focuses on coherent highlights. This, combined with the black faux leather base, creates a sporty and dynamic look.


An adjustable lumbar cushion is included with the Milano. A support cushion for the neck or a headrest is not available.

Arozzi Milano size advice

The Milano series is designed for gamers of average stature. If you are between 1.70m and 1.80m tall, you should be able to sit comfortably. With a maximum load capacity of 105kg, the chair will support most but not all gamers. If you like to throw yourself into your chair or otherwise cause load peaks, you will probably enjoy a higher quality chair for longer. You should also be aware that if you have a history of back problems or the like, you may be better off with a chair that has more adjustments.