noblechairs Black Edition


Noblechairs Black Edition in test - An impressive upgrade for the noble family

New from noblechairs: The Black Edition! Of course, I am directly at the start with the new model. I have here today the EPIC in the Black Edition, but HERO & ICON are also available in the new edition.

The absolute highlight is the completely new cover, which is a synthetic leather, but breathes, brings a super quality look and thus offers an alternative for real leather.


But that’s not the only innovation – a few more little things adorn the new Black Edition and make the noblechairs experience even a touch classier. I would now like to introduce all these innovations to you!

Table of contents

noblechairs Black Edition Test - this is NEW:

Before I show you the individual innovations with pictures and my comment, first in short form the innovations that distinguish the Black Edition from the normal editions of the EPIC, HERO and ICON:

So a lot has changed. The big change is, of course, the revolutionary and German-made cover of the noblechairs Black Edition. Not only does this one feel classy, it also comes to your home with a damn classy looking matte finish.


In combination with the small optical and material upgrades, the Black Edition for EPIC, ICON & HERO is a successful upgrade.


The innovations of the Black Edition in detail

Now I show you how the whole thing looks in comparison! For comparison I have here the EPIC in genuine leather, the PU variant and the new EPIC Black Edition.

The breathable cover

The cover is breathable, water vapor permeable, abrasion resistant, as well as durable and robust. At the same time, it feels pleasantly soft. Ultimately, that sounds like a dreamy faux leather, doesn’t it? It is.


It keeps up with the properties of real leather in every discipline and is completely free of animal components, so it is completely vegan.


Much cheaper than genuine leather

This artificial leather from the development of a German company combines the properties of real leather, but at the same time is much cheaper. While a real leather chair quickly costs an extra 200€, the extra expense amounts to a fraction of that.


Your opportunity to get an absolutely breathable noblechairs without having to pay more than 500€ for it.


Easy care & extremely durable

It always gets better: genuine leather must be cared for, otherwise it becomes brittle and cracked. The faux leather of the noblechairs Black Edition is super easy to care for and does not need to be regularly treated with care products.

Lever, armrest & base upgrades

Less plastic, more metal: This not only means an upgrade for material quality and thus durability, but also for the senses: Metal components look and feel more premium.


Here we see the metal lever for adjusting the backrest.


Here is a comparison picture: The standard model vs. the Black Edition


Here I show you the new armrests with the larger metal part.


Even when you adjust the height of the armrest, you can hear the metal construction inside. An excellent upgrade that will probably extend the durability of the armrests considerably.


Not to mention, the armrest has also changed – all Black Editions now have the same premium armrest as the HERO.


Here’s the base: previously an inconspicuous but good steel base, now aluminum with powder coating.

Belt guides: Comparison to predecessor

Finally, let’s talk about the new seatbelt grommets and the overall look. Those who found the noblechairs classy anyway will find another upgrade here in the noblechairs Black Edition in the test:


Conclusion: Green light for attic dwellers & lovers of high-quality workmanship

Those who sweat a lot, live in attic apartments or are looking for an exceptionally good artificial leather experience will now find what they are looking for.


The anyway high-quality PU leather of the noblechairs series is replaced here by an artificial leather that takes up the properties of real leather and even improves them: breathable, abrasion-resistant, durable and absolutely easy to clean to boot.


With the matte finish of the breathable cover material in combination with the further upgrades with regard to the armrests, the base and the belt feed-throughs, noblechairs has created a new definition for “noble” with the Black Edition that deserves its name:


The new EPIC, just like its colleagues HERO & ICON, now comes to your home with even higher quality features.


A new overall package consisting of look, feel and the insanely comfortable cover material leaves me no choice but to recommend the noblechairs Black Edition to you.


Put an end to your search for fabric covers and get yourself a classy leather-look chair that still won’t make you damp while gaming and breathes.

noblechairs HERO

noblechairs Hero Series Review

Noblechairs HERO Review: My experience with the new model!

I’ve been looking forward to this day: The new noblechairs HERO is on the market and joins the ranks as the third in a series of extremely high-quality and impressively good-looking chairs. Here is my HERO test!


After ICON and EPIC were already great successes, this time the manufacturer “noblechairs”, known for its high quality and yet affordable prices, relies on a concept that offers even more space for the occupant of his throne. The HERO is in fact the largest chair of the now 3 available models, without becoming outrageously expensive.

noblechairs Hero Series Review

But that’s not all: There’s another innovation that I’m very excited about: the adjustable lumbar support. Lumbar cushions are unnecessary here for the first time because a completely variable lumbar support is used, just like in a sports car. Be curious what else I have to say about this chair.


The following is my test video for the chair as well as a detailed test report with high-resolution photos that will introduce you to all of the chair’s features. After this review, you’ll know everything you need to know! Whether I recommend the purchase, what the chair costs and for what height it is suitable, you will now learn.

Table of contents

Features & innovations of the noblechairs HERO

noblechairs surprised me with one or two innovations besides the generous dimensions. Besides these innovations, noblechairs trumps with the usual advantages of a luxury gaming chair brand despite very competitive prices:

Test: Is the HERO convincing in detail?


I will now guide you through the test report bit by bit with high-resolution images. I’ll revisit all the features mentioned in the video with detailed images. Only a few more minutes between you and a meaningful impression of the new HERO.

Size advice: dimensions of the noblechairs HERO

The dimensions here once again exceed those of the already generous ICON. I once had two very massive gamers in the office who had to choose between DXRacer King, AKRacing ProX and noblechairs ICON. Although the former two are built specifically for wider gamers, they both opted for the ICON, a chair that offers a lot of space.


The HERO is now even larger and the side bolsters at the edge are now so flat that no thigh will demand more space here. We also have even more space available in the back area than before. So definitely a chair for gamers who need more space – without being too expensive.

Height: My test person with 167cm height sits super on the chair – me with 189cm as well! I would set the limits at 165cm-205cm, whereby: are you smaller, you simply buy the -5cm gas spring! So you find even with 160cm still place on the Hero. Only the hard cushion can be too hard for very light people.

Design: Noble. Valuable. Elegant.

Noblechairs once again manages to create a symbiosis of racing and elegance. We still find a gaming chair in front of us, but one that will also please any boss. Because the chair surpasses the typical executive chair character once again and just looks classy.


