Backforce V Test


Backforce V review - The revolution made in Germany for under $500?

The year 2022 really does have some exciting things in store for us, such as the brand new Backforce V! After Interstuhl’s Backforce One hit the gaming chair market like a bomb a few years ago and they followed up with the Backforce One Plus, the Backforce V is supposed to usher in a new era.


How is that supposed to work? Well: The Backforce V comes as usual with its 10-year warranty, a synchro mechanism, Made in Germany, permanently installed lumbar support and the usual shoulder patches. The point: it costs just $465. I can hardly believe it myself so far and was more than excited to get my hands on the good stuff.


With the specs, the model name “V” could not only be based on the “V-shaped” backrest, but also symbolize “Victory”, i.e. the possible victory over the gaming chair market. Because if the Bacforce V delivers like its siblings, the air will be thin for some brands. Now let’s get started with my Backforce V review!



Plastic base, cold foam upholstery, plastic casters, plastic armrests, recycled fabric covers,

Synchronous mechanism, 1D armrests, fixed lumbar support, max. load 130kg

Table of contents

Seating comfort: This is how comfortable the Backforce V is in the test

I find the Backforce V very comfortable. The cushion firmness is quite comparable to the Backforce One and Backforce One Plus. I have the feeling that the upholstery is even a bit firmer, but that could also be because I have already sat in my other Backforce gaming chairs. Upholstery usually gets a bit softer over time.


There is also nothing annoying here for me, of course Interstuhl has not integrated any oppressive side bolsters on the Backforce V, over 50 years of experience in building office chairs would make such a thing impossible for a traditional company like this.


Cross-legged test: Still goes all right

With my 189cm and 85kg body weight, I can still sit cross-legged on the Backforce V. I can only sit straight up if I raise the armrests. However, I can only sit straight up and when I raise the armrests. It would be practical at this point to fold the armrest away – but that’s no longer possible on the Backforce V. Understandable, with a hammer price of $465 you have to save somewhere.

cutting seat test-4

But you shouldn’t be much taller than me for the Backforce V anyway, so that fits. Especially since you already get the complete 5D armrests with upholstery for $64.

Cross-legged test passed.


Side bolsters measured in the shoulder area

The side bolsters in the shoulder area are problematic in many gaming chairs. They are modeled after those of sports cars, which only fulfill their purpose there, namely holding the driver firmly in the seat. They serve absolutely no purpose on chairs and can even be a nuisance.

side cheeks protractor measurement

Backforce has always dispensed with such side bolsters. Accordingly, I get an excellent value in my measurement here as well: The angle between the backrest and the bulge of the shoulder area is about 166°.


That is a very good value! 180° would be completely straight, so with 166° we are already very close. No gaming chair has ever achieved more than 168°. It could hardly be flatter!

Does the V-shape bother you? Is something missing in the lower back?

The question was already asked at the Backforce V launch event: Since the backrest tapers downwards, wider people were afraid that they wouldn’t be adequately supported. However, all of them were immediately convinced of the opposite, because the backrest is very comfortable:


This definitely does not interfere. The important thing is that the middle strand, so to speak, the spine and a little more berliegefläche. A little excess hip fat we do not necessarily have to lean with, so do not worry: You really do not notice anything of this.

Size advice: With these body proportions you fit the Backforce V!

Backforce itself recommends the chair just like its other models for heights of 151cm-192cm with a maximum load capacity of 130kg. With the 151cm I am unsure, I think at the size it could be difficult.

seat depth-backforce-v-189cm

You probably either won’t get your feet on the floor or the seat will be too long if you’re under 165cm tall. However, the seat depth is still perfectly fine at 167cm, for example:


For the missing seat height at under 160-165cm but there’s extra cushions to buy on Amazon, because so far I know no gaming chair that still works under 160cm. With the cushions 160cm are also possible.


The maximum height of 192cm I find quite suitable. I am 189cm tall and much taller than me should rather not be. The seat would otherwise be too short and also the height of the backrest soon becomes a limiting factor. The headrest is a little too low for me, for example, as a headrest, but you can understand this as a head and neck support.


For me, it lies very well in the neck, so I can still lean nicely.

Conclusion: The Backforce V is ideally suited for heights of 165cm-192cm. Depending on the torso-to-leg length ratio, a little more or less is possible. If you’re shorter than 165cm, you can still use the Backforce V, but you’ll need a foot cushion.

Features of the Backforce V

Let’s now take a look at the features that I checked in detail in my Backforce V test. I didn’t have much to do – because the Backforce V doesn’t have too many features at a fabulous price of $465 and a 10-year warranty despite German manufacturing – but the essential ones for an already high minimum of ergonomics are included:

Synchronous mechanism: Ergonomic mechanism with automatic weight adjustment

The right mechanism makes a lot of difference, so it’s not surprising that Interstuhl again uses such a mechanism for the Backforce V. Compared to the rocker mechanism, the angle between the upper and lower body opens up when leaning backwards.


The result is movement in the back. This noticeably relieves the back and above all the intervertebral discs, which suffer most from sitting for too long. Compared to other synchronous mechanisms, however, we can only lock this in 2 positions, namely the starting position and the maximum position:


The special feature: both rocking and synchronous mechanisms normally have a lever or adjusting wheel with which we set the resistance of the backrest to our body weight. The synchronous mechanism of the Backforce V does not have such a lever; it is a synchronous automatic.


