Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 Series Review – The ultimate power amplifier?


Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 Series Test - The ultimate power amplifier?

Secretlab recently announced the TITAN EVO 2022, a gaming chair that is supposed to combine the best of the 2020 series of the Secretlab OMEGA & Secretlab TITAN. After Secretlab released the specs & features, I was also first flashed by all the innovations & features that are supposed to be there.


As I noted in my Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 review, there isn’t a remarkable new feature behind all of it, but there are some cool new features. The new TITAN EVO 2022 can be ordered in 3 sizes and I could imagine that the two predecessor models could be replaced by the 2022 model one day. However, nothing is known about this.


Of course, I got myself a 2022 in XL early on to convince myself of the new improvements. First of all: The market launch of the Evo did not go completely smoothly and my model is also affected by creaking noises. You can find out where they come from and what to do about them in this test report.


TITAN Evo 2022 XL

lacquered solid aluminum base, breathable cold foam upholstery, PU cover//fabric possible, large 60mm plastic castors, molded soft plastic armrests

4D armrests, lockable rocker mechanism, tiltable backrest (165°), max. load capacity of 150/180kg, NEW: Continuously adjustable 4-way lumbar support, NEW: Magnetic neck cushion with memory foam, NEW: Cloudswap system for swapping armrest pads, NFC tag for authenticity check.

Table of contents

Innovations & functions on the TITAN EVO 2022

Secretlab really hits the ground running when it comes to features & innovations and also applies for patents & trademarks for a lot of things, but there’s not as much behind some of the points as you might think. Essentially:

These are the essential things for me. Also new, for example, is the shape of the seat, the previous softweave cover now has a “plus” and is supposed to be even better, and there is also an NFC tag on the chair to check whether you have bought a genuine TITAN Evo 2022.


Your chair creaks? Mine too. Solution:

After the delivery of the first TITAN Evo 2022 models there were many reports of strong creaking noises, my model is also affected. The noise is generated by friction between the cover and a side cover, which did not exist before:

creak noise side cover

But there is already a solution: Secretlab sends out “barrier kits” for this, which are inserted between the cover and the side cover. These then eliminate the problem. That’s not a big deal, but it would of course be nicer to avoid contacting the customer service and to have the whole thing work creak-free right away.


However, it can be assumed that this problem only affects the first large batch. In upcoming batches, the problem will be fixed. Happens!

Seating comfort: Is the TITAN Evo 2022 comfortable?

Comfort-wise, the TITAN Evo is comparable to its predecessor, I would say. The cushion hardness seems a little softer to me, but must still be called firm. With my 189cm I opted for the XL, rather too big than too small is my motto.


The features of the chair allow a more precise optimization of the seating comfort, so we can adjust the lumbar support vertically & horizontally for real fine tuning. With the memory foam cushion, neck & head are well bedded.

Patented cold foam - Really?

In fact, there is less behind it than you might think at first. The foam is good, no question! However, Secretlab is quite clever in marketing individual features. I did a little research on the patent issues:


The patent is “pending”, meaning applied for but not yet approved. It probably won’t be, Secretlab probably knows that too. In the field of seat foams it is difficult to reinvent the wheel and above all not necessary.


But let’s take a look at patent SG 10202102953R: “SG” stands for Singapore and if the number starts with “10”, it is a local patent, which refers only to the country where it was applied for – Singapore in this case.


This means that if this patent were to be approved, it would only apply to Singapore. Foam producers from Singapore would not be allowed to use this “special” foam composition. However, production in all other countries of the world would be allowed to use it. Is this how you would protect your blatant cold foam innovation?


Here you can see that the patent is rather clever marketing for the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022, but I can’t really blame the manufacturer. Anyone who had really developed a blatant foam would probably not only patent it for a country of production, but for a continent or the whole world. Otherwise, China, for example, would copy it instantly.

So not such good cold foam after all?

Do not misunderstand – the foam is therefore not bad. On the contrary, a very good, dimensionally stable cold foam is used here, which you will not sit through so quickly. The resistance to deformation is very good here due to the strength. It’s just not the super hot shit that you expect when you think of the patent.