The chair’s noble look is provided by its shape on the one hand, and on the other hand by the noble embroidery in a diamond pattern and the PU leather that has a high-quality feel to it.

The offered color variations also make a difference and always look elegant and not kitschy or squeaky.

Base: solid aluminum and powder coated

Even the rather unspectacular base is given a noble look with the powder coating.

Full aluminum is used as the material, which offers decent robustness and strength.

Smooth running 60mm rollers

The casters have remained fairly standard: 60mm plastic casters that glide quietly over hard and soft floors.

plastic castors-of-the-noble-hero-chair

There are a few competitors who use even larger rollers. Basically, larger rollers run more easily than smaller ones. However, this is not really reflected in the size, especially since the rollers of the HERO are very quiet anyway.

Field test: Features of the noblechairs HERO

As already announced, the range of functions of the new model has been expanded once again. More space, more functions, more fun. Let’s take a look at what the HERO can do:

Lockable rocker function

As always, we find a rocker function that can also be locked in any position. A must for every premium chair. Below the seat is an adjustment wheel that allows you to adjust the resistance of the rocker function to your body weight. The rocking mechanism runs smoothly and works.

Backrest tiltable (135°) 125°

With a lever on the right side of the chair you can tilt the backrest backwards.

reclining backrest

An angle of 135° to the seat surface is possible here and sufficient in my eyes, among other things because I rarely use this function. Some manufacturers offer here up to 180 °, but for me the 135 ° are sufficient.


Update: In the meantime, according to the store, it is only 125°.

Perforated PU cover, genuine leather or new breathable cover?

The noblechairs HERO is covered with PU or genuine leather. It goes without saying that the genuine leather version costs more money. I was able to test the EPIC in genuine leather and I liked the feel of it extraordinarily well.

New: Recently, the HERO is also available upholstered in a new PU/vinyl mix, which is as breathable as genuine leather but costs much less! Click here for the –> noblechairs Black Edition.

perforated leatherette

However, those who don’t want to invest the money will certainly be satisfied with the perforated imitation leather cover: Because it feels very good and is extraordinarily thick with a thickness of 1.5mm and thus durable.


Lumbar and neck pillows? Yes, but…

Both cushions are included and are covered with soft fabric as usual, which makes the cushions much more comfortable than the rigid ones with PU-covered cushions. They fit much better.

neck pillow-hero

As always, covered with a very soft, fluffy fabric and pleasantly compliant.


The neck pillow also still makes sense, but we do not need the lumbar pillow due to the new continuously adjustable lumbar support. Fortunately: Because lumbar pillows are the somewhat less elegant solution anyway, not least because they are usually much thicker than the user’s lordosis.

wheel lordosis support

Because this can be adjusted by means of wheels on the edge of the backrest steplessly and individually to your loin.


The lumbar region at the bottom inflates as a result of the rotation.


When seated, it can be easily and quickly adjusted to your own lordosis.

Memory foam in headrest

Also new: Memory foam is used for the first time in the head area of the backrest.


This is supposed to provide a comfortable cushioning for the head. This also works very well as long as you do not use the neck pillow and lean back with the chair, for example when you relax and play games or watch videos. In comparison, it feels a bit softer with the foam in the headrest.

4D armrests

As always, the armrests can be adjusted in 4 directions (4D).


So, along with the other adjustment options, you’ll customize your chair just the way you want it.

soft plastic on armrests

The soft plastic on the armrest ensures that the elbows are comfortably padded and not irritated by constant friction.

Seating comfort: HERO or ZERO?

Creative headline, eh? In terms of seating comfort, I can look as long as I want, but I won’t find any criticism. As is typical for noblechairs, the upholstery is harder than that of the competition, but it is also particularly resistant to deformation. The upholstery of the Black Edition feels a bit softer, which will be due to the cover. Otherwise, there is firm upholstery here as usual.

Especially the new lumbar support, which makes the lumbar cushion completely unnecessary, makes for an excellent sitting experience. There’s basically no room for improvement here, apart from a synchro mechanism like on the Gamechanger or Backforce One perhaps, but that’s also only available for significantly more money.

Conclusion: Impeccable comfort features make sitting fun!

Conclusion: noblechairs HERO buy?

Absolutely. I see no reason why you shouldn’t reach for the HERO and order it if you like the design. The range of functions is quite large and is not inferior to the models of the competition in any way – on the contrary: With the new lumbar support and the memory foam in the headrest, we even get a feature here that is a real rarity on the market.


The price-performance ratio is also extraordinarily good: Where gamers who need more space had to spend sums beyond $400-500 so far, you can get the nobelchairs HERO for a very affordable $365 with a PU cover. And for $60 more, you even get a super breathable cover if you opt for the Black Edition. Conclusion: Recommended purchase!

nоblесhаirѕ ICON Sеriеѕ

noblechairs ICON Series in test - My experience with the model

After noblechairs shook up the scene in 2016 with the revolutionary EPIC gaming chair, it was quite quiet around the luxury manufacturer for quite some time. But as the saying goes: Good things come to those who wait – I can only emphasize that, because honestly no one needs a product inflation á la DXRacer.


In contrast, noblechairs only releases chairs that have been thought through down to the smallest (design) technical detail and continuously optimizes them in response to buyer feedback. No unnecessary redundancies, no compromises, no half measures – each chair fills its niche optimally.


Long story short: the ICON Gaming Chair is here, adding fresh design, optimized components – including armrests, base, backrest – and new ergonomic features to the manufacturer’s fine lineup. You can find out who the ICON Series is suitable for in terms of budget and fit, and where you can buy the chair at a good price in this review including video.

Table of contents



Steel frame, solid aluminum base, cold foam upholstery (55kg/m³), PU imitation leather or genuine leather cover, 60mm PU/nylon castors, PU armrests

4D armrests, height adjustable (49.5cm-59.5cm), lockable & adjustable rocker function, backrest tiltable up to 135°.