The mechanism determines the weight on the seat surface and adjusts the contact pressure based on this itself. Such mechanisms are a bit cheaper, which is why they were chosen at a fighting price of $465.


Even though I would prefer the standard mechanics, this is simply nothing that you could really criticize in this price segment – especially since we still have a synchronous mechanism in front of us. Especially since the mechanism does the job very well for my girlfriend and me – the contact pressure fits 100%.

Lumbar support completes the relief package for the back

A lumbar support should also not be missing for the Backforce V. However, one thing is clear at $465: It is not adjustable. That would be nice to have, but it’s not absolutely necessary – I’ve always found the fixed supports of the Backforce One or Recaro Rae, for example, very suitable. And the support is always better than most lumbar cushions.


With the lumbar support, the Backforce V is supposed to fill our hollow back and thus counteract one-sided overload in this area. This works very well for me, my lordosis is optimally filled. An adjustable lumbar support is then particularly what for those who want to buy absolutely premium at any price, or have a particularly pronounced hollow back. Nice to have, not a must have.

(Foldable) armrests with soft plastic

The armrests of the Backforce V are only height-adjustable. They are also foldable on some models, as they were on its predecessors. This applies to the Eintracht Spandau, PCGH and blue/red versions. However, these cost $30 more – my opinion on whether it’s worth it, in a moment.


The armrests are not further adjustable – this is also the price, we cannot expect more for $465.


In any case, you can be satisfied with the height-adjustable armrests of the V – we should not forget what the Backforce V costs. If you can save $64, you can also buy the optional 5D armrest and upgrade the Backforce V with it.

My opinion: Special editions are not worth it for armrests - my alternative

The special editions cost $30 more, but you get the LED brooch at PCGH & Eintracht Spandau (not red blue!) and the 2D armrests, which are height adjustable & foldable back. If you celebrate the designs of the 3 special editions, of course you can buy those. However, I wouldn’t do it for the extra features.


I would spend $64 more if anything instead of the $30 and buy the 5D armrests with upholstery for that:


Sure, that’s another $30 more – but for that you can adjust the armrest in 4 directions and you also have it covered with the soft Alcantara imitation. Very well invested money, and: You do not have to order the armrests directly. You can still buy them months later.


So the special editions wouldn’t make much sense to me, unless you just find the design particularly nice. But I wouldn’t want to buy a 1D for $30 more.

Backforce V plastic base & casters

We cannot expect a noble base in aluminum rim design here. Instead, the simpler version is used here, a plastic base. This does not make any difference in terms of functionality, only optically.


Plastic bases are also extremely sturdy and can easily withstand the approved loads, so there’s definitely nothing to worry about – there are already enough gaming chairs with plastic bases anyway.


The rollers are 65mm large, these are very smooth running and also run quietly. By the way, the casters are braked depending on the load, so if you’re not sitting on your Backforce V, it won’t roll well. Office chair manufacturers do this specifically so that the chair doesn’t roll away behind you when you’re standing. As soon as you sit down, the casters roll.


These are the same casters that are used on Backforce One & One Plus.

Breathable fabric covers made from recycled material

The seat covers of the Backforce V models are all made of 100% fabric; no artificial leather is used. The fabrics are made of 100% recycled PET, for example from recycled plastic bottles. Here, too, attention is paid to sustainability, which is not at the expense of fabric quality.


This one is good, after all. The cover is not as rough as that of the Backforce One (Plus) in All Black, but not as soft as an Alcantara imitation, either. It feels high-quality and will also protect us from sweating more than necessary in higher temperatures in summer. Everything fits here!

Personalizability: This is how the V becomes your V!

A feature that simply belongs to Backforce and therefore must not be missing on the V: The shoulder patches! I still find the idea really nice and am glad that there is the possibility of the Backforce V again. Patches are attached in the shoulder area, which are attached by Velcro.


For $12 a piece you can choose your own text here, for example your name or that of your team. The patch is then embroidered just for you and thus the Backforce V becomes your personal unique. For me absolutely super, the patches look very cool, are always replaceable and above all cheap.

Quality & workmanship on the Backforce V

The build quality of the Backforce V is on the same high level as its more expensive siblings, the One & One Plus. After all, both are handmade for you in the same factory by the same staff. The seams all sit here, there are no irregularities whatsoever. So super high level!


What’s clear: The use of materials is kept a bit more favorable here, you’ll find more information about that in the next section, basically it’s just the base and less elaborate design elements. What I find crass: Despite the small price of $465, the interior of the Backforce V is again equipped with molded wood. It doesn’t get any higher quality than that.


Overall, I also find that the V makes a high-quality impression despite the affordable price. It is very sturdy and simply looks high-quality. I would have suspected without knowing that it costs more.

Sustainable production & 100% recyclable

The Backforce V is produced as sustainably as possible. What Interstuhl does to conserve resources simply cannot be summarized here in a nutshell. For more information, take a look at my video on the production of the Backforce chairs. The fact that they are produced in Germany alone saves a lot of emissions, because nothing has to be shipped halfway around the world, the chairs are already in Germany.


In addition, the V is again 100% recyclable, here absolutely nothing must be on the hazardous waste, everything can be recycled and production runs are re-supplied. To guarantee this, one has come up with something for the honeycomb pattern in the shoulder area, for example.

Honeycomb pattern-electro-welding

If you had glued the honeycomb pattern, you wouldn’t have had recyclable plastics on the gaming chair. Instead, they used the Electro Welding process. Here’s a video where you can see Electro Welding in action. The covers are made of 100% recycled PET material.


