Gaming chair vs. cheap alternative: Is a higher-priced gamer chair worth the money? I have both … cut open!


Gaming chair vs. cheap alternative: Is a higher-priced gamer chair worth the money? I have both ... cut open!

You asked for it. Every now and then, people complain that I hardly ever test chairs in the lower price segment. There is a good reason for this: I have had very bad experiences with these cheap chairs. I always emphasize that – but today I’m putting my money where my mouth is.


I reluctantly brought a gaming chair for under $150 into my house and put it next to a noblechairs EPIC in the following article + video. What did I do then? Well, a simple top to bottom comparison wasn’t enough for me. It didn’t go deep enough for me… so without further ado, I treated myself to a brand new box cutter from the hardware store and stripped both chairs down to their skeletons.

You want to know if it’s worth investing 300, 400 or more dollars in a gaming chair? Then watch my video – the result will impress you!

Table of contents

Click here for my ▷ EPIC Series review and here for the new ▷ ICON Series from noblechairs.

Early frustration with the construction of the cheap chair

I actually wanted to skip the usually unspectacular assembly, but I didn’t want to withhold the following “disaster” from you. First of all, I was greeted by an incomparably disgusting chemical cloud when I opened the box, and the innards then did their part to my displeasure:


Here we have captured quite wonderfully my motivated expression, which I put on at the sight of the disassembled cheap gamer chair. Normally, such a chair consists of casters, base, gas lift, seat and backrest … this cheap chair has a thousand more parts – I didn’t feel like it.


Here you can see that the joints for the backrest have to be screwed on separately – and the whole thing looks pretty “delicate”. I don’t expect much stability.


From antique wooden planks & toy rolls - details in comparison

I spared you a photo of the chair set up – ok, I forgot to take one – but I recommend my video anyway. So let’s take a look at a few details of the two office chairs:

Screwing of armrests & base


The cheap chair’s armrests and base are merely screwed into wooden panels – and they don’t make a particularly robust impression (see below). The connecting piece between the base and seat, including the adjusting screw, also looks extremely puny.


In comparison, everything in the EPIC Series is made of solid steel. This is not only more robust, but also much easier to screw together.


The EPIC’s adjusting screw and the like look much more solid and valuable. No comparison to the cheap chair.

The frame


I didn’t have to use much force to break the wing off. The thing was simply welded extremely unclean.


After a few pulls with the hacksaw, the thin tube of the cheap chair is cut. The tube wall thickness is about 1.2 mm.


In the case of the noblechairs, it’s 2 mm – so the tube is almost 70% thicker, leaving the material quality aside. In addition, the stability increases exponentially to the tube wall thickness – in short: The frame of the EPIC is many times more stable.

Base & casters


Both the casters and the base are made of plastic and look like toys. On the plus side, the casters at least roll quite easily.


On the EPIC, everything is solid and has a high-quality finish. This not only looks better, but should also withstand much more.

A rotten but certainly historically valuable seat

cut open-seat

After removing the foam from the seat, this sight awaited me. I don’t know where this rotten wood came from – no, I have nothing against recycling per se – but I wouldn’t have expected something like this in a brand new chair. Fits the rusty frame, though.


I don’t think I need to say much about this picture … after all, one remains true to the motto “from old make new”.

Cheap foam vs noblechairs cold foam

material comparison-foam-and-hard-foam

Here you can see the upholstery of the side bolsters in direct comparison. The cheap foam from the noname chair is not only much thinner, but can also be easily compressed to the point where the fingers touch each other. There’s no question that the cheap upholstery would wear through within a short time.


Tearing it is also child’s play. With the noble, you have to use extreme force to even get the cold foam out of its position – it’s hardly possible with a bare hand.


A look inside the upholstery reflects well the feeling you get when sitting in these chairs. One is comfortable and gives its owner pleasure for a long time, the other is not…

My conclusion: Saving money on the gaming chair makes you unhappy


The journey into the interior of the two chairs was really exciting and delivered surprising results, even though I would have expected many things to be so. Let’s take a brief look at the results:

  • Thanks to the many individual parts, assembling the cheap model is a test of patience – accompanied by an acrid chemical smell.
  • The frame of the cheap chair is rusty and can be damaged with little effort
  • The tube wall thickness of the noblechairs is 70% thicker, which should have a massive effect on the stability of the chair.
  • The cover of the EPIC is not only visually and haptically on a different level, it is also much thicker and more robust.
  • In the premium chair, the entire frame is made of steel – in the cheap model, the screws are turned into old wood
  • The connecting piece incl. set screw is much more stable on the EPIC and also looks better
  • The wooden planks under the seat upholstery are rotten and look ancient
  • The base and casters of the noble chair resemble cheap children’s toys
  • The upholstery of the noble is thicker, more robust and much more comfortable when sitting – with the economy version, sitting through is soon pre-programmed

I could list a lot more bullet points with details, but I’ll break it down to the following conclusion:


Knife, hacksaw & muscle power have shown in my duel Cheap vs. EPIC that a high-quality gaming chair does not cost a few euros more without reason. Each of you would have noticed that by sitting on a similarly cheap copy for a few weeks – the things are simply uncomfortable and the durability is also poor.


This test was not about price-performance – maybe you just don’t get more for $100-150 – but rather about the fact that it is not worth spending this money on a cheap chair. It simply doesn’t make you happy and it doesn’t allow you to sit ergonomically. So either buy a real gaming chair now, like the noblechairs EPIC or ICON, or don’t bother.

PC chair on test – how to find the best model

Gamer PC chair test

PC chair on test - how to find the best model for your body!

Westerners sit too much – I’m sure we’ve all heard that before. Sofa, car seat, PC chair – many hours a day we spend sitting. At the same time, everyone knows someone who has a lot of problems with their back. If you stay tuned now, you might not be one of them in the future!


In this PC chair review, I don’t want to slap a few links on you and try to sell you something, I also want to show you how to recognize a good PC chair for gamers or homeworkers and what you have to look for when buying your new seat. Of course, there are also product recommendations to shorten your search!


With a decent PC chair you not only sit comfortably, you also protect your spine including surrounding structures and thus prevent pain. And you’ll really be surprised how different PC chairs from the gaming sector can be!

Gamer PC chair test

The advantages of a well-designed PC gamer chair

Man is not born to sit, so it is so important to buy a chair that compensates for as many disadvantages of sitting too long as possible. If you buy the right PC gaming chair for you, you will have several advantages over a standard chair. In the best case, you sit dynamically, actively & naturally and at the same time comfortably, even if you have to or want to work or gamble for many hours.


Starting with small things like additional padding for the neck and back area, you can also adjust such a PC gamer chair to your seating needs. This means that the seat height as well as the position of the backrest should be adjustable, the armrests should allow flexibility and you need a good mechanism that fits your movements.


By the way, another word for “PC chair” is computer chair, or gaming chair. The information on the linked pages is mostly the same as here.

Marco's TOP recommendations - find your computer chair!

On the page now linked, you’ll find my absolute favorites from the more than 20 chairs tested. I have tested in detail and tell you exactly what is important in the individual models and what they bring you. There you also have the opportunity to view the test reports:

There really is something for everyone here: for those who want to save money, those who don’t want to spend so much money and those who simply want the very best. Take a look and find the chair that suits you personally:

▷ To Marco’s Top5 with reviews, pictures, videos & more! ◁

What is meant by an ergonomic PC chair?

A gaming PC chair has an ergonomic design when a good and pleasant seating comfort is provided. An ergonomically designed PC gamer chair can also be individually adjusted for your own body size and adapts to any body shape. As a rule, ergonomic models also have a synchronous mechanism.

Adjustment possibilities of a PC chair

Flexibility is what your gaming PC chair has to give you, it should offer many adjustment options with which you can adapt the PC chair to your sitting habits. By the way, the difference between a gaming and “normal” desk chair is basically the design with some exceptions, so it’s definitely not that only office chairs allow ergonomic sitting. You’ll get to know some chairs from office chair manufacturers in a moment.

Adjustable armrests of your PC chair

Starting with the smallest punbt, the armrests. Adjustability of the armrests is certainly not a must, but still makes many things more pleasant. Above all, height adjustability should be a minimum.