Update: Meanwhile, the ICON Series is back in stock in limited quantities. I recommend Caseking – don’t wait too long, you can find the offers here:

The usual advantages of the luxury brand

The ICON initially trumps with the usual strengths of noblechairs, which I will briefly summarize:

In addition to these purely physical advantages, i like to emphasize that the german minds behind the brand are not only customer-friendly, but also (technically) competent. you often look in vain for such a level of expertise in this market segment, where the majority of “manufacturers” buy their chairs off the shelf – this impressed me from the very beginning with noblechairs, and of course buyers of the ICON will also enjoy this excellent support.

There were hardly any real points of criticism with the previous model

Some gamers found the padding a bit too firm, while others liked it very much. It always depends on what you prefer. I sat on the EPIC for a long time and found it great. When I sat on a softer chair for a while afterwards, the noblechairs upholstery also seemed quite hard. What you learn from this, though, is that it’s a matter of getting used to it, in a way.

Overall, the main thing I wanted was a model with the same quality standards that would work for larger, heavier gamers. Even if the 120kg maximum load capacity of the EPIC was rather pessimistic – noble plays it safe and includes load spikes when sitting down, for example – the shape of the backrest was only conditionally suitable for broad-shouldered people.

What makes the ICON special?

Let’s take a look at the innovations before the practical test. I was particularly curious about this because the ICON is not the umpteenth clone of tried-and-tested design borrowings, but an innovative product from a company that is known for its meticulousness and attention to detail.


First a look at the dimensions

When comparing the mere dimensions of the EPIC and ICON, one or the other is puzzled, because the practical differences lie in the design. While many data are identical, there are small differences here and there: The entire width of the seat surface is 5cm narrower on the ICON, for example … narrower? Isn’t that a step in the wrong direction? Don’t worry, the dimensions are deceptive here – more on that in a moment.


More freedom for the thighs

The EPIC already offered more room to breathe due to the flatter side bolsters, which also merged directly into the seat. In other gaming chairs, the seat simply stops before the side bolsters – if your thighs are a bit wider, you’ll feel an uncomfortable squeeze after a few hours at the latest. With the ICON, we’ve gone one step further by flattening the cheeks even more by removing a steel brace. This widens the effective seat surface enormously. Let’s be honest: Nobody needs lateral support in front of the desk anyway.


More freedom for the backrest

While the familiar design – fine leather look & diamond-pattern decorative stitching – also prevails in terms of backrest, the lateral support is also less aggressive here. On the way up, the backrest does not spread as usual, but tapers and also does without the typical belt holes.


A mixture of throne and sport seat

Where the EPIC had a width of 54.5 cm in the shoulder area, the ICON is “only” 39 cm wide. The meaning behind this is as follows: Of the 54.5cm width, only a good 30cm could be used effectively so far, because from this point the lateral protrusions lean strongly forward. While this is a great feature for narrower or normally built people – it feels like being hugged from behind – this shape becomes a problem for broad-shouldered gamers, whose cheeks press into their backs from behind.


The ICON does away with the usual sport seat silhouette, leaving shoulders free while the upper back rests snugly against the even more padded backrest. The headrest is also extra thickly padded and slightly more pronounced towards the front, so many gamers will be able to get by without a neck pillow. The new shape gives the ICON a royal look that is more reminiscent of a throne than a sports seat – a successful symbiosis.


A design upgrade for the armrests

The armrests were already one of the highlights of the EPIC. After all, noblechairs was the first manufacturer that managed to attach its 4D armrests in such a way that they did not rattle unnecessarily. The upholstery also took a different approach than usual.


With the ICON, they went one better design-wise by giving the originally stainless steel-colored metal parts a black powder coating now, to match the rest. While they are “rounder” overall and somewhat smaller in size, the upper part of the armrests has been given a chic high-gloss look, which harmoniously accentuates the noble overall work of art. Furthermore, the surface is less rough, which should benefit the elbows.


An indestructible base

Because the manufacturer also wants to provide more weighty gamers with space on the new ICON, they have further optimized the base: It is now made of solid aluminum, which was unique in this industry at the time around 2016. In the meantime, there are also many other manufacturers with aluminum bases. Together with the class 4 gas lift, the chair can support up to 150kg – considering how restrained noblechairs is with this information, the ICON is certainly one of the most robust gaming chairs ever.

Practical test: Do the innovations prove themselves?

Purely visually, the ICON is a matter of taste and after many years on the market by now, the EPIC & HERO are probably more likely to meet the eye of the average gamer – the ICON is popular, but not as much as its siblings.

For me, the main innovation that does the most for the sitter is the flatter design. So if you have broader shoulders, you may sit better on the ICON.

I’ll make it short: Yes. Not only that the haptics come across as classy and high-quality as usual – for me, one of the best artificial leather covers on the market. Hardly any other manufacturer has such thick cover materials in its range. Ergonomics and comfort are also convincing across the board.


Back then, the noblechairs models, including the ICON, were the best chairs I’ve sat on. Today, many years later, the market has evolved and certainly there are better chairs nowadays, but which also often call a higher price.


In the price range of 350-390€ the ICON is still one of the most solid chairs I know and I still like to recommend them.


I hardly need to say anything about the range of functions: 4D armrests, rocking & tilting function, height adjustability … everything works flawlessly. Without squeaking. Without hooks.

My conclusion to the test of the ICON Series


From concept to execution, I think the ICON gaming chair is a complete success. The bold move away from the tried-and-true design to a completely new silhouette is a complete success: they are now catering to a wider audience by targeting comfort lovers as well as those with a broader stature.


The solid all-aluminum base and effectively wider seat also open up new potential for heavier gamers, who will feel much more comfortable thanks to the less aggressive side support and shoulder room.


The brand name is also iconically incorporated into the design of the ICON, as the symbiosis of luxury sports seat and royal throne look is thoroughly classy. I particularly like the look of the more padded, somewhat protruding headrest, while the shape of this same headrest also allows for more leeway in terms of user size (more on this in the size guide below).

Last but not least, details like the small design and functionality adjustments to the armrests prove once again how much attention to detail noblechairs puts into designing new products. Here, optimization is ongoing – that’s exemplary!


Size advice on the ICON - who does it fit?

Officially, the ICON Series – except for the maximum payload of up to 150kg – is designed for the average gamer, just like the EPIC. However, as already mentioned, there are some features that make the ICON accessible to more stately gamers:


  1. The seat cheeks have been lightened by a steel strut and flattened further, so that the thighs are less “pressed”.
  2. The protruding wings in the upper back area have been replaced by an upwardly tapering silhouette, which gives the shoulders more space.