You can find out more about sustainability at Interstuhl here, and at the bottom of the page you can also download a sustainability report.

Service: 10 years warranty and low return shipping cost

Actually, it’s really crazy that I can write this here, but the Backforce V comes with a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty. So with an investment of 399€ you have the absolute security that you can use the V for at least 10 years. I think this is pretty sensational, a Made in Germany chair with 10 years warranty for $465 is something special.


If something should be with your V, in most cases even a technician comes to your home, who analyzes the error directly on site and then fixes it. This is customer service.


How can the Backfoce V be so cheap?

Various points are responsible for the small price. On the one hand, less material is used here, so the backrest is narrow at the bottom without restricting the seating comfort. On the other hand, savings have of course been made here and there, such as with the base, which is now made of plastic instead of aluminum. The LED brooch has also been replaced by a plastic panel (but can be added if desired):


Conclusion to my Backforce V pre-assessment

As is the case with a company that has been building chairs for over 5 decades, the Backforce V is right on comfort, sitting very well without causing any uncomfortable tightness or foreign body sensations anywhere. With that being said, the Backforce brand has sparked a true revolution here that will definitely turn the gaming chair market upside down. Why?


We have a very well-designed gaming chair here, which already has the basic requirements for ergonomic sitting with a synchro mechanism, fixed lumbar support and height-adjustable armrests. The Backforce V is handmade in Germany and comes with a 10-year warranty.


You can get all that for $465 including shipping. This can only change the market. There is absolutely no gaming chair, not even from the Far East, that can keep up with this price-performance ratio. I am thrilled. Of course, some savings were made here and there, which is why an aluminum base, for example, is no longer included – but who really wants to complain about that at under $500?

Tip: Take the models for $465

I would rather buy the Backforce V models for $465. There are also 3 models for a little bit more, for $40 more there’s partly the LED brooch, but partly only the fold-away function for the armrest. I would spend if then rather $64 more and buy the complete 5D armrests including upholstery with Alcantara imitation in the accessories store. The $30-40 more just for the fold away feature is not really worth it in my opinion.


Unless of course you like the design of one of the special models, in which case it might be worth buying. However, it is not really worth it for functional reasons.


Backforce One Plus Test – Interstuhl’s declaration of war on the competition


Backforce One Plus Test - Interstuhl's declaration of war on the competition

After the Backforce One saw the light of day in 2019 and was very well received in the world of gaming chairs, Interstuhl is giving us a new model, the Backforce One Plus, at the end of 2020. And as the addition “Plus” suggests, there’s an upgrade here compared to the already successful One.


After a few months of critical observation of the market, the manufacturer seems to have realized pretty quickly what is still missing to make perfection out of the first model. And that with features and a price that are currently unrivaled – a real challenge. What the “Plus” in the new Backforce means for you, you will find out in the next few minutes!


Backforce One Plus

Brushed aluminum base, breathable dual-core upholstery, breathable cover mix of faux Alcantara and PU, plastic casters, plastic armrests with faux Alcantara upholstery & cover.

fold-away 5D armrests with upholstery, lockable & adjustable synchronous mechanism (improved rocking mechanism), seat depth and seat tilt adjustment, vertically and horizontally adjustable lumbar support, max. load capacity of 130kg, foams CFC-free, dynamic sitting, armrests with cover in imitation alcantara


Upgrades of the Backforce One Plus in the test

I already wrote in the Backforce One review


“The Backforce One brings some innovations that I have not seen before from any gaming chair.”

In addition to some familiar and useful upgrades to the One Plus in the seating furniture sector, there are also at least 2 upgrades this time that I have not seen before in any gaming chair! What features are hidden behind them and what else is new:

In my opinion, it’s not a bad achievement to equip an already successful gamer chair with so many additional functions and not to go completely overboard with the purchase price. As the manufacturer of the Backforce One Plus, Interstuhl shows how flexible and close they are to their customers. This is because the upgrades partly address the most frequently cited points of criticism of the predecessor.


So instead of throwing chairs onto the market without any rhyme or reason, as some other manufacturers do, the concept of the One Plus is quite well thought out and coherent. By the way, if you’re interested in the basic features of a Backforce One, check out my Backforce One review. In this One Plus review, I’ll mainly focus on the new features, so you don’t have to read everything twice. And if you don’t know it yet: Check out my visit to Interstuhl while you’re at it: Manufacturing the Backforce One.

In detail: This is what the new functions of the Backforce One Plus do

Enough about the history and the features in short format. Now let’s take a closer look at what the individual innovations of the Backforce One Plus mean for the chair and your sitting experience on it.

Vertical & horizontal adjustable lumbar support

There are usually 2 types of lumbar support for gamer chairs. In one, cushions are used as a rather inexpensive and not always purposeful lumbar support. With the other, the lumbar support is quite variable adjustable with a rotary wheel.


As a rule, the lumbar support is installed at a fixed point, and the wheel can only be used to adjust the protrusion vertically, i.e. in or out, as it were. However, it would be ideal if the position could also be adjusted in height, as in many cars. The developers of the One Plus also thought of that.


The lumbar support can now be adjusted to the maximum here as described. This is what this wheel is for. When you pull it out, you can adjust the lumbar support vertically by turning the adjusting wheel. This means that you can adjust the curvature of the lower back up or down.