You want to buy a gaming PC chair and the manufacturer advertises the great height-adjustable armrests? Don’t be dazzled. The feature is cool and also important, but not worthy of praise, because even the PC chairs under $200 offer this minimum level of equipment.


Height adjustment is nice, so that the shoulders don’t hang too low or stand much too high when supporting the elbows. However, the comfort upgrade is usually offered more by 3D or 4D armrests, which can be adjusted in many directions. So height adjustment, rotation, moving back and forth and more are possible.


The advantage of rotating the armpads is, for example, the improved controller posture – if you adjust the armrests as shown in the picture, gaming with gamepads on the computer is much more comfortable. Generally, most gamer chairs have such armrests, even in the budget price range – with exceptions.

Tilt, incline and adjust the height of the backrest?

Ergonomically designed chairs for the PC in particular are usually equipped with an adjustable backrest, which is intended to support the back through its shape alone. Ideally, the backrest is pre-shaped and supports you without having to adjust anything in the lordosis area through a discreet protrusion.


Additionally, most PC chairs offer a lever on this side that allows you to adjust the angle between the backrest and the seat, in simple terms, you can fold the backrest back and lock it in multiple positions.


For further movement of the backrest contribute mechanisms, but more about that in a moment.

Lumbar support on the PC chair - a must or a gimmick?

Some models, such as noblechairs HERO, Secretlab TITAN or Backforce One Plus, offer lumbar supports with their chairs, which are supposed to support the lumbar spine, i.e. the lower back. But does that have to be the case?


Especially the lower back is often strained when sitting a lot, you don’t sit down much and small muscles and structures are strained a lot by this one-sided load. Here, the lumbar support should fill the lordosis or your hollow back and relieve the muscles.


Most chairs come with lumbar cushions, which are rarely a good solution. Most of the time, the cushions are much too thick and force us into an even stronger hollow back. The models mentioned above have real lumbar supports, usually even adjustable by means of a rotary wheel.


With the TITAN & HERO, such variable support is also appropriate, since the backrests would otherwise be very straight. Not with the Backforce One, though: the chairs are already pre-curved in the lumbar area anyway, which is enough for many people. For someone with a pathologically diagnosed hollow back, however, the upgrade to adjustable support can also make sense, or for those who want 100% perfection through fine-tuning.

Height adjustable chairs for PC

There are basically no PC chairs that are not height adjustable. This allows you to adjust the gaming PC chair individually to fit your height or the desk height. This feature is also helpful when the chair is used by several people of different heights.

Various PC chair mechanics

Each PC chair has a mechanism, which is located under the seat. There are many differences between the mechanisms, which are also reflected in the price. However, they all have one thing in common: the seat height can be adjusted with the PC chair mechanism together with the gas spring.

Rocking mechanism

The rocker mechanism is the simplest form of mechanism. When you lean back on your PC gamer chair, the backrest and seat move backward with you in the same proportion, following your movement. Think of it as sitting in a solid shell that you rock back and forth with.


This means that there is no actual change in the monotonous sitting position, which does not provide any significant relief for the intervertebral discs. However, the back only experiences relief through “real” movement. If the upper and lower body rock backwards at the same angle, as with the rocking mechanism, then we do move, but there is no movement in the back. It’s still pleasant, though, because you don’t always want to sit up straight and lean back sometimes.


I especially like to lean back when watching YouTube videos or movies. So a rocker mechanism is better than no mechanism! There are 2 types of mechanics for PC chairs, one allows just rocking, the other also allows locking. In this extended rocking mechanism, you can set fixed in many positions, in the normal one, we can only turn the function on or off.

Synchronous mechanism

In contrast, a synchronized mechanism can provide a decent amount of relief. When we lean backward here, the backrest tilts back much more than the seat surface. The result: we have movement in the intervertebral disc area. Only through movement can our intervertebral discs nourish themselves.


For high-quality office chairs, for example, a synchronous mechanism is almost mandatory. And even in the gaming and PC chair sector, there are the first Made in Germany models that come with a valuable synchronous mechanism. One example is the Backforce One.

Where to buy PC chair - online or in store?

If you want to buy a PC chair for gaming, you have several options. In addition to a purchase in a specialty store, the chairs are sometimes available in ordinary stores. In addition, the Internet is also a good place to buy a gaming PC chair. Each of these options has different advantages and disadvantages.

Buy in a store - Don't let anyone sell you anything!

First of all, you can buy a gaming PC chair in a department store, a supermarket or a discount store. The PC chair test has shown that you are usually only offered a small selection here and there are also no particularly high-quality chairs of this type.


Especially supermarkets and discounters usually only have PC chairs on offer during special promotions. Another disadvantage is that you will not find competent staff that can advise you on your choice. If the PC chair is to be cheap, you will find good prices here, but the models are correspondingly worse in terms of quality and features compared to the more expensive ones from the specialty stores.


But don’t let them sell you anything! There are sellers, both in stores and online, who actually have no idea and even praise things like height adjustability to the skies – while every PC chair has that.

Purchase in specialized trade

Then again, you can also purchase your PC chair in special stores. In addition to a selection, you have the advantage that you can get advice from the staff. They can give you tips and help you choose the right model for your needs.


In addition, you will mainly be offered the top brands in the specialty store. Even if it is not directly a specialty store, it is also possible to buy the PC chair in Ikea. There are different departments here, so you can also count on advice in a furniture store.


Disadvantage: Chairs in stationary trade are often very expensive and the store space is often not sufficient to present an actually large selection of suitable PC chairs. You are often limited in the selection here as well. My recommendation therefore:

Purchase via the Internet

The last option would be to buy online. You can go directly to the manufacturer’s site as well as buy from third-party sellers. You could find a PC chair on Amazon or eBay. Both sites offer the advantage that you can choose from a wide range of products. You are offered gaming chairs from many different manufacturers.


You are also guaranteed to find the perfect gaming PC chair for your needs in terms of features. Amazon, for example, lets you sort the search results according to different criteria. It is also possible to search for models in a certain price range. It is also advisable to make a comprehensive price comparison online to find the cheapest model with the best price-performance ratio.


Another advantage is the usually fast delivery in connection with the availability. Thus, if the PC chair is no longer available at one retailer, you can simply look for the model at another.


The big advantage is that on the web, you can read through and view the opinions of other users. There are also websites like this one, where more than 30 chairs have been tested. You can also get decent advice from me: You can write to me via live chat, by mail or via comments.

Marco's TOP recommendations - find your computer chair!

On the page now linked, you’ll find my absolute favorites from the more than 20 chairs tested. I have tested in detail and tell you exactly what is important in the individual models and what they bring you. There you also have the opportunity to view the test reports:

There really is something for everyone here: for those who want to save money, those who don’t want to spend so much money and those who simply want the very best. Take a look and find the chair that suits you personally:

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Buying a gaming PC chair: Which upper material?

A gamer PC chair is generally used for sitting on it for a long time, usually for several hours. For this reason, the model you decide to buy should perfectly fit your needs. While some features and functionalities of a PC chair are only for comfort, others are important so that sitting for a long time doesn’t harm your health.


Another purchase criterion is the material of the chair. It should be breathable, especially if you sweat a lot or live in the attic. If the PC chair is to be inexpensive, a mesh material is recommended for the backrest. This is an inexpensive alternative to upholstery or leather (real and imitation) and still convinces with a lot of flexibility. In addition, with a mesh cover you benefit from good heat regulation on hot days, so you won’t sweat even when sitting for several hours.


Higher-quality models rely on PU and also genuine leather. Both are more comfortable to sit on, and leather in particular has a long service life. In addition, you benefit from a leather cover because it is easy to care for. The covers are also easy to clean.

Fabric covers

Fabric provides the most breathability, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. Many fabric covers are made of polyester, which in the end is also just a plastic. But there are big differences in quality here, and I would say that even a polyester cover is still more breathable than cheap PU leather.


Advantage of fabric covers: They are always at temperature and do not seem as cold as a leather at first contact.