Furthermore, the new shape allows more leeway in attaching the neck pillow. On the one hand, it can be attached further up, since the above-average width of the headrest there prevents it from slipping, and on the other hand, it can be pushed further down, since the usual “wings” are missing. In addition, the more heavily padded headrest makes it possible to dispense with the neck pillow altogether, which further increases the leeway.

In terms of maximum user height, both seat height and type of headrest or neck pillow attachment are limiting. Overall, I consider 1.70m to 2m to be realistic and 1.75m to 1.95m to be optimal. In terms of weight, the maximum load of 150kg and the space available on the seat and backrest are limiting factors. This point is difficult to determine, since weight is always to be seen in relation to size. I would not go below 65kg – in this range, for example, the EPIC is more suitable – and for larger people I consider 140kg to be the maximum. The ICON can certainly handle 70 to 120 kilograms without any problems.

ICON buying advice - where to buy?

The ICON is most attractively priced at overclockers – I also like the support there the best. As soon as there are more offers, I will of course inform you. Until then, take a look at the brand’s current range in the store:


nоblесhаirѕ EPIC Sеriеѕ

noblechairs EPIC series in test: PU synthetic & genuine leather variant in comparison

It’s no secret that gaming chair manufacturer noblechairs is my personal favorite on the market – how could it be otherwise with the excellent craftsmanship, luxury materials used, and royal look? Not to mention the dedication the brand shows in continuously improving its chairs. The know-how, the attention to detail and the closeness to the community can really be felt here. It is all the more pleasing that the manufacturer not only wraps its debut work, the EPIC series, in PU synthetic leather, but also sends it into the race in particularly noble real leather garb.


In this post …

  • you will find my detailed tests of the EPIC genuine & imitation leather series
  • and a comparison of the two,
  • my exclusive size advice for the EPIC series,
  • a detailed buying advice.
Table of contents

EPIC genuine leather series under test

You have often asked for it and many of you have been waiting for it for a long time: a gaming chair with genuine leather upholstery – and today it is finally here! With the “EPIC Series Genuine Leather” model, the premium brand noblechairs is starting a revolution on the gamer chair market, which is supposed to bring material quality, workmanship and design to a previously unimagined level. Sitting like in a super sports car – true to this motto, the company is attempting to set itself apart from the competition by combining high-quality genuine leather, a particularly precise manufacturing process and sophisticated design. Find out whether this coup succeeds in this comprehensive review!

noblechairs EPIC Series genuine leather: The facts!

First, the obligatory look at the “technical data” of the model that I was allowed to put through its paces today. It should be noted at this point that the following features also apply to the PU leather version of the EPIC chair, which is also available – apart from the genuine leather cover, of course.

The first impression of the EPIC Series

Although the EPIC series is obviously aimed at the broad masses – i.e. the averagely built gamer – the weight of 27 kg (29 kg gross) is 2 kilos more than the larger King. I see that as a good omen for solid components, and that’s exactly what we’re looking at now:


What stands out?

Let’s start with the lumbar and neck pillows: First of all, these are red in my model, whereas the standard cushion will come to you in black in the future. In addition, the material is neither PU nor genuine leather, but fabric. This makes the cushions softer and less stiff than the usual PU cushions, which promises a better adaptation to the body contours. I also like the feel of the fabric covers very much.


epic-gaming-chair-side-without-cushionThe ergonomics or shaping of the seat & backrest is also striking: the seat cheeks are more pronounced than on the King, but not as offensive as on the Vertagear SL4000 – which should result in a healthy mix of sports car feel, clearance and comfort.


Getting up close and personal with the luxurious upholstery: I was of course particularly curious about the differences between synthetic and genuine leather. When I first felt the new cover, it felt noticeably thicker and there was a leather-like texture to it; it also sits as if it were tailor-made on the upholstery. With common chairs, the cover can be pulled away from the upholstery with two fingers, but with the EPIC, the individual parts look like a whole – that’s how it should be! Update: There is something new, a real alternative to genuine leather with equally good breathing properties for considerably less money: My report on the noblechairs Black Edition


The tested noblechairs model from the side, without cushion. From precision, upholstery and design: Not only the cover itself feels different, but also the upholstery underneath seems a bit firmer and more solid – more will reveal the test sitting. Of course, the diamond pattern, which is certainly familiar to some from pictures of super sports cars, catches the eye immediately. The white decorative stitching and all other embroidery are indeed uniquely precise. This is probably due to the robot-controlled cutting as well as the extremely precise embroidery machines – noblechairs obviously not only uses optical but also technical refinements from automobile production.


The elegant black and white contrast is complemented by discreet logo applications: A red patch on the seat, an embedded metal badge in the back area, and an embossing on the headrest. Everything looks very coherent and well thought-out.


The other components – powder-coated aluminum base, adjustable rocker-tilt mechanism, casters, gas lift and armrests – also leave a good impression, but at first glance they don’t show any special features compared to other premium chairs.


To sum up my first impressions of the EPIC Series Genuine Leather Black/White/Red: In terms of precision, manufacturer noblechairs didn’t promise too much. The leather cover of the EPIC Series gaming chair is also convincing and I’m curious to see how the seating climate will differ from the PU competition in the long-term test. The fusion of luxurious design and quality seems to be successful!


The structure of the noblechairs EPIC

If you’ve watched my video on the noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair Series Genuine Leather – it’s worth it – then you’ve seen that I’ve hired some assembly help. Apart from that, the luxury gaming chair trumps with a new record in terms of assembly time: With practiced hand movements, the gem stands in less than 10 minutes.


The reason for this is quickly explained: The components are noticeably more precisely manufactured down to the smallest detail than was the case with previous gaming chairs. As a result, every handle and every screw fits – this is frustration-free assembly in perfection.


Not only when it comes to visual and technical aspects, the noblechairs EPIC Series Genuine Leather Black/White/Red sets new standards, it also stands out from its competitors in practice. This is how the construction of a gaming chair should go: Everything aligns and fits together seamlessly.