If you push the wheel in, you can adjust the lumbar support horizontally. This means that you increase or decrease the curvature. If you have a more pronounced lordosis or a hollow back, you turn it further out to optimally fill your lordosis and relieve surrounding structures.

Seat tilt adjustment for intervertebral disc relief

The seat tilt adjustment allows you to further open the angle between the upper and lower body by raising the seat in the back or lowering it in the front. Many a person with spinal disc problems recognizes the blessing in this feature and now throws their wedge cushion out on the street after ordering the One Plus.


Because you wouldn’t need that here anymore. By opening the angle between the upper and lower body, the intervertebral disc is relieved and the pelvis is tilted forward. You know the principle behind this from the synchronous mechanism, which also lets you open the angle and allows additional movement.


What I can say about this with my herniated disc: I have had a slight herniated disc since 2020, which I am currently trying to train away. For advice, I went to one of the best physios and injury specialists in the country, Chris Eikelmeier of Strengthfirst. He also advised me, for example, to put the backrest as far back as possible in the car to open up the angle between the upper and lower body. Since then, I’ve almost been lying down in the car, and it feels good!


But again, not every function needs to be used. Test the seat tilt adjustment for a while, give it a chance. I suspect that you will like the function, your spinal disc either way. But if you don’t like the option at all, don’t use it. If a setting doesn’t feel good in the long run, it usually isn’t good.

Seat depth adjustment for larger target group

The seat depth adjustment is a super rare feature for gaming chairs. I’m almost unaware of any manufacturer in the gaming segment that incorporates such mechanics for this feature as well. You can push the seat back and forth with this lever:


This allows you to get closer to the 2-4 finger scale, which says that optimally there is 2 to 4 finger widths of space between the back of the knee and the seat. In my Backforce One Plus test I was able to adjust the seat a little better to my height of 189cm, I have about 1-2cm more seat space.


Smaller gamers can especially benefit. Previously, the seat was about 43.5cm deep, but the Backforce One Plus now allows a narrow 38cm in its shortest setting, which will suit people with shorter legs.


Especially if the chair is used by several gamers of different sizes at home, such a function is useful so that you can adjust your seat to suit you individually, just like in the car.

Elevation at the rear end of the seat optimized away

One or two have complained about the rise or “bulge” (ugly word!) at the rear end of the seat. This has bothered some gamers when they have parked their butts maximum close to the end of the seat. Personally, I never noticed this and only became aware of it with the first reports.


Here, too, Interstuhl has responded to customer feedback and has optimized away the increase. With the new seat depth adjustment, it would probably have bothered me too, but now it’s gone.

Folding 5D armrest with padding & cover

Previously, the armrests were foldable and height-adjustable. In my Backforce One Plus test, I note: That’s history. The armrests are still foldable, but at the same time adjustable in 4 additional directions. So it’s 4D + 1D (foldability) = 5D.


Together with the new removable armrests, the armrests are thus equipped to the maximum. The armrests are padded and covered with the Alcantara imitation that you know from the seat and backrest. This makes the armrests much softer than the normal soft plastic pads.


The armrest upholstery is removable and not fixed. Nevertheless, they sit nice and tight on the armrest. These padded armrests as well as the 5D armrests can be purchased cheaply in the accessories store. ▷ Click here to get to the product.

Rollers upgrade from 50mm to 65mm

The rollers became larger, grew by 15mm compared to the previous rollers. Generally, the larger the rollers, the easier it is to roll. Since the previous rollers were already smooth enough for me, but that should not interest me further.


What I find more interesting here is the visuals: One of my criticisms from the Backforce One test:


The casters are pretty standard and therefore don’t really fit to such an exclusive chair like the Backforce One.


The wheels are now just bigger and slightly different visually, but I think they fit the chair better now. Size wheels always look cooler.

New comfort in the test? This is what has changed in the comfort of the Backforce One Plus

Now, quite a few upgrades have been added and almost all of them also affect the seating comfort. So has the comfort effectively improved, is the Backforce One Plus more comfortable? I was very curious to test the new model, and I have now sat on it for many, many weeks.


When you place both chairs next to each other and sit down from one to the other, you don’t feel any difference at first, at least at first. The upholstery hardness is the same, as is the design. The first impression is the same. However, the first impression is of little value, after all, we want to sit reasonably on the One Plus for hours.


These features have a massive impact on the continuous comfort. I have much more flexibility in the adjustability of the armrests, my forearms and elbows no longer rub around on plastic (but that was never a problem now) and I can adjust the seat to my height better. The seat tilt adjustment really pleases my spinal discs and the lumbar support does the rest to noticeably relieve my back during longer sessions.


So has there been a change in comfort? Yes, and massively so. I find every single one of the upgrades absolutely successful and sensible. In any case, I sit better than on the standard model, where I was already very happy with the seating comfort. Only the now disappeared elevation on the seat surface makes no difference for me personally, but for some others.

Body sizes: Does the One Plus fit you? My experience:

One of the most important issues, does the new Backforce One Plus fit your body proportions? The Plus also has a maximum load capacity of up to 130 kg. As before, there are no relevant side bolsters in the seat area that could restrict legroom.


The now variable seat depth has a small advantage for taller gamers, since 1-2cm more are now possible here, but it offers the biggest advantage for shorter people. Here, a good 6cm of shortening is now possible, which can possibly increase the barely existing distance between the back of the knee and the seat.