Disadvantages of fabric covers: Their cleaning is more complex. A leather can usually be simply wiped off, but if we have smeared the fabric cover of the PC chair, we have to treat it with upholstery cleaner. This is not such a big deal, but just a difference from the more easy-care PU leather.

PU or imitation leather covers

Among the most widespread are PU leathers, also known as artificial leather. PU stands for “polyurethane”, a plastic that can vary greatly in quality. They are usually considered to be non-breathable, although the quality mentioned is decisive here: On very cheap artificial leather you sweat much faster than on more expensive ones.


I have sat on PU chairs for a very long time, for many hours every day, and I never sweated excessively. On my cheap dining chairs with PU, on the other hand, I sweat very quickly. So you can’t lump all synthetic leathers together.

leatherette gamer pc chair

On the subject of softeners: cheap leathers also contain cheap softeners. Softeners must be used so that the material remains soft and flexible. But if the manufacturer saves too much here, these softeners evaporate after very few years, the cover becomes brittle and flakes off. This is very disappointing and I think it’s a shame when you have to dispose of an entire chair because of its cheap synthetic leather. Here it is worth investing a little more. Then you don’t have to replace the chair after 2 years.


Advantage of imitation leather: They are very easy to clean and look noble.


Disadvantage: They are not a prime example of breathability and there are very many cheap leathers on the market that disintegrate after only 2 years.

Genuine leather covers

Of course, genuine leather covers are the top of the line. But be careful: If a genuine leather PC chair is very cheap, it may be very thin split leather that threatens to tear quickly, or leather from inappropriate animal husbandry.

genuine leather cover close-up

The animal cover material is not for everyone, but has always been considered extremely high quality and durable.


Advantages: With proper care very durable, pleasant feel and breathable.


Disadvantages: It needs regular care and is very expensive.

Novelty vinyl & PU covers

Nowadays, hybrid covers take a special position. These are mostly made of PU & vinyl and are characterized by excellent breathing properties. This material can almost keep up with real leather. The noblechairs Black Edition, for example, is covered with it.


Advantages: Breathable faux leather, classy look & cheap compared to real leather.


Disadvantages: More expensive than regular PU leather.

Other features of gamer PC chairs

We have clarified the most important things so far, there are now a few more or a few small points that might be of interest to you when buying your PC chair:

The processing

Make sure that you choose a PC chair that is properly manufactured. You can find out if that’s the case in test reports like the ones on this page. There’s a lot of junk sold on the web, so never buy just any chair blindly.


From a certain price range, you usually get better processed chairs with higher quality materials. However, one must not forget here either: These chairs are man-made – tiny inconsistencies like a loose thread should not necessarily motivate you to return the entire PC chair.


Casters on a PC gaming chair are generally practical, but you should consider what you are using the chair on. While a carpeted floor still offers you a secure stand despite the casters, you should rely on high-quality casters when using the chair on smooth floors.


Otherwise, casters are not particularly important in my PC chair tests. They are often more visually appealing, but you can hardly find casters on good PC chairs that are particularly loud or run stiffly.

The right look

Even though the appearance of a PC gamer chair is important in principle, this criterion should come last in the choice. A traditional gaming PC chair usually has a certain design. Nevertheless, you can choose between four and also five legs. The latter offer a safe anti-tip feature, which can be important.


Which PC chair is the best?

You can find a good insight into the best PC chairs on the home page: Gaming chair or in the TOP5. Choosing the best chair is difficult, because the chair often has to fit its user and therefore there is no universal best PC chair for gamers.


A very good PC chair, however, combines as many of the positive features mentioned in this article as possible and thus gives you maximum flexibility. It should also look good, but above all the functions are crucial: Your new PC chair should at least have a rocker mechanism, ideally a synchro mechanism.

Seat height and armrests should always be adjustable, and if you buy a particularly high-quality model, then seat depth adjustment and height adjustment of the backrest are also a great thing.


Lastly, the purchase price should match your usage patterns. If you spend many hours a day on your gamer PC chair, it should be a more robust model that improves and supports your posture as much as possible to relieve your muscles and structures.


However, all these points are of no use if you don’t find your chair comfortable – but that goes without saying. Without a real comfort factor, no PC chair in the world is fun!

Are there special PC chairs for children?

Children usually do not use a PC chair for video games, but only as a desk chair. Nevertheless, children should also use such a special chair to protect their bodies and especially their backs at a young age.


However, optimally adjusted models for children are rarely available, children will often not get their feet on the floor or the seat is too long.


There are also smaller PC chairs for kids, but these in turn rarely have sophisticated features that greatly improve ergonomics. So for most kids, it’s either a suitable small chair without great features, or a larger chair with a stool for the feet.


The bottom line, though, is that it’s not too crucial for kids how ergonomically they sit. As a rule, children have an extremely active lifestyle compared to adults, so their backs don’t always need the intensive care that some adults do.

PC chair cheap - tips for buying

A PC gamer chair can also be found in every price range. If the PC chair is cheap, then you will find a number of models that cost less than $100. However, the PC chair test proves that you get much fewer features and you also have to accept losses in terms of quality. A particularly cheap PC chair therefore also has a shorter lifespan. You can usually find such a gamer PC chair on the Internet.


For example, this is the inside of a PC chair that I cut open. Old, gammy wood in a brand new chair? Read more here: Chairs cut up and examined!


The PC chair test has proven that it is generally worthwhile to buy a professional gaming PC chair if you need one. Not only can it be used for a variety of purposes, but such a chair also offers you enough comfort to be used regularly for PC gaming or work. This gamer PC chair review has shown you what you should look for when choosing a model, so that you are now able to choose the right PC gamer chair for you. You can find many suggestions & reviews on this website!

Marco's TOP recommendations - find your computer chair!

On the page now linked, you’ll find my absolute favorites from the more than 20 chairs tested. I have tested in detail and tell you exactly what is important in the individual models and what they bring you. There you also have the opportunity to view the test reports:

There really is something for everyone here: for those who want to save money, those who don’t want to spend so much money and those who simply want the very best. Take a look and find the chair that suits you personally:

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Best computer chair – comfort and convenience


Buy the best computer chair - comfort and convenience

Similar to a bed, many contemporaries often underestimate the need to own a good computer chair (also gaming chair) to own. A first-class computer chair does not necessarily have to be expensive. The right seat is in any case a good investment for body, mind and your health. A comfortable chair not only provides a high level of comfort, it also leads to less fatigue and increased alertness, while gaming or even during a long and hard day of work at the computer.


What makes a good computer chair

During working hours (or even when playing computer games), most people spend many hours on a computer chair. But unfortunately, humans are born for movement, not for sitting for hours on end. If you already have to sit, you should find a computer chair that supports dynamic, active and natural sitting. A perfect computer chair for gamers fully adapts to the needs of its user. It fits the body measurements, is versatile adjustable, supports an individual sitting position and promotes natural movements. There are as many things you should consider when looking for a top computer chair. We have tested many computer chairs. Check out our advice before you buy a computer chair. Here are the main indicators that distinguish a good chair from a bad one.

Marco's TOP recommendations - find your computer chair!

On the page now linked, you’ll find my absolute favorites from the more than 20 chairs tested. I have tested in detail and tell you exactly what is important in the individual models and what they bring you. There you also have the opportunity to view the test reports:

There really is something for everyone here: for those who want to save money, those who don’t want to spend so much money and those who simply want the very best. Take a look and find the chair that suits you personally:

▷ To Marco’s Top5 with reviews, pictures, videos & more! ◁

Ergonomics - support for prolonged sitting

Actually, it’s a given: a good computer chair for work or a computer chair for gaming offers a proper ergonomic design that duly supports the body and especially the back when sitting for long periods of time. While no chair can eliminate problems with the hip and lumbar spine, it can alleviate the pain that can result from sitting for hours on end.


Even a $250 computer chair can support the lower and upper back areas and reduce pressure on the touch points on the buttocks or back. If you’re looking to buy a computer chair, be sure to consider the hip position when choosing. Some chairs allow you to move the seat forward or backward, which changes your posture. Ultimately, the chair should form an S-shape in the back for a healthier posture. At this point, a good computer chair can be compared to a high-quality mattress.


