Vеrtаgеаr SL4000

Vertagear SL4000 test: The S-Line on the test bench!

Vertagear – a new name on the market that already promises a lot: With cool designs, they want to bring a breath of fresh air into the gamer chair range and also pay special attention to the implementation of user feedback. I personally like the latter in particular, because it is something that has definitely been neglected so far.


To get to the bottom of the matter and find out to what extent they live up to these promises, I organized one of the most popular models for a test: The Vertagear SL4000 in black/carbon from the manufacturer’s S-Line. First, I’ll show you the most important features of this gaming chair at a glance:


Unpacking & assembly of the SL4000

Vertagear cardboardAs usual with a high-quality gamer’s chair, the letter carrier once again had a heavy load to carry with this model – steel frame and HDF upholstery say hello. But finally, the rather monstrous package found its way to my apartment.

How did the assembly go? The best way to find out is to watch the video of the Vertagear SL4000 test. In summary, I can say that you only have to put a handful of parts together or screw them together. You can do that in half an hour. In general, I recommend that two people assemble the device, which makes it much easier and faster.

The first impression of the Vertagear SL4000

I particularly like the fact that a solid steel base was chosen. Too much plastic just always looks a bit cheap. On the other hand, the imitation leather cover has a low odor and feels very pleasant. All individual parts appear precisely processed – no protruding threads or plastic residues, even & straight seams – and robust. Sure, the plastic cover caps are perhaps a bit light and “wobbly”, but these are not exposed to wear and tear on the one hand, and on the other hand, the Vertagear SL4000 does not cost $ 1000. Other manufacturers aren’t any better in that regard.


As for the optics, they have definitely managed to create a cool racing look. Shape, color – everything is right and I really like it. In addition, the manufacturer offers, in addition to the black design, which the Veratgear SL4000 from my test represents excellently, a wide range of colors.


With my 1.89m, I definitely find comfortable space in this gaming chair and the adjustment and customization options also appear to be quite promising – but more on that in a moment. Here are a few impressions of the assembled chair:


Vertagear test: Adjustment options of the SL4000

The-black-SL4000-with-imitation-leather-cover-in-the-frontal-viewArmrests: Here, thanks to the 4-dimensional adjustability, there is certainly the right setting for everyone. At the touch of a button, the armrests can be moved forwards, backwards, upwards, downwards, inwards and outwards, and they can also be rotated.The tested black SL4000 with imitation leather cover in the front view.


Backrest: The backrest can be locked and released with the lever on the side. In the latter state, the backrest rocks slightly backwards when leaning back. Another lever allows you to adjust the backrest backwards or forwards, which is possible up to an angle of 170° – so you can take a nap on it if necessary.


Lumbar & Neck Pillow: The upper pillow has a loop that attaches it to the headboard, whereas the lumbar pillow is attached to two guide straps. Both cushions can be adjusted as desired, so that the back and neck are always optimally supported.


Seat height: Last but not least, you can of course adjust the height of the seat continuously with the built-in gas lift.

For which body size is the SL4000 suitable?

As already mentioned, I still find room comfortably with my 1.89m, but would say that 1.90m is the upper limit. On the other hand, I estimate the minimum height at 1.60m – I was able to verify this with a 1.65m tall test person. The range of 30cm thus easily covers the range of average sizes and for all taller among you there is also a suitable solution: the SL5000 from Vertagear.


When it comes to the width of the sitter, I would say – even if the 150kg load capacity promises more – that anything from skinny to slightly above average will have joy with the SL4000. It’s hard to express that in numbers, but I think if you’re actually leaning more toward the 150kg, then you’d also be better off with a King (▷ DXRacer K-Series review) or the AKRacing  Pro (▷ AKRacing Pro Series).


The sport seat feel is unparalleled on the Vertagear SL4000 so far. The seat bolsters on the backrest as well as on the sides of the ergonomically shaped seat offer optimal support, just like in the expensive bucket seat of a sports car.


But keep in mind: One man’s joy is another man’s sorrow in this case. Why? If your stature is rather broad, then the support properties can quickly lead to uncomfortable pressure on the thighs and shoulders – does this apply to you? Then check out my recommendations in the previous paragraph.


My impressions in the Vertagear test at a glance:

Warranty on the Vertagear SL4000: The manufacturer gives, as is now common, a lifetime warranty on the steel frame – which no one gets broken – and 2 years on the remaining parts. Normal signs of wear are of course not covered.


Conclusion of the Vertagear SL4000 test

My experience with the Vertagear SL4000 was really positive throughout. From the first impression, to the construction to the test sitting – everything top. Furthermore, I must say that the chair is priced at the level of the F-series of DXRacer, but this has a lot ahead: Thanks to the steel frame, the chair is 30kg more loadable and also the armrests are adjustable in 4 directions. DX can only do this with the more expensive Iron and King series.


Do you like the chair? Then get it. But make sure that if you are particularly tall or heavy, you should rather reach for the SL5000 – otherwise clear buy recommendation from me!


The long-term test: After 6 weeks I finally got around to it and uploaded a short conclusion to the long-term test of the Vertagear SL-4000. You can find the article here: Result of the long-term test. How does it look for you? Have you had any experiences with Vertagear chairs? Post in the comments!