Otherwise, nothing has changed on the chair that would affect height suitability. Therefore, I am adjusting my size recommendation from the previous test a bit. Keep in mind, it’s a guideline and an estimate on my part. Depending on your torso length, a few inches more or less may be possible here:


According to my estimation, anyone who is between 152cm and 195cm tall will find room on the Backforce One Plus. At 152cm, you probably won’t be able to get your feet on the floor, but that can’t be avoided with any gaming chair. If you are between 152cm-195cm tall, there is nothing that speaks against buying the Backforce One Plus.

Conclusion: Buy Backforce One Plus? My test summary

I searched and found nothing when I wanted to find something to criticize. I’m sometimes accused of praising all chairs, even though almost every review contains criticism and especially chairs like the Corsair T1, MC Racing or Diablo X Fighter came off really badly – but you don’t see that on the website, because I naturally prefer to use the precious visible space for good chairs than for bad ones. And the Backforce One Plus is one of those good chairs.

You have now read the test, and the individual features together with the design form a perfect overall package. However, one important question remains…

Is the Backforce One Plus expensive?

A purchase price may seem daunting at first glance, but at second glance you quickly realize that the chair is more than good value for what it offers. The One Plus is still handmade in Germany. If you’re interested in what that looks like, here’s the report on my visit to the ▷ manufacturing facility.


In addition, the chair is produced in a resource-friendly and environmentally friendly way, is 100% recyclable and has a unique set of features. I had a look around the net trying to find a chair that looks cool, has seat tilt and seat depth adjustment, synchro mechanism, 5D armrests & lumbar support and is made in Germany. I have found chairs with the features, but none for anywhere near under $700. I think the price is absolutely fair for what you get here – an excellent product with a 10 year manufacturer warranty.

Production of the Backforce One


This is how the Backforce One is made - Marco visits Interstuhl's production!

A report like this is available for the first time today. It is the first time that I was allowed to see the production of a gaming chair myself and also film it. So I am proud to present you some exclusive impressions of the production of the Backforce One.


As you could already read in my ▷ Backforce One review, the gaming chair is produced by Interstuhl in Germany – Meßstetten Tieringen.


Interstuhl itself has around 650 employees and is still an owner-managed family business. The company has been around for more than 50 years, which means that more than 50 years of experience have gone into the design and implementation of the Backforce One. Insights into the production of this chair Made in Germany you get now via video & in this report. Have fun!

Table of Contents

Of course, I can’t show you every single production step up to the finished product. But there are some very interesting insights in any case.

The sewing - backrest quilting pattern

We’ll start with the shoulder area of the backrest. More specifically, we’ll look at how the backrest gets its very handsome design.


This is the workplace of a seamstress at Interstuhl.


Here we see cut patterns for the individual cover components of the BF One.


To create this beautiful quilting pattern, work as follows:


But first of all, a template is applied and a pattern is drawn. On each of these drawn lines is sewn the same to create the pattern.


Under the imitation leather is a foam. It is there so that the quilting pattern is nicely visible at the end. The fact that there is foam under the sewn-on leather creates the padded curves.

Foam plant - How seat foam & back foam are produced

In this section we look at how the upholstery foams for the seat & backrest are produced.

foam plant-from-above

This is a foam system from above. The base compound for the upholstery foam is poured into the molds, which resemble a waffle iron purely in terms of function.

robot arm foam plant

A robot arm independently fills the molds with the base material for upholstery foams.


It takes 8 minutes and needs 60°C until the upholstery foam is ready.


Sustainability: Normally, these molds are wetted with silicone so that the finished foam can be easily released. At some point, however, the company asked itself whether wax could also be used to make production a bit more sustainable. It was recognized that wax works without any problems, so the molds are wetted with wax here.


There are air holes in the foam of the seat. These ensure that the air escapes when you lean against it. This helps make the upholstery as breathable as possible.

intermediate storage-foam-production

The foams are stored here for a short time until they are directly processed further.

Production of the back foam

Now let’s look at how the upholstery foam for the backrest is produced.


This is the tool, i.e. the mold for the production of the back cushion, into which the liquid base mass is immediately poured.


Before that, however, Velcro must first be inserted at the points provided for this purpose. The cover will be fixed to the Velcro tape later, as we will see. The Velcro will bond with the foam when it is foamed.


Now the liquid mass is filled into the mold and distributed. The process is comparable to a waffle iron. Little base material comes in, which then rises, so to speak, through the mold heated by means of hot water within 8 minutes.


8 minutes later we can see the product:


The excess around the edge is still cut off, of course, to get a completely clean shape.


You can also see very nicely how the padding & Velcro have bonded together.

Processing of the backrest in upholstery

Now let’s take a look at how Richard refers to the backrest. Richard did his training at Interstuhl and has been employed there ever since.


The foam part has already been provided with the back wood.


Here he fixes the cover to the hook tape. Actually, you usually say Velcro tape, but for Velcro you need two tapes: One time the loop tape and then the hook tape, which fixes the loop tape.


The blue tapes are hook tapes. The seam is fixed. Without the hook tape, the material would expand and slip in the long run. The cover would hang over the backrest like a sack.


During the process, we constantly check whether everything is sitting as it should. Everything has to sit evenly, there is no wild tacking around. The process is much more difficult than it looks.


By the way, this protection on the fingers is so that the materials do not cut into the fingers. A glove would be too obstructive, the sensitivity would be lost. That is why there is such a fingertip protection.


Now on the back of the backrest is still a thin foam, on which, in turn, is attached, in this case, a blue mat.