Adjustability - for the individual adjustment

Adjustability mainly refers to the ergonomics of a computer chair. Before you buy a chair, you should find out to what extent the chair can be adjusted. Is it possible to adjust the armrests, is there a lumbar support, do I even need one with this chair and does the chair fit my body?


A few very difficult questions that I would like to help you with my tests.

Breathable - For really hot working days

Our computer chair test has proven: Everyone sweats, even when sitting. This is not a heavy sweat, but our body still secretes moisture. Therefore, the fabric under the buttocks must absorb this moisture. Otherwise, it becomes uncomfortable and the chair starts to smell. The options:

Fabric covers

Fabric is considered the most breathable material of all – but that’s not necessarily true, because it depends on the type of fabric. Polyester, for example, is a fabric, but it is also a plastic. And plastics do not always breathe optimally, although much better than cheap artificial leather.

PU covers

Polyurethane covers are considered less breathable. But importantly, it also depends. At home, for example, I have very cheap dining chairs covered with cheap PU. I can’t sit on these for an entire evening because I sweat. However, there are also the higher quality PU materials. For example, I’ve been working on gaming chairs for 6 years and I don’t sweat much on the PU models either.


As long as you don’t live in the attic or generally tend to sweat a lot, a high quality PU is fine too.


Genuine leather

You also have to pay attention to the details when it comes to genuine leather, because some manufacturers try to trick you here. AKRacing, noblechairs and Secretlab, for example, use very high-quality and pure genuine leather. The seat is excellently air-conditioned here, but genuine leather is also really expensive.

Material mix of vinyl & PU

For example, a new production process that creates covers from vinyl and PU stands out in particular. The noblechairs Black Edition, for example, is covered with it. It is a unique material mix of vinyl & PU that easily keeps up with the breathing properties of real leather and is also very robust. The advantage: It breathes like real leather, but costs significantly less.

Other important features of a computer chair

+ Seat area & Adequate padding

There should be a balance between density (hardness) and resistance to deformation. Hard cushions retain their shape longer and are less likely to sag, but cushions that are too hard are also perceived as uncomfortable. A good average value must be found here to reduce one-sided stress.


The seat should also be deep enough for your height. In general, it is important that the computer chair also fits you.

+ Adjustable backrest (mechanism)

The important thing is the mechanics of the chair, which allows you to make the computer chair movable. The more you can adjust, the more dynamic you can sit. The best choice is a synchronous mechanism that provides movement in the back. However, such a mechanism is usually only available for expensive models.


At least a rocker mechanism and an adjustable backrest would be welcome and are usually available.

+ Adjustable armrests

Even if these adjustment options are not quite as important as those of the backrest, adjustable armrests are one of the keys to comfort and the right sitting position. In addition, each desk has a different height, so you can adjust the adjustable armrests to work comfortably at the desk. This reduces the strain on your shoulders.


+ Five legs as a base

A computer chair should have five legs (casters) on the floor, so most of today’s computer chairs have this number of legs. This is important for stability when sitting and moving. Before buying, you should test whether the casters fit the floor in question (hard floor, carpet, etc.). Otherwise, a good movement is difficult and the floor can be damaged.

+ Headrest - not only for restful breaks.

Appropriate placement of the headrest can reduce neck fatigue and provide relaxing breaks. Users who suffer from a stiff shoulder should definitely take a chair that is high enough to reach the head in the first place.

Criteria for the selection of a computer chair

A computer chair that is well designed and appropriately adjusted is considered an essential component of a productive computer workstation. A good chair provides the necessary support to the back, buttocks and legs and reduces harmful effects on the body, such as uncomfortable posture, pressure and heavy exertion.


Good chair adjustment ensures more comfortable use and provides support for the user in a variety of sitting postures. Variability in seating position is especially important for long workdays, even more so when a chair has multiple users.


To make sure a chair provides the appropriate support, check out my chair reviews before you decide to buy. Parts like the backrest, seat and armrest are important components of a computer chair you should consider when setting up a safe and productive workspace. The same guidelines apply to a computer chair for gamers. Before you buy a computer chair cheap the following advice will show you the way to a safe, comfortable and productive computer chair.


Possible faults with computer chairs

Chairs with four or fewer legs provide inadequate postural support and tend to tip over. In addition, choosing casters unsuitable for the floor, as well as a chair without casters, can make positioning at the desk difficult. This increases the risk of bending physically to access components, which can lead to fatigue or even muscle strain.


A computer chair for work or a computer chair for gaming should have a five-legged base and allow for easy movement of the chair. You should also make sure that the casters are suitable for the existing flooring.

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The backrest - support for correct posture

The backrest should correspond to the natural curvature of the spine and provide adequate support for the lumbar spine.

Possible errors with the backrest

Insufficient size, the wrong material or improper positioning of the backrest can result in insufficient support of the back and therefore unhealthy posture. Working in incorrect positions quickly leads to back pain, lack of concentration and fatigue.


A chair without an appropriate or adjustable backrest does not provide adequate spinal support and is not helpful in maintaining the natural S-shape of the spinal curve. Prolonged, one-sided and uncomfortable sitting puts stress on the spine, especially in the lower back. This can lead to poor posture, known as a hunchback, which is often associated with severe pain. In some cases, the pain radiates along the sciatic nerve into the leg.



The first thing to check is whether your chair already provides sufficient support. With the Backforce One, for example, additional support is only necessary in the case of extreme hollow backs; in my case, the lordosis is already fully supported. If your current computer chair is different and you also don’t have lumbar support, you can temporarily support your spine with a rolled-up towel or a back support pillow. In the long run, however, it’s more advisable to buy a chair that fits.


Before buying a computer chair, find out whether it has good lumbar support and can relieve and support the lumbar region when sitting for long periods. With the right chair, you can prevent poor posture and pain.


If you have a chair with an adjustable backrest, you can adjust it so that the backrest supports you in different sitting positions. Therefore, a backrest should have the following features:


  • A lumbar support is adjustable and can support your back in different positions. The outer curvature of the backrest should follow the curvature of the back.
  • The backrest should allow the user to move at least 15 degrees away from the vertical. In doing so, the backrest should lock in place or provide adequate resistance to back movement.
  • A movable backrest allows smaller people to have their buttocks and thighs fully supported. Some chairs also allow you to change the position of the seat pan.

The seat - relaxed and comfortable sitting

The seat should be comfortable and allow your feet to rest flat on the floor or a footrest. The seat pan should be adequate for most hip sizes. Larger seat shells are available for users with a wider pelvis.

Possible dangers due to incorrect adjustment of the seat surface

If you use a chair with a seat that is too high, you are either forced to work without the foot support or to slide forward on the seat pan. As a result, your back is no longer properly supported or the S-shape of your spine cannot be maintained. These inappropriate postures can lead to fatigue, restricted circulation, swelling, numbness and pain.


Use a footrest if the seat cannot be lowered because, for example, a keyboard or monitor is then too high. A chair with a height adjustment of the seat shell also offers a comfortable solution. Before buying a computer chair, test whether the height of the chair is appropriate. In this case, the entire sole of the foot rests on the floor and the back of the knee is slightly higher than the seat of the chair. Ideally, the upholstery of the seat is rounded towards the front.

seating area-photo

Possible dangers due to an inappropriate seating surface

An unsuitable seat pan can be very uncomfortable, not provide good support for the legs and restrict movement. If the seat is too short, it can lead to increased pressure on the buttocks for taller users. A seat that is too long increases pressure on the knee area for smaller users and minimizes support for the back. A seat surface that is too small can restrict range of motion and provide insufficient support. Prolonged use of the wrong seat can restrict blood flow to the legs and cause irritation and pain.


The seat shell of your computer chair should ideally be adjustable in depth to adequately support taller users. However, a seat depth adjustment is rarely available, which is why you can check with me beforehand whether the chair fits you. In each test report I describe for which body sizes the respective model is still suitable.


Smaller users should be informed before buying a chair whether the back is fully supported when sitting. An appropriate seat shell supports most of the thigh and does not contact the back of the knee. A footrest can raise the knee slightly, preventing pressure on the back of the leg. If a chair is shared by multiple users, it makes sense to provide a chair for small users and a chair for large users if there is a very large difference in body size.

