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Vertagear chair - TOP brand


It hasn’t been that long since the Vertagear chair took its first steps on the gaming chair market – and yet it has already gained a lot of popularity. Yes, Vertagear is really busy, and they promptly sent me a review sample. I was really interested to see if the advertising promises – especially the inclusion of buyer feedback and the implementation of new, unique design features – are actually kept and what is hidden behind them in reality. More detailed info here: Vertagear SL4000 review.


So how does the Vertagear chair compare? Really well. Very well, in fact. Even if the range hasn’t quite reached the level of other top brands, the design, quality and ergonomics still convince me across the board.


So to whom do I recommend the Vertagear chair? Actually, unreservedly to anyone who likes the look and for whom there is a suitable chair for the personal stature in the range. You really get a lot for your money here – often even more than with the competition. For example, the SL4000 model, which is priced at about the same level as DXRacer’s F-Series, comes with 4-way adjustable armrests and a steel frame that can support up to 150kg. These features are a pleasure to take!


The most popular Vertagear chairs

The S-Line of the Vertagear Racing series has three models: The SL-5000, SL-4000 and the SL-2000 chair. Meanwhile, there is still the Plus-Line, which so far trumps with one model, the PL-6000. Although this is a comparatively small offer, it still manages to serve just about every body type. You can find out which model is best suited for which sizes below.


The SL-4000 from Vertagear is the model of gaming chair that fits most gamers. In terms of size & weight, the slim and average built gamers will find room on this. But I don’t want to give too much away.

Test, video & size advice for the Vertagear chair can be found here:
Vertagear SL4000 Test


My recommendation: SL4000 from Vertagear!

The SL2000, SL4000 and SL5000 models are relatively similar. I took on the SL4000 to give you an impression of the fairly new manufacturer – and of course I was also a bit curious about what Vertagear has to offer.


I’ll say this much in advance: I like the chair exceptionally well. With the carbon look, the chair looks very sporty and also a bit evil. You could also speak of elegance here. So the look is already commendable and also in terms of workmanship and comfort I did not miss much in this model, apart from a little more free space perhaps. In any case, a very successful product from Vertagear!







Which Vertagear chair would I choose?

Visually, I really like all the Vertagear gaming chairs – which color you ultimately choose is up to you, of course. I’ll stick with black. All models are equipped with a synthetic leather cover and this is – and I say this as a fabric cover lover – really super. These covers are always easy to clean, but the PU leather used in the S- and P-Line has a very neutral smell and feels high-quality. That’s settled, so let’s move on to the most important criterion:

Vertagear chair-from-front

Which Vertagear gaming chair fits your size?

Let’s start with the midfield: The SL-4000 I reviewed in the Vertagear test, as well as the SL-2000, cover the average height range – I’d say 160-190cm – well. The SL-5000 has quite similar dimensions and is thus also suitable, although the SL-5000 has less intrusive side parts in the leg area. So the majority of you is already well advised. Are you rather strongly built? Then definitely go for the new Vertagear P-Line. The PL-6000 has the widest backrest and the seat is also more generously proportioned, and the maximum load here is a respectable 200kg.


The limits are, as always, quite difficult to set, as everyone is built differently. To make things easier for you, I have created the following table. Note that these are only guidelines based on my experience so far.

Body size:

up to 190cm



rather narrow to average

Body size:

up to 190cm



average to wide; also suitable for narrower, with more freedom and less lateral support.

New style, new technology: First teaser for the Trigger Line

I remember that when introducing the Vertagear brand, I liked to use the phrase “breath of fresh air in the gaming chair market” – and I will continue to do so, because they remain true to this motto! As it looks in the new teaser video for the Trigger Line from the Vertagear Gaming Series, they are planning a small revolution in terms of design as well as technology and that already in the near future. But see for yourself:

My reviews of Vertagear chairs:

In my review of the SL-4000 Vertagear chair in black/carbon you will find detailed information about this model as well as interesting facts about the brand in general. You will also find detailed photo and video material and good offers.


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