EPIC gamer chair close ups

Test sitting in real leather gaming chair

My first impression was not deceiving: It is indeed a fusion of DXRacer King and Vertagear SL-4000 in terms of shape and space. In practice, this means that for me – 189 cm tall, 85 kg heavy – on the one hand there is enough leg and shoulder room and on the other hand there is still a sports seat feeling. The noblechairs chair’s seat bolsters are well dimensioned: they don’t pinch, don’t constrict, but still provide the desired discreet lateral support.


Neck and lordosis support in the form of the two fabric cushions also meet my positive expectations: The material is pleasantly soft and yields a bit more than the competing products made of artificial leather. The cushions are therefore less “intrusive” and adapt better to the gamer’s stature, so they offer clear advantages in terms of comfort as well as ergonomics. In addition, the velvety cover doesn’t cool down as quickly.


If the usual wobbly armrests annoyed you as much as they did me, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief with the EPIC: Finally, a manufacturer has managed to fix 4D armrests in such a way that there’s no unnecessary play.


rolling-the-noblechairs-in-the-close-upThe casters of the noblechairs EPIC Series Genuine Leather Black/White/Red are surprisingly quiet and even undercut the noise level of the King casters – even if only minimally. They cut a good figure on both laminate and carpet in the test and do not leave any scratches.


Castors of the genuine leather gamer chair Not too much can be said about the seating climate at this point, but differences to other PC chairs are already noticeable: The innovative genuine leather cover in combination with the high-density cold foam padding feels a bit firmer and doesn’t yield as much as it is the case with cheaper models. Nevertheless, the seat is pleasantly soft and experience shows that a genuine leather chair adapts perfectly to its owner over time – you can find out more about this in the results of my long-term test!


I would describe the seating feeling as very pleasant and you definitely notice that high-quality materials are involved here. I like the cushions so much that I will purchase them for my King as well. The noblechairs EPIC Series genuine leather should be able to unfold its true strengths after a few weeks of intensive sitting.


Epic genuine leather series test: adjustment options

  • 4-D armrests: If you draw a comparison to the competition, the noblechairs EPIC genuine leather gaming chair doesn’t do the designation “4-D” justice – even though it is factually correct. The padded backrests can be rotated, moved inwards and outwards, adjusted in height and pushed forwards and backwards. In addition, the armrests can be moved even further inwards and outwards by loosening the fastener on the underside, which is advertised as the fifth direction by other manufacturers.
  • Backrest: Here, the company relies on tried-and-tested functions and leeway. There is an infinitely variable fixed or adjustable rocking and tilting function that can be reclined up to 135 degrees. To the front, the backrest can even be adjusted beyond the relevant 90°.
  • Support cushions: Both cushions can be continuously adjusted in height by means of elastic straps. Due to the comparatively high headrest, the noblechairs EPIC Series Genuine Leather Black/White/Red offers more room to move upwards here, which will especially please tall, slim gamers.
  • Seat height: The seat height can be continuously adjusted up or down by up to 10 cm via the Class 4 gas lift.

Colors, variants & accessories

As already mentioned at the beginning, it is possible to reorder lumbar & neck cushions in your favorite color for the noblechairs EPIC gaming chair (coming soon!). This allows every gamer to give his chair an individual look according to his personal preferences.


Because decorative stitching, highlights, side parts and the like are 100% customizable, there are many possible color combinations. I have also spotted the first fan and merchandising editions in the vastness of the Internet: For example, there will be an EPIC chair in the guise of esports giant SK-Gaming. It’s good to know that the noblechairs brand will also gain a foothold in the ever-growing field of electronic sports!


What are the advantages of genuine leather?

The clear flagship of the new noblechairs brand is the hitherto unique genuine leather cover. But what are the concrete advantages of such a cover? I’ll briefly summarize the most important facts for you:

Genuine leather …

  • is subject to less abrasion and is therefore more durable,
  • is more tear resistant,
    is breathable (absorbs moisture, but does not get wet & releases the moisture back into the room air),
  • is perceived as more pleasant in terms of comfort and feel, and
  • is more resistant to the formation of cracks.

In defense of faux leather, the new Black Edition cover rivals real leather in durability & breathability, and remains affordable too! Of course, artificial leather is also noticeably cheaper and thus the purchase decision between PU or genuine leather is ultimately a question of budget.

My impressions of the EPIC genuine leather summarized

This is the strength of the noblechairs EPIC: It is so far the only gaming chair with a genuine leather cover. The material quality is super and the precise workmanship unrivaled to date.

The high-density cold foam upholstery and breathable leather provide comfort at the highest level.

The genuine leather version not only reaches new dimensions in terms of quality, but also price: You’ll pay over €500 for the luxury model, but it’s more than money well spent. If you have the necessary change, you can buy it, but if you don’t, you can go for the cheaper PU model, which is in the inexpensive midfield at around €340.

When it comes to design, no one can fool noblechairs EPIC: From the precise decorative stitching, to the shape, to the variable cushions, the chair looks luxurious and sporty at the same time.

Here, too, the EPIC serves all needs: Rocking, tilting, 4-D armrests, and adjustable lumbar and neck supports allow for an ergonomic seating position at all times. The higher headrest is an added bonus.

You can tell that this chair was designed with luxury sports cars in mind from start to finish – both in terms of manufacturing and appearance, as well as quality. Accordingly, there is nothing to complain about here. On the contrary: The EPIC sets new standards and lets us hope for fewer defects and complaints.

Conclusion about the EPIC genuine leather series

noblechairs-testlogoThe noblechairs EPIC genuine leather gaming chair is exactly what the gaming chair market has been missing. High-quality materials are skilfully brought into play and unprecedented precision is applied to the workmanship, which is not only visually convincing, but will also ensure far fewer production defects and returns.


For gamers, this means more reliability, more seating comfort, and a design that can definitely compete with the interior of a super sports car.


The majority of gamers will find the EPIC series to be a perfect fit, thanks to the dimensions and the successful balance between lateral support and space. The above-average length of the headrest also makes the noblechairs EPIC Series genuine leather black/white/red interesting for particularly tall, slim gamers.


In conclusion, it only remains for me to say that I am pleased that noblechairs was able to live up to its promises and that the EPIC Series definitely makes me want more. I am sure that more product lines will follow in the medium term, e.g. for somewhat wider-built gamers – I am curious!