Depending on the chosen chair color, of course, the color of this component also differs – in the case of an orange chair, it is correspondingly orange. The plastic trim to be mounted later has cutouts, so you can see this color in the final product.


In my eyes, this is an important and interesting step. This process in particular makes the Backforce One an eye-catcher from behind as well. When we sit on the chair, we don’t notice much of the design.


However, as soon as we are no longer at the computer and push the chair to the table, it makes a really good picture from behind. Where most gaming chairs are plain black from behind, the Backforce One looks good exactly where you see it most often.


The plastic covering of the backrest is only stopped here to see if everything is correct. This is only a sample, the actual assembly takes place in another area.


Finally, the material is steamed again. Steaming causes the material to contract additionally. Now the backrest is ready for the next step!

Welding - an indestructible back bracket

Next, we stopped by the welding shop. There were no welding processes to look at, but we did take a look at the Backforce One’s backrest bracket, which connects the backrest and seat mechanism at the backrest.


This part is only stamped in the welding shop. The shaping is exactly as intended, it provides a much higher stability, which in combination with the steel thickness and the design is made for eternity.


You can bend and break the part as you like, it does not move a millimeter.

Final assembly - the last steps

We have now arrived at final assembly, where the final steps in the production of the Backforce are being taken.

final assembly-backrest

Here we see the backrest, on which the plastic trim is about to be applied.


In this step, the mechanics are assembled to the chair. This process is called marriage – just as car builders do when the transmission & body are joined. So with car builders, as with chair builders, the joining of the heart of the product is called “marriage”.


At the end, the employee checks the chair again for its functions, i.e. checks whether everything is working properly.


I also find the packaging here nice by the way. This can be used for the assembly of the chair. You put the backrest according to the silhouette and can thus easily assemble the seat mechanism without having to balance the screw holes.


This can be really annoying sometimes. The idea for this came from one of the very dedicated employees, the idea was successfully implemented and is now a pleasant assembly aid for every Backforce One buyer.

Shipping and quality control

I personally found this department very interesting as well. The Backforce One is not processed here, but only some of the many other chairs from Interstuhl – but still a very exciting thing.


Here, too, an employee checks the function of each chair.


The chair is then placed in a cardboard shipping ship and onto a conveyor belt. And this is where it gets interesting: The chair now has to go to the shipping department, which is located in the next but one part of the building.


So the chair goes down the elevator here and is transferred through the catacombs to the next but one part of the building.


Here it comes up again to be transported along the ceiling to the shipping department.

The laboratory - the "in-house TÜV

And now we can take a look at why, among other things, Interstuhl can afford to confidently offer a 10-year warranty on the Backforce One.


Because here you can see Interstuhl’s laboratory, where every chair can be extensively tested even before it is launched on the market.


Here, every component is exposed to the daily stresses in simulated form. And you have to imagine the processes you see here over many hours. For example, the chair is leaned against several 10,000 times over a specified period of time to make absolutely sure that its design functions properly.

load test backrest

In this way, the product can be optimized to near perfection even before it is launched on the market, because many sources of error can be eliminated in advance, enabling a mature & robust product to be launched on the market.


Everything is tested here: Frequent sitting down is simulated on the seating surfaces with corresponding weights, the castors are tested for their load-bearing capacity with heavy weights, backrests & mechanisms are subjected to heavy loads, and the cover fabrics are also subjected to abrasion tests.


For Interstuhl, the laboratory is virtually the company’s own TÜV.

Sustainability & employee satisfaction at Interstuhl

In many places I was fascinated by how sustainably Interstuhl works and how they are always discovering new things to work in a way that conserves resources as much as possible. I already mentioned above that the molds for the foams are wetted with a natural material like wax instead of a plastic like silicone.


Apart from that, production is based on the just-in-time principle. The parts are hardly ever stored anymore, but produced or delivered and processed directly.


In conventional production, for example, it used to be necessary to pre-produce en masse and place them in stock. Certain pre-produced components then had to be packed, stored and unpacked again when used.


With the just-in-time principle, the produced parts are processed immediately and not stored. On the one hand, this makes production more efficient because there are fewer storage costs, and on the other hand, it is more environmentally friendly – because not every part is packaged in film and sent to the warehouse after production. There is no need to pack & store, less plastic waste is produced.


Also, the region is supported, they try to source as many components as possible from companies in the region. Even the fittings on the toilet come from a company in the region.

Water dispenser, kindergarten, homework supervision

I also noticed very positively that the company Interstuhl has its own kindergarten, including all-day and homework supervision, in order to relieve the employees. I know some big companies here from my region, but none of them offers that. That surprised me a lot.


In addition, there are water dispensers all over the production site, where employees can of course fill up with water free of charge. Each employee has a bottle with his or her own name on it. They really do take good care of their employees here. And when an employee has a baby, a tree is planted on the company grounds.

Is the Backforce One really worth the money?

To construct such a chair is very expensive. The tools alone, as several manufacturers have already confirmed to me, are incredibly expensive. You have to design a tool that can be used to cast the backrest trim, for example. Such tools are incredibly expensive.


And it is precisely because such tools are so expensive that you see chairs like this so extremely rarely – upholstering and covering a steel structure is simply much more cost-effective.


And now you just have to think about it: Do I buy a chair from the Far East, which is produced at very low wage and labor costs and costs its $450 – or do I spend $150 more and get an elaborately and expensively produced chair, which is manufactured in Germany, is recyclable and secures jobs in Germany?