Cross-legged test: legs crossed on the TITAN Evo

For me with 189cm height and 80kg weight it is of course no problem to cross the legs on the XL. The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 hardly has any side bolsters anyway, so this will not be the legroom limiting component for anyone.

cutting seat test-titan-evo

The advantage here is that the TITAN Evo is available in 3 sizes. So everyone has the space required for his height to cross the legs.

Cross-legged test passed!

Body sizes: Which Secretlab TITAN Evo fits you

This question, which is sometimes the most important when buying the right gaming chair, takes a back seat with the TITAN Evo. After all, the chair is available in 3 sizes: Small, Regular & XL. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the space conditions:

"Pebble" seating area with plenty of space

The old seat of the TITAN has been redesigned, the newly shaped seat is called the “Pebble seat base” and is intended to provide ergonomic support. A gentle curvature is intended to ensure a centered sitting position. To this end, seat cheeks are only hinted at.


For me, the new seat is just a new seat, with a different shape, but without that I feel a big improvement. But there was not much to improve for me. You could have taken an even softer foam for those who like to sit soft. Otherwise, we have the Secretlab TITAN Evo just a solid seat that does what it should.

Waterfall edge for pressure relief

Part of the new seat surface is also the so-called waterfall edge. The end of the seat is beveled. This is to take pressure off the thighs and make it easier to bend the legs if you like to have them or your feet under the chair.

waterfall edge seat

This is a good idea, the effect is not a massive one, but it does make it easier to get your feet under the chair. The fact that so much attention is paid to detail here can only be praised.

Backrest without restrictions

The backrest also does not restrict its users. Often, the side wings are pronounced in the shoulder area, causing the shoulders to round forward. That is not the case here.


Such sidewalls are of no use at all, so I think it’s very good that they’re left out, because they can’t be of any use, but they can be a nuisance. Leaving them out is the best option.

Conclusion: Suitable body for the Secretlab TITAN Evo

So space is there and I believe that a chair is better off providing too much space than too little. Secretlab gives the size recommendations as follows:

Body size: 169cm or smaller

Body weight: till 90kg

Max. Load capacity: 130kg

Body size: 170-189cm

Body weight: till 100kg

Max. Load capacity: 130kg

Body size: 189-205cm

Body weight: up to 80-180kg

Max. Load capacity: 130kg

These size specifications I can not agree after I received the Small. Even on the Small I can sit with 189cm just even, because would have been completely sufficient for me with 189cm also the Regular, whose backrest is another 4cm higher than that of the Small.


Therefore, I am firmly convinced that you can take even up to 195cm height still the Regular and can save the 50€ to the XL. The XL you need only if you are really very wide built or even taller. More about this here in the video:

By the way, the same gas springs are used for the Small and Regular versions, and the possible seat heights are also the same. Only the seat height of the XL is higher to make the chair suitable for particularly tall gamers.


The open design of the backrest should not cause any problems for anyone. Even in previous models, we were careful not to include any pitfalls for the freedom of movement.

Innovations & Features of the TITAN Evo en Detail

The main points are through: Comfort & Size Advice. Now it’s exciting to find out what all the innovations & features add to the seating comfort as well as the look:

L-Adapt 4-way lordosis support

Secretlab has treated itself to a neat innovation here. The lumbar support can be adjusted vertically and horizontally with the wheel on the backrest. We can therefore adjust the height of the lumbar support as well as its shape. So far, only the Backforce One Plus had that.


The L-Adapt technology is intended to additionally adapt the support to the user’s movements. When we turn to the right, for example, the support, which is equipped with movable hinges, is supposed to move with us. However, I don’t notice that much of it, but it’s also hard to feel it with my back.


The vertical & horizontal adjustment option, on the other hand, one notices of course already and this function I also welcome. Lumbar cushions are not a hit for lordosis support. The next level is a firm protrusion of the backrest in the lordosis area like on the Backforce One.


After that comes horizontally adjustable support, such as the noblechairs HERO has. This type of support should easily suffice for most people.


The dynamic L-Adapt lumbar support goes one better with its vertical adjustment, allowing for precise fine-tuning. This means you can support your hollow back exactly the way you want.