EPIC PU synthetic leather series under test

Now I’ll introduce you to the PU or imitation leather version, which is offered at an ingenious price-performance ratio. In this review, you’ll find out exactly where the differences lie compared to the real leather chair and whether it’s worth buying.


Genuine leather vs. imitation leather - the differences

You may have already read my excursus on the general advantages of genuine leather. Nevertheless, I will briefly summarize once again:

However, it should be remembered that not all artificial leather is the same. Noblechairs processes PU covers that are thicker than those of many other manufacturers. In addition, the seams are very precise and the upholstery fits perfectly. They have also thought about breathability:

The secret: breathability through perforation

As mentioned, PU leather is not breathable by “nature”. As a clever workaround, noblechairs has decided to perforate the EPIC’s synthetic leather cover, i.e. to incorporate small holes. This special structure is intended to at least approximately imitate the breathability of real leather. Will it work?


Since the climate at the moment is more conducive to shivering than sweating, I’m holding back a bit on this – also because I’ve only had the chair in long-term testing for about a week. However, my impression so far is very good. I have not yet sat on such a high-quality leatherette:


  • It feels super comfortable and comes very close to the feeling of real leather
  • The cover sits uniquely well on the high-density cold foam upholstery – as if it were made of one piece.

As for breathability, I’m very positive and think the perforated faux leather will serve its purpose.

Brand new: PU/Vinyl mix in the new Black Edition - Breathable & robust

Completely new standards will be set in 2020 with the Black Edition. A mix of PU and vinyl is used as the cover, which is produced in Germany and can easily keep up with the breathing properties of real leather. In comparison, even more water vapor passes through here than with real leather! So we get properties that are very close to real leather, but don’t cost as much.

More about the new type of cover and the other changes made to the EPIC in this special edition here: noblechairs Black Edition Test

What should I buy now? Genuine, PU or Black leather?

Even though the noblechairs EPIC Series leatherette gaming chair sets new standards in terms of quality and workmanship and comes a step closer to real leather thanks to the perforation, real leather covers remain the ultimate. So, in general, I recommend that anyone who has the wherewithal, while not getting into an ethics conflict, treat themselves to a gamer chair with genuine leather upholstery.


Update 2020: Now, however, the cover in the mentioned Black Edition offers a real alternative, which is exactly between real and PU leather in terms of price.


In order to make your decision to buy the noblechairs EPIC Series a little easier, I’ll show you a few differences between the real and PU leather versions in the following series of pictures:

Impressions of EPIC PU leatherette chair


The first difference that catches the eye: the decorative seams on the PU faux leather chair also form a diamond pattern, but it differs slightly from the genuine leather variant.


The second big difference becomes clear in the close-up: on the left you can see the perforated synthetic leather and on the right the smooth genuine leather – both are breathable.


The third difference is in the EPIC PU faux leather chair’s seat bolsters covered in faux suede. These feel very comfortable and look chic.


The last difference I noticed was in the embossed noblechairs emblem in the headrest. The profile is a bit deeper in the leather here and thus stands out more.


Just like the genuine leather version, the lumbar and neck pillows are covered with velvety fabric, which is very pleasant to the touch and adapts to the contours of the body better than standard PU pillows.

metal plaque-with-logo-on-backrest

The obligatory metal badge with “noble” lettering and logo on the backrest must not be missing either. Nice to see: The perforated surface structure of the PU cover.


The sturdy 5-point base features noblechairs’ usual smooth-running and floor-protecting casters. No grinding, no scratching and no protruding plastic residues.


The side bolsters of the backrest are also covered with faux suede. The neck cushion is equipped with an anti-slip strip from the inside – so it stays where it should be.


As with the genuine leather chair, the armrests can be adjusted in 4 directions: forward/backward, inward/outward, downward/upward, and in rotation. As a 5th direction, one could add that the complete backrests can be moved inwards or outwards via screws on the underside.


The levers for the rocker and tilt functions can be seen. The latter can be continuously adjusted up to 135 degrees in the tilted position.

The facts about the PU model summarized:

Conclusion on the EPIC PU synthetic leather series


Without a doubt, the noblechairs EPIC Series has the best PU leatherette cover I’ve ever sat on. It is beautifully thick, precisely sewn and stretched, feels very comfortable and is more breathable than the standard PU cover due to the perforation. Last but not least, the look is also wonderfully done. As for the rest of the features, it is also in no way inferior to its big brother. Despite all the words of praise, I still have to say that I definitely prefer the genuine leather version – it can do everything just a bit better. So I’ll stick to my guns: If you’re on a budget, go for the genuine leather version. If you want to save money or are reluctant to sit on genuine leather, go for the PU synthetic leather model.

Size advice: Who does the EPIC series fit?

Based on the dimensions, technical data as well as test sitting by various test persons, I recommend the noblechairs EPIC for the following dimensions:

  • Height: 170 cm to 195 cm
  • Stature: Rather narrow to average and moderately wide
  • Load capacity according to manufacturer: Up to 120 kg

The EPIC Series genuine leather offers more space in width as well as height than, for example, the SL-4000 from Vertagear. Compared to the DXRacer F-Series, there is more room to move upwards. With the King it is about the same up in terms of height, but the noblechair offers more lateral support.

Are you taller, heavier or/and have particularly broad shoulders? Then you are best advised with the new ICON series from noblechairs. Be sure to check out my in-depth article on this awesome chair: → noblechairs ICON series test

Buying advice: Where do I order my EPIC?


I myself buy from overclockers, because in my opinion they are the best place for noblechairs. Prices, availability, know-how, goodwill – all that is always convincing at overclockers.

noblechairs gaming chairs

Noblechairs - tests, size & buying advice

For over 5 years, noblechairs has been a breath of fresh air on the market and already launched a real innovation with the first genuine leather gaming chair. But after the EPIC series in 2016, the brand brought even more series into play and always managed to develop innovative solutions: The noblechairs HERO, the noblechairs ICON & the noblechairs Black Edition were created.


While sticking to the sports car look for the EPIC, they also drew inspiration from the manufacturing of those luxury cars. The result: unprecedented precision in cutting the covers and embroidery. To this day, noblechairs stands for a very high level of quality and manages to bring further innovations to the market every year. The models accommodate heavy as well as lighter gamers, here everyone can find his suitable chair.