Armrests relieve pressure on important body regions

In an office with predominantly sedentary work, armrests relieve the arms, neck and shoulder area. They are also very helpful when sitting down and standing up. In a good computer chair, the height of the armrests can be adjusted, which promotes optimal posture during work. In principle, the armrests should be at the same height as the desk. For corpulent people, it is important that the armrests can also be adjusted in width.


Possible problems with armrests

Non-adjustable or poorly adjusted armrests do not provide adequate support for the body, which can lead to poor posture. Armrests set too low or too high can cause tension and fatigue in the neck, forearm and shoulders. If the armrests are set too wide, the arm is moved too far away from the body, which can also lead to tension.


Armrests that are set too close restrict movement. Armrests that are made of hard material or have sharp corners and edges can irritate nerves and the blood vessels of the forearm. This can manifest itself as pain or tingling in the hand or fingers.


If armrests are present, they should be soft. Before buying a computer chair, find out whether the armrests relax your shoulders and keep your elbows close to your body. You should not use armrests that are not adjustable. Position the armrests to support your forearm and keep your upper arm close to your body. Adjust the backrests so that they allow you to get in and out of the chair comfortably.


They should be low enough to relax the shoulders while working and high enough to support the forearms. Good armrests are large enough to support most of the forearm, but small enough not to interfere with chair positioning. Use only padded armrests with soft and rounded edges.


It's not just about a good chair

The right chair is a good start. It will allow you to work in a relaxed manner, even if it takes hours. If you sit on a computer chair for several hours a day, you should buy an ergonomic and high-quality chair. While this is a good investment in one’s health, permanent sitting can still lead to health problems.


After sitting still for some time, it’s time for some exercise. Then you should take a break, get up and get your body moving again with some gymnastics. Even a short walk of a few minutes promotes circulation and loosens muscles, ligaments and tendons.

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On the page now linked, you’ll find my absolute favorites from the more than 20 chairs tested. I have tested in detail and tell you exactly what is important in the individual models and what they bring you. There you also have the opportunity to view the test reports:

There really is something for everyone here: for those who want to save money, those who don’t want to spend so much money and those who simply want the very best. Take a look and find the chair that suits you personally:

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Maxnomic Commander S in test: My experience with the chair from NEEDforSEAT

Maxnomic Commander S in test: My experience with the chair from NEEDforSEAT

I finally get around to testing a Maxnomic gaming chair. I have the Maxnomic Commander S on test, which according to my research is identical in construction to the Commander III. This test report with my experiences is thus analogously applicable to the entire Commander series. Maxnomic, the brand of NEEDforSEAT is undoubtedly one of the best known brands in Germany next to noblechairs, DXRacer & Co.


Why did it take so long with the test, despite countless inquiries? More about that in a moment. If the details are rather annoying and you are looking for a pure review, just scroll a little further and you will get the usual information and my experiences with the Maxnomic Commander S.



Commander S BWE
identical in construction Commander S III & PUE

powder-coated aluminum base, cold foam upholstery, PU cover, large standard castors, softpad armrests

4D armrests, lockable rocker mechanism, tiltable backrest (I estimate 135°, no specification in the store), max. load capacity of 150kg, continuously adjustable lumbar support


Why no tests of Maxnomic chairs came so far and why they refuse to cooperate with me

Since 2015, I have written mails to Maxnomic and also called to check out cooperation possibilities. My mails always remained unanswered, but when I called the 3rd time, they put me through to the CEO himself, who then told me why he wanted nothing to do with me.


Blame it on an ill-considered statement on my part combined with the unforgiving nature of the management at Maxnomic. In 2014 I started building and in the first few months I was still green behind the ears. In a comment on the site in 2015, a visitor asked me if DXRacer or Maxnomic was better.


My cheeky answer back then: “Maxnomic seems like a copy of DXRacer to me”. After my today’s experience nonsense of course. I apologized directly on the phone to the managing director personally when he spoke to me about it, but I obviously encountered unforgiveness.

Why did I say that?

The company NEEDforSEAT sold DXRacer chairs themselves until the founding of the Maxnomic brand and apparently decided at some point to establish its own brand. For me, the impression was, without much thought, that they were now copying the previously self-distributed chairs under their own name.


This is not the case and this statement in one of the hundreds of comments on my page was absolutely unqualified. Therefore, once again: I take back this statement and apologize for it.

Management considers my work not neutral

The maintenance of this website costs a lot of time and also money and of course I try to earn something with it. I receive a small commission for recommendations that lead to a purchase – this is called affiliate. People at Maxnomic think that affiliate and independent consulting are incompatible. I see it differently:


Maxnomic does its work well and earns its living with it. I also do my job well and contribute something to my livelihood through it. Two parties, both deal “professionally” with chairs, but I am groundlessly accused of lack of independence. I think that’s a shame, because you can be sure:


I always test and recommend as objectively as possible. There have also been enough chairs that I could not evaluate well and also classify as not recommendable, although I could earn money with it in case of a positive result. But I don’t do it.

Marco's TOP recommendations - find your computer chair!

On the page now linked, you’ll find my absolute favorites from the more than 20 chairs tested. I have tested in detail and tell you exactly what is important in the individual models and what they bring you. There you also have the opportunity to view the test reports:

There really is something for everyone here: for those who want to save money, those who don’t want to spend so much money and those who simply want the very best. Take a look and find the chair that suits you personally:

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Solid features: Commander in the test comes with common functions

The features of the Commander S are convincing on paper and include everything I would want in a chair in this price range.

The Commander definitely comes with a very decent package of features that you would want for a chair in this price range. But what makes the chair stand out additionally is the lumbar support. I like this better than the use of lumbar cushions.

My experience: Can the Maxnomic chair convince in detail?

As usual, I will guide you through the test report and the features of the Commander S BWE, which is identical in construction to the Commander S III, with many photos. You will find out whether I will recommend the chair in the end in my conclusion.

Dimensions: A lot of space with the Maxnomic Commander?

One of the most complained about features of common gaming chairs has always been the overly restrictive side bolsters on the seat, which annoyed any gamer who is a bit wider or simply likes to sit very wide-legged. There was a lack of space. Therefore, many a brand decided at some point to build the chairs with flatter seating surfaces, including Maxnomic. This made a positive impression in the test.


As you can see from the picture, we can hardly find any elevation here and thus pretty much anyone who doesn’t exceed the maximum load of the chair should be able to fit and sit comfortably.

Design: High quality and simple with small criticism

The design of the Commander I like basically very well and I have deliberately chosen the black and white variant, a noble color combination. Basically, the chair also stands here exactly as I imagined it, however, I have a small comment:


Because the leather is white, you can see relatively many wrinkles on the backrest, with black leatherette, the wrinkles may also be there, but are less noticeable. I do not really mind these wrinkles, but you might. Therefore: Do you mind these small design deductions, then order the Maxnomic Commander S rather in black, because it should hardly be noticeable.

Base & casters: Stable and "normal

What else: There can’t be that much special about a base and casters. These two components should not really be interesting for you, because they differ rather insignificantly per chair.


The base is made of painted steel. The advantages: It withstands loads very well and looks good due to the black paint.


In the store, NEEDforSEAT calls the installed casters “standard casters” themselves, and they are. They are normal casters, which we also know from standard office chairs. Design-wise, the casters are generally not that important to me, even if there are certainly casters that look nicer. Such nicer and quieter casters are available separately in the Maxnomic store.

Workmanship: Flawless & precise except in my case

The workmanship of Maxnomic gaming chairs like the Commander leaves nothing to be desired. The chair looks and feels like it is worth its purchase price, and in my opinion it is. Everything is sewn nice and straight and every seam is in place, with one exception:


I think I just had bad luck there. Such small mistakes happen everywhere and Maxnomic’s production is not infallible. So you don’t have to worry that such errors would also occur with your chair. I assume that this is an isolated case, as it will also happen with other major brands.


Otherwise, everything is straight and in place. The remaining seams leave nothing to be desired in terms of workmanship.

Marco's TOP recommendations - find your computer chair!