Even before I was allowed to visit the production, I was excited about the Backforce One. A high-quality German chair that is worth every penny. After my visit in Meßstetten-Tieringen I am even more convinced. If this high class gaming chair fits your body, I can only recommend you to buy it!


Many thanks to Stefan, Ecki, Holger & the whole Interstuhl team. The visit with you was great fun!

Backforce One


Backforce One in test - Customizable, ergonomic & comfortable? My experiences!

It’s that time again: A new ambitious brand that dares to storm the gaming chair market: Backforce One! Many will have seen it on social media and in magazines, but as of today it’s also available on – my Backforce One review. I have the chair here, of course personalized & in desired colors and will tell you today my experiences with the now third chair produced in Germany.


Manufactured by the renowned manufacturer Interstuhl with 5 decades of experience, you can expect a lot of ergonomic potential, high-quality workmanship and a pleasant seating experience… right? In the next 5 minutes you’ll find out if that’s the case! But this much can be said: There are some exciting innovations that have never been seen before in a chair.

Table of contents


Backforce One

Brushed aluminum base, Breathable dual-core upholstery, Breathable cover mix of faux Alcantara and PU, Plastic casters, Molded soft plastic armrests.

fold-away 1D armrests, lockable & adjustable synchronous mechanism (improved rocker mechanism), max. load capacity of 130kg, foams CFC-free, dynamic sitting, armrests with soft-touch feeling,

Features & specialties of the Backforce One in the test

The Backforce One brings some innovations that I have never seen before in a gaming chair. So again something new & fresh for the market:


Seating comfort & size advice: This is how well you sit on the Backforce

Before I go into detail about the features, the most interesting question: How comfortable is the Backforce One? The Interstuhl company knows what it’s doing – and it shows. I sit very comfortably on the chair. The upholstery of the seat is pleasantly soft, that of the backrest a little harder. The Backforce One is softer than the chairs from noblechairs, but harder than the Master Pro from AKRacing. So the cushion hardness should suit everyone.

Seating comfort of the-backforce-one

A high level of comfort can be achieved through the use of the synchronous mechanism, the padded head area and the dual-core foam. You’ll find out more about the individual components and their effects in a moment.

Side bolsters: Limited leg and shoulder room?

The development department didn’t miss a beat here and sensibly incorporated as few ergonomic disturbing factors as possible into the design. There are no side bolsters at all on the seat, and the backrest also does almost entirely without them and only has suggested curvatures.


Thus, even wider gamers can benefit from the Backforce One: The legs are not restricted in any way, nor are the shoulders. You get unrestricted freedom.

Cross-legged test: maximum positional variety?

When you read about the fold-away armrests and the missing side bolsters, you can conclude that the Backforce One can also be used for cross-legged sitting: You can also sit cross-legged on the Backforce One in the test. There are neither rigid armrests that could stop you, nor steel tubes in the seat area.


And if you want to sit down differently, you simply fold up the armrests again. By the way, with my 189cm I can even sit cross-legged on it with and without armrests.

Size advice: How tall, short, heavy or light can you be?

The maximum load capacity of the Backforce One is 130kg, and the barrier-free surfaces mean that you can sit on it up to 130kg without any problems. With the body sizes can never fit a chair for all bodies. I with my 189cm and current 84kg body weight have no problems here:


The seat is still deep enough for my leg length. I also don’t reach the limits of my maximum height in the head area. A few centimeters more are still possible.


At 167cm and 53kg, my test person also sits very well, she also has some experience with chairs in the meantime. There is still a little room at the legs for a few centimeters less height.


The seat height can even be reduced significantly, so you could even sit down with 150cm. The Backforce one, for example, can be set a full 5cm lower than the noblechairs HERO. That is a lot.


My recommendation as a guideline: I think from 160cm height you can buy the Backforce One and at 191cm it stops again. So exactly you can never say, because people have different leg and torso lengths. But I think that you are very well served with 160cm-191cm, if you want it optimally. Otherwise, a few centimeters in both directions are still tolerable.

Features in detail: This makes the Backforce One an awesome chair in the test

We will now take a closer look at the individual components of the Backforce One. Through my experience, I can evaluate very well which feature you need and which you don’t, and what is really important here.


Synchronous mechanism: The better rocking mechanism

I would like to see many more chairs with synchronous mechanisms. With the rocking mechanism, the backrest and seat always remain at the same angle when leaning back. The synchronous mechanism works differently:


The seat tilts less than the backrest. On the one hand, this ensures that we move, and on the other, the contact points with the chair always remain the same, so that the lordosis is always decently supported.

adjusting wheel synchronous mechanism

The synchronous mechanism can be adjusted to the body weight of its user with this adjustment wheel underneath the seat.

Folding armrests

No other gaming chair that I know of has this feature: You can easily fold the armrests backwards. I’ve had a few users in the past ask for a test of a model with this feature, but there hasn’t been one – until now. Within seconds, the armrest is gone and back again.


However, the armrests themselves are only height-adjustable, so they are 1D armrests. If you don’t need the great variability in adjusting to the left, right, front and back anyway, that’s not a problem.


However, some might wish for more adjustment options. Perhaps there will be a product update at some point.


The armrest is equipped with a soft plastic. This is easy on the elbows and provides a pleasant feeling when resting the arm compared to the hard plastic armrests of cheaper gaming chairs.