Table of contents

Size advice: Which noblechairs fits you?

Some of the data in the table will be similar, that’s because there are just so many different height/weight combinations. For example, if you weigh 110kg, then you can sit super on the EPIC with 190cm height, with 110kg & 167cm rather less. That’s why absolute specifications are very difficult here. I hope the information about the physique gives a direction, otherwise there is detailed information in the individual noblechairs reviews.

Body height max.: 165-200cm

My recommendation: 170-195cm


Body weight max.: 120kg

My recommendation: 65-120kg


Body type: narrow – min. wide

Body height max.: 120-170cm

My recommendation: 120-170cm


Body weight max.: 120kg

My recommendation: / comes soon


Body type: / comes soon

Body height max.: 165-200cm

My recommendation: 170-195cm


Body weight max.: 150kg

My recommendation: 65-120kg


Body type: narrow – wide

Body height max.: 165-205cm

My recommendation: 170-200cm


Body weight max.: 150kg

My recommendation: 65-150kg


Body type: narrow – max. wide

Tip: The lower limits of the body sizes can still be shifted by 3-5cm, because noblechairs offers extra shorter gas springs for smaller gamers. In addition, the values can vary by a few centimeters because the length ratios between the upper and lower body differ significantly in some people.


Too narrow for the HERO? Nope. Some slim people think the HERO is too tall. But I don’t see that a chair can be too tall. In terms of body size, of course, but if the seat is too long or you can’t get your feet on the floor, that’s unfavorable. Otherwise, having more space is all the better, we don’t need side support in our chair. In terms of comfort, larger beds, armchairs & sofas are also nicer.

The noblechairs Epic series

As the first model from the manufacturer noblechairs, the EPIC really hit the spot. To this day, it sells better than the ICON in my estimation, only the HERO seems to be even more popular. In any case, it impresses above all with its noble and at the same time sporty appearance, without looking so squeaky compared to some other sports seats. Precious diamond embroidery adorns the backrest and seat, which, by the way, has flattened side bolsters so as not to restrict legroom too much.


Due to its shape, the chair is not suitable for gamers who are too wide, especially the shoulder width can be problematic for particularly stable people, so the other models may be more suitable. The same key data applies to all chairs from this series, with the exception of the EPIC Compact and minimal changes in the Black Edition (more on that in a moment).

Short overview of the features

I don’t want to elaborate too much here, but just give a brief overview. For more detailed information and many photos, please visit my noblechairs EPIC review.

As usual, the upholstery is of the firmer variety, but otherwise the model first provides everything you need as basic equipment. Adjustable armrests, an extended rocker mechanism and quality.

Innovation: EPIC Compact - For the first time with synchronous mechanism

At the end of 2021, the EPIC Compact was launched, which is quite different from the standard. It is primarily made for smaller people, 125-170cm are specified. Here, too, noblechairs is not lumpen to bring something new again:


Thus, the Compact as the first model of the brand has a synchronous mechanism installed, which should be conducive to back health. In addition, the chair is covered with a PU leather produced in Germany and equipped with a softer foam. There’s also a seat depth adjustment feature to allow you to optimally adjust the seat depth to your own body size.


Basically, almost everything that a high-quality office chair has nowadays. I’m very happy about that, because there are still too many people who think that a gaming chair is garbage compared to office chairs.

The noblechairs ICON series


When noblechairs launches a new model, it is consistently with intelligence. There is always a new design or function that adapts a new model to other needs. At the heart of this model is the innovative silhouette. Not only do I really like the bold, new shape visually, it also gives a distinct advantage in terms of ergonomics:


Heavier, broad-shouldered gamers often felt cramped on previous gaming chairs – including the EPIC. Instead of the protruding wings that otherwise press into the shoulder girdle from behind, the ICON offers total freedom.


The steel braces for the side bolsters have also been dispensed with on the seat in order to generate legroom – together with the increased load capacity of up to 150kg, it’s clear that the model is aimed at wider and heavier gamers. In addition, the headrest is padded more thickly and the narrowly tapered backrest gives you more freedom in adjusting the neck cushion. The otherwise stainless steel-colored knobs on the armrests are powder-coated black here, and the base is also made of solid aluminum, although the EPIC now also has one.

Short overview of the features

Again, only a brief overview, for in-depth information including many photos & a video please stop by here: noblechairs ICON review.

This means that we have everything we need here when it comes to a high-quality chair in this price range. Unlike many typical racing chairs, this one does without limiting side bolsters.


The noblechairs HERO series

The HERO is my favorite of all noblechairs series that I have tested. On the one hand, the design goes new ways, I think of a sports car seat you see here nothing more, it shows up more as a boss-like throne or executive chair, without looking less classy. It combines all the features of the previous series, while relying on an innovation of the time.


As with the ICON, there’s plenty of room here, but this time it’s not through a narrower line, but a wider one. Side panels are hinted at here at most, there’s massive space and above all new features that are worthwhile and pay off to this day.

Short overview of the features

What the noblechairs HERO can do, I summarize here again only very briefly. Photos, videos and information about each individual component as usual in the noblechairs HERO review.

Compared to its siblings, the backrest here can be adjusted backward at a maximum angle of up to 125° to the seat surface. That’s 10° less, which shouldn’t really be a problem. However, the absolute highlights here are the lumbar support and memory foam, which trumps all previous series with its particularly generous space.

Coverings: Fabric, PU, genuine leather, hybrid - everything possible in the noblechairs test

Fortunately, at noblechairs you don’t have to worry much about whether your favorite chair is available with the right cover material, because absolutely no wishes are left open here. You can get any of the models with any cover.


They are available with pleasantly soft fabric covers, with classic PU leather, but also with genuine leather cover, which can be replaced with the hybrid leather of the Black Edition at a smaller price and similar breathing properties. More about that now:

The noblechairs fabric cover

The models that are marked with the suffix “TX” are covered with a soft fabric cover. TX stands for “textile”. The fabric cover is equipped with a support fabric made of fleece to give the material a longer life.


Many of you who write me mails prefer fabric models, so the textile cover comes just in time. Only in the color selection we are somewhat limited: Because so far, the TX series is only available in plain & at the same time noble gray.