On the page now linked, you’ll find my absolute favorites from the more than 20 chairs tested. I have tested in detail and tell you exactly what is important in the individual models and what they bring you. There you also have the opportunity to view the test reports:

There really is something for everyone here: for those who want to save money, those who don’t want to spend so much money and those who simply want the very best. Take a look and find the chair that suits you personally:

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Maxnomic test: My experience with the individual functions

The Maxnomic Commander S comes with decent features and functionality. How well these can be used and what comfort this means in the end, I would like to show you briefly.

Rocking function lockable in 5 positions

The rocker mechanism is now standard on most gaming chairs. This also works flawlessly and allows the user to lock the position in 5 different positions. You have to adjust the resistance of this mechanism to your body via the dial underneath the seat.


Backrest adjustable 135° to the seat surface

Some manufacturers allow 180° here, another 155° and the next finds that 135° is sufficient, as with the Maxnomic Commander. And I see it similarly. I don’t really need the 180° angle, no sow can sleep restfully on such a chair. For me, the 135° is enough to watch YouTube videos or movies in front of the computer, for example, and to lie a bit more comfortably.

4D armrests under test

Once a highlight, now state of the art: 4D armrests. Unthinkable in this price range. The armrests can be easily adjusted in all 4 directions, and below the seat they can be adjusted outward or inward again.


I have nothing at all to criticize about the armrests. I’ve only seen cooler armrests in the RECARO Exo Platinum, which is in a different price league.

My favorite: Variable lumbar support

I already loved this new feature on the noblechairs HERO and I’m happy about it here as well: Instead of a lumbar cushion, which you can hardly build uniformly for each lordosis, here is a variably adjustable lumbar support.


You simply have to turn this wheel and the lumbar support shows up more prominently if you want it to – or not. The most sensible solution for me in the area of lumbar support.

Seat comfort: Does the Commander deliver?

How can I say… At Maxnomic may not like me, but I’m not vindictive and therefore honest: Yes, he does. I can report nothing negative about the seating comfort. It sits very comfortably in my Maxnomic Commander S test and I could easily spend several hours a day on this piece of furniture.


I like the hardness of the upholstery foam and the lumbar support, the pleasant armrests and the neck cushion provide a pleasant comfort level.

Conclusion of the test: Buy from Maxnomic?

Basically everything is right with the Commander S. The small seam defect should not be taken into account, so the Maxnomic chair plays in the upper league of well-known brands in the test, and rightly so. So if this model is your favorite among all the brands and models, then dig in.


It is regrettable for me, of course, that people basically reject me and my work at Maxnomic. To some extent that may be my fault, however I feel that 4 years after a personal apology for a misstep in word choice, one could practice reconciliation and forgive – but that probably won’t happen again.


Until then, this will be my only review of a Maxnomic chair from NEEDforSEAT.

Corsair T1 Race v2 review – My experience with the Corsair gaming chair


Corsair T1 Race v2 review - My experience with the Corsair gaming chair

My first Corsair gaming chair is ready for testing. I bought the Corsair T1 Race v2 for about $ 269 in a special offer, on Amazon it costs around $ 340 and thus already competes with models in a quite good price range. You can see it more often now that gaming brands provide catalog goods from the Far East with their own logo to participate in the gaming chair market.


Corsair has been known for high-quality mice, keyboards, headsets, RAM, SSDs and more. Now the US company has its own chairs on the market for a few months, of which the T1 Race is the very first to be subjected to a test by me. I have the v2 version here, which is the newer one that comes with screwable side panels and a new cushion cover compared to the T1 – otherwise everything is supposed to be the same here.



T1 Race v2

Steel frame without cross braces, nylon base, cold foam upholstery, PU cover on contact surface, PVC on backside

4D armrests, non-locking rocker function, backrest can be tilted 180°, smooth-running nylon skate wheels, max. load 120kg

Where to start in my T1 Race Test....

The chair is standing 3 meters next to me while I’m pounding these words into the keyboard. Why 3 meters? The Corsair T1 Race smells. Or stinks? It smells very strongly of plastic & chemicals. Despite it being 3 meters away, I can still smell the cover. Not because the smell pulls up to here, but because I have just neatly fumbled the chair and my hand has taken exactly this smell. So it was obvious to me to mention this point first and foremost.


I’m really trying to find as many positive things as possible about my Corsair gaming chair, so that people don’t scream that I’m too spoiled and that I only badmouth all cheap models. The chair is not one of the cheap ones at all with its almost $ 330 – and yet it’s hard for me to find points that justify the price – because the quality doesn’t really appeal to me, at least not in relation to the price paid.

The structure in the Corsair T1 test

I can’t complain about the assembly. The chair comes in more parts than the S300, Racer 1 or any noblechairs chair, but that’s not really a problem – whether I have to tighten 5 or 15 screws for a chair I want to use in the long term – screw it. So the assembly is a little different from other manufacturers in the price segment, but that’s not a direct criticism.

Design des Corsair Gaming Stuhls

The T1 Race looks like a typical gaming chair at first, and that strikes me as positive. After all, we want a decently designed and shaped chair. The use of different patterns makes the chair particularly attractive. On the armrests we find a 3D pattern that reminds me of carbon, PU variations are also used in other places for a pretty look. Look good? Check. But is the build quality of the T1 Race also convincing?


Corsair T1 Race in practice test - Now it goes into detail

Now it’s time to get down to business. I will now present the chair to you step by step with pictures. If you read my personal evaluation of the individual parts, keep in mind: I always make these evaluations in relation to the price. And this is about $ 340. And this much in advance: It wouldn’t be worth that to me. There are cheaper variants that can do more…

The PU cover of the T1...

… stinks terribly. But we’ve already had that. However, the feel is basically not bad. I directly dug through my gaming chair collection again and found out: The PU leathers at AKRacing, DXRacer, Nitro Concepts and noblechairs feel softer. Only the cover, not the cushion. Whether it feels soft to the hand or not so soft, I don’t really care. We often sit on it with clothes on anyway.


But the smell makes me very suspicious. And I have to be honest: I wouldn’t like to sit on it with naked skin, because the odors are very strong. And if you touch the chair, your hand smells of it for a while. The Corsair T1 Race has now been built for two weeks and unfortunately still smells very strong, so you have to be patient.


By the way, it is also quite certain that the cover smells so strongly, not the upholstery. Because that is made of polyurethane and polyurethane is supposed to be odorless.


Above all, the quality of the cover material seems to be poor. Because from other models in the price range I do not know these strong chemical and acrid odors. I do not know what this cover was treated with, but that it is healthy for humans, I can hardly imagine.

Improperly covered, some wrinkles

In the pictures you can see the many wrinkles that the cover throws. These would not affect the seating comfort, but for $340 we may demand a little more quality. And I’m looking here unfortunately on all corners, but do not quite find.


In any case, this lack of quality is noticeable in many places. But that is still one of the less serious problems. Personally, I wouldn’t mind it at all and would quickly get used to it. But if you know, like I do, that it could be better, you have to criticize it.

Positive: The Rollerblade wheels

They are actually pretty cool and I would like to see them more often with other manufacturers. You get here namely inline rollers made of rubber and they really run absolutely whisper-quiet and noiselessly over the floor. You really hear nothing here and almost floats over the ground. Once tapped, this chair rolls through the very smooth-running rollers several meters.


So I have found something positive: The casters. But just as the unclean cover is not a loss for seating comfort, the casters are not a significant gain when you consider the other ergonomic features of the Corsair Gaming Chair.

Armrest: Cool design, slightly damaged

The 3D pattern of the armrests looks cool, I like that. I can’t say anything particularly good or bad about the armrests either: they are just normal 4D armrests. What I find only a pity is that the one armrest already arrived with a quirk with me.


I would have gotten used to it quickly, but when you buy a chair for just under $ 300, you’re a bit pressed for the time being.

Seating comfort: Why 70% of us can barely use the T1

The main problem with the Corsair T1 Race in the test is probably the overall shape of the chair. After all, I can’t imagine that many of us will be able to sit on it adequately at all, because the strange dimensions exclude what I estimate to be 70% of the buyer base.