Cover: Breathable mix of faux Alcantara and faux leather

The chair is covered with fabric & faux leather. Chairs made of PU leather usually look better but are less breathable, while fabric provides breathability but cannot deliver the classy leather look. Therefore, both upholstery skills are optimally used here:


The Alcantara imitation takes over breathability at the relevant contact points: the seat surface and the lower part of the backrest are covered with it. This covers precisely those areas where we sweat the most when sitting. A high-quality PU cover is used away from the contact surfaces.

Upholstery: Pollutant-free dual-core foam with 2 zones

Here I again notice that the product development at Backforce has put a lot of thought into it: They could have used a standard upholstery foam, of course, but opted for a multi-zone foam with two different hardnesses.


In the inner contact area we find the softer foam that delivers a feeling of coziness. In the outer area of the seat, the harder foam is used, which provides subtle support.


The upholstery foams in the Backforce One chairs are all CFC and CHC free.

Base: aluminum brushed & coated: Jewel!

Seriously, I have not had such a high quality base in my tests. Design & feel remind me of awesome aluminum rims. Again, the attention to detail catches my eye – do you take a standard aluminum cross, or do you have something really fat made?


The base is made of aluminum and gets an incredibly noble look by brushing. Finally, the Backforce logo was lasered in – the product of this process speaks for itself.


In addition, a special coating is used here, which prevents sweaty or bare feet from leaving stains on the aluminum. Well thought out.

The hybrid rollers: For hard and soft floors - small criticism

The casters are pretty standard and thus do not really fit such an exclusive chair like the Backforce One. I’ve had experience with many casters, but these tend to be among the more frugal in their class. They are office chair castors that comply with various DIN standards and thus perform their service without any problems and well, but just do not look so cool.


For me personally, the casters are usually not very important, but here they are the only item that doesn’t really fit with the rest of this well-designed and good-looking chair.

Unique look & customizability: THIS is design.

Normally, I do not go into great detail about the appearance of the chairs, because they are often similar in terms of design. However, here I would like to highlight a few things: This is a new gaming chair that looks very cool, but looks very different from the others!


And that, in my eyes, is an art, to have the courage to want to design something completely new and to do it really well.

The special backrest, which also convinces from behind

Have you ever thought about the fact that the look of the chair does not benefit you at all if it is pushed to the desk and is not used? Exactly, it doesn’t look very good in that state. That’s why the Backforce One has an exceptionally beautiful back.


The vents, which are matched to your chosen chair color, make a good impression even when not in use.

Gaming Pulse LED Brooch

This handsome LED brooch can be attached to the backrest and can either blink or light up continuously. You can use it for about 20 hours until it runs out of juice and needs to be charged.


There is also potential for personalization here, I’ll be trying things out here in the days to see what else can be printed on semi-transparent films and attached here.

Customizable - Today Pussyslayer6000, tomorrow MahatmaG69: Your own patch!

And that for a cheap $ 14,30 more. Some people change their nickname like underpants. Your patch decision does not have to be made once! This patch attached by Velcro, you can exchange and reorder at any time for cheap $ 14,30 / piece.


It doesn’t matter if you change your team, your nickname or your partner whose name you chose as a patch for her sake: You remain flexible and don’t have to look for a girlfriend with the same name as your last one. Just peel it off, order a new one, stick it on – and you’re done.


Quality & workmanship: Handmade Made in Germany

I examined the Backforce One closely during this test and could not find any flaws in the workmanship. Every seam sits where it should. No seam is crooked, everything is in place. There is also no need to argue about the quality of the materials, which is obvious and consistent.


Handmade Gaming Chair

The next point: Your Backforce is completely handmade. From head to toe, the chair is produced by hand, so every step of production is controlled by at least 2 eyes.


The potential for material defects, production errors and the like is thus substantially reduced and minimized as far as possible by subsequent quality inspection.

Sustainability: Responsibility for people & the environment

The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important in our society every day. Most of the parts for the Backforce One come from Germany or the EU, so not every component has to be transported halfway around the world to Germany.


On the one hand, this benefits the environment by reducing emissions, and on the other hand, it benefits our fellow citizens, because production takes place in Germany instead of being outsourced to less expensive countries. This secures jobs and protects the environment at the same time.


Sustainability is also taken into account in the selection of materials: The Backforce One is completely recyclable, the materials are free of harmful substances, and overall the company Interstuhl has certifications in terms of sustainability that can’t even be counted on 2 hands. More on the subject of sustainability at Interstuhl.

Conclusion: Buy Backforce One? My experience with the southern German chair

It will come as no surprise to the reader of this review of the Backforce One that I can absolutely recommend this gaming chair. Everything fits here: The design is a tour de force and the Backforce One does not have to hide from critical judges of ergonomics.


The bottom line is that you get a chair that meets about all the requirements of a high-quality gaming chair and adds a few extras on top. In short:

A little criticism must also be: The casters don’t match the rest of the chair. However, this is almost only noticeable because the Backforce One is a masterpiece in terms of design. This would not have been noticed at all in a typical gaming chair.


I would also like to see one or two more adjustments for the armrests. The bottom line, however, is that the Backforce One is quite a bit ahead of most chairs.


Buy Backforce One - Your options

You can order your Backforce One directly from the manufacturer. If you want to buy the Backforce One, don’t waste time! You can pay via Paypal, Amazon Payments and credit card. Don’t forget: The sooner you order the Backforce One, the sooner it will be there. 🙂