The noblechairs PU leather

Even if the cover is not made of real leather, the quality and workmanship of the PU leatherette has not been compromised. According to noblechairs, the punched holes make the PU cover more breathable, which could significantly reduce a serious disadvantage of imitation leather. However, it should be mentioned here that high-quality PU leathers are not as extremely sweat-inducing as is often claimed.


Of all the brands I know, noblechairs uses the thickest PU leather, which is even thicker than the standard. In my opinion, this ensures a longer durability of the cover. In addition, the material looks very high-quality, not least due to the beautiful embroidery, and is also very attractive in price compared to real leather!

The noblechairs genuine leather

The genuine leather chair trumps with high breathability and longevity – these are two clear advantages that genuine leather brings with it, if you also want to care for it. It offers an optimal seating climate and looks very classy both visually and haptically. For an office chair covered in genuine leather, the noblechairs offers quite a good price-performance ratio.


If it fits into your budget, I can only recommend it. I myself sat on the genuine leather model for a whole year as one of my first gamer chairs ever. But it doesn’t always have to be the most expensive, and some people might not like genuine leather for animal welfare reasons. And noblechairs has recently come out with an insanely good alternative:

The noblechairs hybrid leather

You don’t want to do without noble-looking leather, but real leather is too expensive for you and you also want it to be breathable? What was impossible in the last few years is now possible with the hybrid leather. Only the Black Edition is delivered with this leather.


Behind it is a material mix of vinyl & polyurethane (PU) produced in Germany. If you take a close-up look at the material, you’ll also understand its breathing properties, because the cover is littered with tiny openings that absorb and wick away your sweat. In addition, the cover is still super easy to clean and especially robust.


Due to the German production, you can also be sure that there are no unauthorized softeners in the cover.

The differences in detail

It’s best to check out my comparison video at the very top of the page, where I go into all the differences between the genuine and PU leather versions. Besides the fact that the cover is made of a different material in each case, there are the following differences:


Difference No. 1: The incorporated decorative seams show a slightly different pattern.


Difference #2: While the chair on the right is covered in smooth genuine leather, which is naturally breathable, the perforation of the PU cover ensures that there is no excessive sweating even on the faux leather chair on the left.


Difference No. 3: The side bolsters of the imitation leather chair are covered with an imitation suede, reminiscent of suede or Alcantara.


Difference No. 4: The logo emblem, which adorns the headrest on all noblechairs, is stamped a bit deeper on the less expensive PU version, making it more distinctive.

Features: They all have this in common

Here I have a few more points that you can basically expect from noblechairs gaming chairs, so what really comes with each chair. noblechairs does not want to deliver cheap stuff, but a certain basic level of equipment is always included.


Advanced rocking mechanism with locking function

As you can read on the Gaming Chair home page, there are simple rocking mechanisms and extended ones. With the extended ones, the mechanism can be locked in any position instead of just being able to turn the rocking on or off.


There are no models with less extensive mechanics; on the contrary, the EPIC Compact uses an even better synchronous mechanism.

4D armrests with soft pad

Brands like DXRacer are still putting chairs on the market these days that only have height-adjustable armrests, which in my opinion is no longer up to date. This is probably done there partly to justify the prices of the better models.


Noblechairs doesn’t do anything like that, they basically have 4D armrests, ones that adjust in 4 directions and all of them have a soft plastic armrest so your arms don’t get irritated by rough, hard rests.

Precise workmanship & value

Workmanship and material quality are really high up here. The chairs from noblechairs are tightly upholstered, there is no excess leather hanging around anywhere, and the seams run very precisely and straight. The chairs are covered and sewn with the utmost precision using automated manufacturing systems, so there should be considerably fewer defects than was previously the case. The cover and upholstery form a single unit, so the seat looks as if it were made of one piece.


The materials are also reasonable. The PU leather, for example, is inherently thicker than that of all other brands. The foot crosses are made of solid aluminum, knobs for adjusting are partly made of metal, just like the insides of the armrests. Everything is designed for durability, so the chairs won’t blow up in your face after 2 years.

Quite firm pads

The firm upholstery foams are the most common criticism of noblechairs chairs. And indeed, noblechairs upholstery together with Secretlab are among the hardest. The advantage here is the very strong resistance to deformation. You will probably never see a sagging seat.


However, some find the cushions uncomfortably hard. I used to sit on the EPIC for a good 1 year and could never understand this criticism. But when I then sat on the predecessor of the much softer Master Pro from AKRacing and took the noble chair again after months, I noticed it too: thoroughly firm cushion. However, I was able to get used to it again after a few days, as before.


It depends on your own preferences, i.e. whether you like it hard or soft. Especially very lightweight gamers complain about too hard cushions, because they sink less into firm cushions than heavier people. Ultimately, though, noblechairs would hardly have had such great success if the hardness suited so few people. I wouldn’t be too put off here.

Cushion with fleece cover

Many manufacturers have their neck and lumbar pillows covered with artificial leather. However, this ensures that the cushions are unpleasantly cool, especially in the neck, when you sit down for the first time.


Fabric-covered pillows, on the other hand, are a blessing: no thick PU that restricts flexibility and super soft to the skin. I think that’s good! That’s how Secretlab & Backforce One do it too.

Conclusion: My experience with noblechairs

So far, luxury manufacturer noblechairs is “only” represented on the market with three series – the EPIC, ICON & HERO series. But these are really something – and quite honestly: I prefer it when a manufacturer releases mature, high-quality products that fill a niche or have a raison d’être than when, true to the motto “the more the better”, new chairs are constantly thrown onto the market that are identical down to minimal details. This only causes confusion.


Apart from that, the models are available with all conceivable cover fabrics, which makes the few series quite complete. Moreover, yes, there is already a “sub-series”, namely the Epic-Compact for small gamers with juicy ergonomic upgrades.


I’m in the fortunate position of being able to test all of the current models, and I’ve been impressed all around: material quality and manufacturing are nearly perfect, the adjustment options are flexible, and the looks are ingenious. In addition, the know-how and the accommodating support of noblechairs impress me again and again. This is how a modern premium gaming chair brand should function – a true prime example.


Serious, noble, sporty, functional – noblechairs has managed to perfectly simulate the feel and look of a luxury sports seat.