T1 Race without lumbar cushion unusable

I’m going to show you why I find the construction of the Corsair Gaming chair so incomprehensible. For the record, when I went to buy a new bed last year, the rude mattress salesman told me I had “a hip like a 9-year-old.” Bum. My hip is actually very narrow. And now this:


The side bolsters of the backrest go absolutely steeply outwards and I even have to press myself into this gap a little. And that with a hip circumference of only 90cm. Take but directly times n tape measure and measure with you.


The question: How many people will fit into this chair?


Women in particular often have wider hips and not all of us men are slim either. Therefore, if you’re not very slim, you’re out of luck.


My test person is also close to the limit: And that at 167cm and 53kg body weight. She really isn’t broadly built.

T1 Race with lumbar cushion also unusable

A lumbar or lordosis pillow is intended to fill the curvature of our spine and thus support and relieve our back muscles. The prerequisite for this is, of course, that the lumbar cushion also has the shape of the lordosis. And now let’s take a look at the lumbar cushion of the Corsair T1 Race in the test:


I would be surprised if this fits at all in anyone’s hollow back. It’s just not that long, the cushion shouldn’t be that deep. Using the chair with the cushion feels just as wrong as using it without. It’s not so much a pleasant support as a foreign body that doesn’t feel like it belongs there.


The cushion forces me to stretch out my stomach. I am quite sure that everyone who already owns this Corsair gaming chair sits on it without a lumbar cushion.

Seat experience with T1 Race - Conclusion

It’s not worth writing further about the seating comfort, because my experience here with the Corsair chair is already clear: I can’t sit comfortably on this. And most of you won’t be able to either. The T1 Race’s side bolsters are just so constricting that I find it uncomfortable to sit on the chair.


Without this faulty design, the chair could be quite comfortable. And for those who are narrower than me, the chair might even be comfortable, I can imagine. As a final point, however, there is now the price, which I feel is not quite appropriate for the performance offered.

Alternatives to T1 Race: More chair for less money

For $ 233-245 there is, for example, the S300 from Nitro Concepts. The armrests are similarly adjustable here. The only difference: The armrests of the S300 cannot be moved from the inside to the outside, so they are 3D instead of 4D armrests. On the other hand, the S300 has no constricting side panels. The T1 Race can support up to 120 kg, the S300 up to 135 kg.


The padding on the seat of the T1 is considerably thinner. A bit more foam would have been appropriate there. The S300 is available with a fabric or PU cover, while none of the covers smells unpleasant here. Overall, the chair makes a much more valuable impression at a lower price. I would definitely go for nitro concepts if in doubt.


The T1 Race’s rocker mechanism has an angle of 0-10°, while the S300’s is 0-14°. The mechanisms are not lockable on either chair. The S300 has steel cross braces in the backrest, while the T1 Race has rubber cross braces. This may not play a role in comfort at first, and perhaps not in longevity either, but it is at least a higher material input.

Alternative for a little more money and much more chair

For hardly more you can buy real premium chairs, like the noblechairs EPIC for $330. Also the ICON is not that far away in price and Secretlab also comes with some more features. The EPIC and T1 Race are similar in design, but in terms of features, quality and workmanship, it clearly surpasses the T1 in my opinion.

side cover

Conclusion: Buy Corsair T1 Race? My experience from the test

I can’t recommend the chair for $340. If there was the Corsair T1 Race v2 for $240, it would look different – for the money it would be ok. But with the real price I can not make friends, for that it hapert in too many places and there is simply the competition then rather in question. The most important points again in short:

It looks like Corsair tried to save a bit on all corners and edges so that the chair would be cheap to buy. The thin padding, the fragrant cover, the wobbly lever, small damages and unclean seams and dents in the seams. I think there was a savings fox involved.

I am dissatisfied with the gaming chair from Corsair, I expected more. And immediately to those who think I only want to recommend the expensive chairs: The chair belongs to the premium segment in terms of price and I even recommend a chair that costs less instead. So it’s definitely not about money here.

AKRacing vs DXRacer vs Vertagear – which one to buy?

AKRacing vs DXRacer vs Vertagear

AKRacing vs DXRacer vs Vertagear – which one to buy?

The biggest question among guys interested in premium gaming chairs seems to be: Which brand makes the better chairs? AKRacing or DXRacer or Vertagear? I have to admit that it is not easy to make this decision since all three manufacturers offer high quality products with great style. With Vertagear making its impressive first appearance on the market it really did not get any easier.


In this article I will tell you if there is a winner in the duel AKRacing vs DXRacer vs Vertagear or if it is going to be an overall draw. Regardless of the outcome this article will make your decision of choosing one of those premium brands a lot easier!

AKRacing vs DXRacer vs Vertagear

DXRacer vs AKRacing or Vertagear - strengths & weaknesses!

Ok let’s get down to the comparison: From my experience with all these brands and chairs I can say that qualitywise they are basically all the same. So all three manufacturers have high quality standards and they all make great chairs … but there are some minor differences that I want to point out. When you consider the following table keep in mind that we are criticizing on a very high level and you can definitely not make anything wrong with buying either of these chairs.



  • established brand
  • largest selection of chairs
  • offers seats for every stature (the Tank series is able to carry 440 pounds)
  • very active on the esports scene
  • many different styles and colors
  • offers cheaper chairs as well as premium models
  • has fabric and PU-Leather chairs

  • not every model comes with all the features: for example the armrests of the F-Series move only up and down
  • some chairs can only carry up to 220 pounds
  • not a lot of upgrade accessories available



  • established brand

  • 2nd largest chair selection

  • offers seats for almost every stature

  • many different styles and colors

  • cheap entry into the premium sector (Prime Series)

  • offers mainly cheaper and averaged prized models (1 Premium, being the ProX)

  • has fabric and PU-Leather chairs

  • Every chair is able to carry at least 330 pounds

  • accessories like silent caster rolls or bigger gaslifts available

  • not every model comes with all the features: for example the armrests of the Prime Series move only up and down

  • product availability in the U. S. is not that great

  • company lacks a bit of presence on the esport scene

  • selection lacks bigger chairs for larger statures



  • the manufacturer considers community feedback very actively

  • every model, from cheap to expensive, comes with modern features like 4D-armrests

  • Offers Sets for almost every stature (the P-Line is able to carry 440 pounds)

  • 4 different styles and many colors available

  • cheap entry into the premium sector (SL 2000)

  • Offers 4 differently prized models (1 Premium, being the PL 6000)

  • Every chairs is able to carry at least 330 pounds

  • the chair selection is a bit smaller (the new Triigger Line is on the way though)
  • only PU-Leather available
  • not a lot of upgrade accessories available

The table illustrates the AKRacing vs DXRacer vs Vertagear “debate” but before you get all too serious about the single facts think about this: All in all it is not really a question of which brand is the best but rather which chair fits my personal needs and budget best. The aside the CONs in general sound a lot harsher than they are. Let’s take a look at some of those aspects:

Not every model comes with all the features

While this might be right for DXRacer or AKRacing, it is not really an argument against any of these brands because you can simply choose a model, that comes with the features you like. Same goes for the “some models carry only XXX pounds” argument.

Not a lot of upgrade accessories available

This is true for any brand but AKRacing – the thing is: The AKRacing accessories also fit Vertagear or DXRacer chairs. In the end this is also not a thing that should influence your buying decision.

Selection lacks bigger chairs

Ok this one can be a decider when you are looking for a new gaming chair BUT only if you need a big chair like the DXRacer Tank Series. If not, this should not bother you at all.

Only PU-leather available

Both PU-leather and fabric surfaces have their ups and downs. None of these materials is just “better”, it is a case of personal preferences. It maybe makes a game chair company less interesting for people that go straight for fabric seats, but for everyone else this should not be taken too seriously.


Let’s just stop right here. Got my point? Don’t just scan the table for black and white statements and rather ask yourself: What do I really need and what do I prefer? Then follow the buttons at the bottom of the table and check out my model comparison of all three brands.

And the winner is ... DXRacer! No wait, it’s AKRacing ... or Vertagear?

I could go on but I really just wanted to proof the point, that there is no overall winner in the battle of gaming chair brands. AKRacing or DXRacer or Vertagear – stop asking that question and start your search for the perfect game chair from another angle.


Your main criteria should be:


  1. Does the chair fit my size and stature?
  2. Do I like its optics?
  3. Does it have all the features I want?
  4. Does the Seat fit into my budget?
  5. Is it available?

Who cares what brand is printed on the pillow if the chair is just right and awesome in every aspect. So for each and every one of you guys I strongly recommend you to check my comparison right here: ▷ Most comfortable and best chairs for gaming!


Final conclusion: The battle AKRacing vs. DXRacer vs. Vertagear has no clear winner. It comes down to the chairs qualitys and your personal preferences. Take the table above as a little help, but don’t bite too firmly on it.

My PC gaming chair: PU-leather or fabric?

A pro pc gaming chair made out of fabric or pu leather.

My PC gaming chair: PU-leather, fabric, real leather oder hybrid leather?

A pro pc gaming chair made out of fabric or pu leather.Aspects like stability, design and rocking are important, but you shouldn’t forget to think about the surface material. Would you rather have a leather or a fabric gaming chair? The material is really important because you certainly don’t want to sweat like a pig in the summer, do you? And you don’t want your seat to be covered in sticky dirt and stains either, do you? Then you should read this short article before choosing your personal PC gaming chair. Leather vs. fabric, who wins the battle?


Should my PC gaming chair be covered with PU leather, fabric, genuine leather or hybrid leather?

I can’t make that decision for you, I can only recommend what seat cover I would choose if I had to buy a new PC gaming chair right now. Ultimately, you have to make this decision by paying attention to what YOUR priorities are. So ask yourself the question: what are my priorities? Would I mind sweating a little more during longer gaming sessions? Do you really sweat the same on every faux leather cover? Did my parents teach me how to eat right, or am I going to screw up my PC gaming chair? And so on. Question yourself and read my words:

Gamechanger of the artificial leather cover - hybrid material

Unlike the classic faux leather, this cover is breathable and still brings the classy “leather” look. It consists of a PU and vinyl mix, is abrasion resistant, pleasant to the touch, breathable and easy to clean. If you now think that PC chairs with this material must surely be expensive, you are wrong. The price difference to normal PU covers is only small.

There are not so long gaming chairs with this cover on the market. Noblechairs has released an edition with this cover in 2019 – the noblechairs Black Edition. The usual features of each chair remain the same, only the cover has changed.


Haptics, appearance and seating feel of the materials

The look and feel is, of course, a matter of taste. One likes it better in a cozy look, the other prefers a noble look.

PU leather, faux leather, genuine leather and hybrid material

Many people like the classy look of leather furniture and PU leather is cheaper than real leather. I like the look too and have tested several PU leather gaming chairs.

I would rank the seat feel the same for PU leather, faux leather and genuine leather. Of course, the feel is slightly different depending on the quality and material, but all three covers have the same seat hardness.

The new hybrid material, on the other hand, is a bit softer and also provides a slightly softer seat.

Soft and warm fabric cover

Especially in winter, some might find a fabric cover more pleasant, since the chair does not bring this “cold feeling” with it when you first sit on it, like a real leather or faux leather chair. Which of course is also a purely personal feeling.


A seat with a fabric cover is usually softer than any other cover. Of course, it also depends on the particular upholstery of the chair here. In all my gaming chair tests, however, it has also been shown that the same model with the same upholstery is softer when it is covered with fabric.

To sweat or not to sweat - that is the question

Slipping off the seat at some point while gaming because the cover is not breathable is very unpleasant. Especially in high summer, gamen is simply less fun.

Imitation leather covers

PU leather gaming chairs sometimes make you sweat a bit more, that’s the main reason why some people don’t like PU leather. This material is not always really breathable, and so some gamers sweat on a PU leather chair in the summer and then feel very uncomfortable while gaming. A few hours go by, and suddenly you realize that the seat is just as sweaty as the backrest. Is that what you want? No one wants that. You want to feel comfortable on your PC gaming chair.


Chair covers made of PU (polyurethane) are offered in different quality classes – “Grades”. So there are Higher Grades, which are accordingly higher quality, and lower Grades. On PC chairs with a High Grades cover, you sweat less than on lower Grades. Ultimately, it also depends on how much you sweat. Some people tend to sweat a lot more than others, so you have to decide how important this aspect is to you.

Pu leather of premium gambler chair

Breathable hybrid material

The new hybrid material is considered particularly water and air permeable. The breathable material reduces sweating on the chair and leaves the classic PU material in the shade.

Fabric cover

That you sweat less on a fabric-covered chair is nothing new. The material is nice breathable and air permeable.

Genuine leather

Together with the hybrid material and fabric covers, genuine leather is considered the most breathable cover material in a PC chair.

genuine leather cover

Cleaning and care of materials

Who wants to constantly subject their chair to complete maintenance? Probably not many. It should be as uncomplicated and easy to care for as possible.

Easy care PU leather and hybrid leather

One advantage of PU leather is that you won’t have too much of a problem if you get your PC gaming chair dirty with food or something, because it’s very easy to clean. You can simply wipe the dirt off your seat.

Real leather in need of care

Real leather can also be cleaned easily and quickly with a cloth. However, you should take good care of your genuine leather chair and treat it with leather care from time to time in order to get the most out of the good cover for as long as possible.

Dirt magnet fabric

I have to admit that stains have a much better chance on fabric-covered PC gaming chairs. If you like to eat while gaming, you might get stains on your chair once in a while. Synthetic leather, hybrid material or genuine leather can be easily wiped off – fabric covers, on the other hand, readily absorb dirt and need to be cleaned with upholstery cleaner or similar if they are more heavily soiled. For minor soiling, however, cleaning with a wet cloth should also suffice.

fabric cover

Durability of your PC gaming chair

Who decides for a gaming chair would like to have of course also as long as possible something from him and not that the cover after irdgendwann dissolves or becomes cracked.

Different service life for PU covers

In terms of durability, not all gaming chairs with a PU cover can be lumped together. As already mentioned, there are higher grades and lower grades that also differ in terms of durability. Very “cheap” synthetic leather covers can dissolve softeners over time, which are a problem for health on the one hand, and for the durability of the leather on the other. The cover can thus become “brittle” over time and form unsightly cracks.


Hybrid leather

Covers made of the hybrid material are said to be more durable than PU covers. The material is of higher quality and less sensitive. I would say that the hybrid material is between artificial leather and real leather in terms of durability. How long the cover with this material really lasts, I can not say yet. The chairs with this cover have not been around long enough for that.

Durable genuine leather cover

Genuine leather is known to be quite a durable cover material. With proper care, your chair can really age with this cover.

Fabric coverings

With a fabric cover there are also differences in quality. It can happen that after some time individual threads peek out of the seat or the backrest. But here, too, it depends very much on the respective quality and workmanship.

Important to note - pets and chair covers

You have a cat or a dog at home that would like to jump on the chair? You should consider this when choosing the right cover for your PC gamer chair. Even if your pet would not intentionally scratch your chair, accidents can still happen quickly with the sharp claws.

In this case, I would definitely advise you against a genuine leather chair. It would be just too bad if the expensive chair with the good cover quickly gets scratches. Even a faux leather cover would not come off so well here. A chair with a fabric cover might be best for you. Sure – the fabric cover can also get the animals broken, but scratches are not so visible and can be concealed if necessary even better.


In my opinion a no-go - covers made of PVC

PC chairs with a PVC cover are fortunately very rare. In my opinion, it is simply the cheapest cover you can take. It doesn’t feel nice and reminds me of a thick PVC paddling pool liner. Due to greasy substances – like skin grease – softeners come off the cover. -> Bad for the health and durability of the cover.

Conclusion: Which cover should it be?

Which cover is better or worse is not so easy to say. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and in the end it all depends on personal needs and wishes.

In addition, there are also great differences in quality among the individual materials. One manufacturer uses high-quality materials, the other less good.

Other important features of a gamer chair

You want to know what else is important for you when buying a chair? Then take a look at our -> gaming chair test, where you will find other important factors such as upholstery, backrest, mechanics, adjustment options, size advice and much more.


If you have any further questions or need help choosing the right chair, feel free to contact me.