Magnetic head / neck pillow + memory foam

This is something that I really find very useful and successful. Secretlab has discovered the magnets for themselves, which are also used for Cloudswap and the side covers on the backrest.

neck pillow-minimal-height
Minimum cushion height

With the help of neodymium magnets, the head or neck pillow sticks where you want it. The pillow can therefore be fixed without straps, it is important here that you have also chosen the right model for your own size, so that the magnetic device is also in a suitable frame.

Maximum cushion height

Neck cushions often can’t be pulled down low enough on chairs with wide headrests, so smaller people can’t adjust the cushions properly; they lie too high. With the magnets, that problem is history.


It also looks better. It looks better without the straps that grip around the backrest. Most importantly, the memory foam is really comfortable on the Secretlab TITAN Evo! The pillow is velvety soft to the touch and the memory foam conforms very nicely to the head and neck area. A pillow that I like to use.


In addition, on the foam in the pillow is still a layer of cooling gel, so that it is not too warm in the neck. Nice to have, but probably not necessary.

4D armrest with cloudswap on the TITAN Evo

The armrests of the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 are adjustable in 4 directions (4D) and equipped with Secretlab’s new Cloudswap technology. The armrest supports, which come with a particularly soft plastic, are removable and also hold magnetically.


Secretlab thus offers the possibility of upgrading the arm rests with accessory pads. Technogel Premium pads are offered in the store for this purpose. These are supposed to adapt to the arm & wrists like memory foam and cool at the same time. I have already ordered them, they should be delivered in January 2022.


I find this option very interesting! I can not yet imagine anything under the Technogel, but I’m super excited and find the idea also just cool to change also at the always same armrest pads times what. Very innovative!


By the way, the armrests can only be adjusted by operating the metal knob at the front of the base. This is to prevent you from accidentally adjusting the armrest. Secretlab really goes into the smallest detail in development!

Advanced rocking mechanism with locking function

Anything else would of course be disappointing in this price range, the Secretlab TITAN Evo comes to your home with an extended rocker mechanism.


The resistance during rocking can be adjusted to the user’s own body weight by means of an adjusting wheel under the seat. Backrest & seat do not change the angle to each other when rocking, as a synchronous mechanism would, for example.


For this purpose, we can lock the rocker mechanism in any position. With standard mechanisms, the only option is to rock or not to rock. Here, the lever can also be moved, for example halfway, and the position is locked.

Tilt back up to 165°

The backrest can be adjusted backwards at an angle of up to 165° to the seat surface using the lever on your right. This allows you to lie in the Secretlab TITAN Evo and also have a root canal performed spontaneously.

160 degree backrest

The trend here is downward: more and more manufacturers are limiting this angle, often only 125-140° is offered. So far, no one seems to need more, but since having is better than needing, we are happy to take the 165° and keep as much flexibility open as possible.

60mm large & quiet running rollers

The rollers of the Secretlab TITAN Evo are with 60mm size rather large rollers. The larger the rollers, the lighter they should be.


The Evo’s rollers run smoothly and quietly and do their job to full satisfaction.

Aluminum base in noble look

Metal bases are common in the price range of the Secretlab TITAN Evo; nylon is used more in cheaper segments. Thus, the TITAN Evo is delivered with a black lacquered aluminum base.


I find the design very nice, the base looks classy and high-quality. On one of the struts is still a Secretlab logo fitted.

Authentication via NFC tag

An NFC tag is attached to the lower backrest of the TITAN Evo 2022. If you scan it with your smartphone, it confirms whether it is a genuine chair or a fake from another manufacturer.


This question does not really arise in Germany, we can only order directly from Secretlab anyway. Apparently there have been cases of counterfeiting abroad, however, Secretlab once pointed this out in a Facebook post. So for us quite unexciting, but nice gimmick.

Covers on TITAN Evo: Softweave & Neo

You can get your TITAN Evo 2022 with the new Softweave+ or the Neo Hybrid synthetic leather, which isn’t really hybrid at all. But more about that in a moment. There is also the option with real nappa leather in the store, but it says for a very long time that this is currently not available. I suspect that this option will be abolished in the long term.

Softweave+: fabric cover has become 3.5x stronger

We already know the softweave covers made of super soft fabric from the previous models. This softweave cover has been further developed for the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022. Whether the new fabric cover performs better than its predecessor in abrasion tests is not known.


Only in a tensile strength test does Secretlab state that Softweave+ is 3.5 times stronger than its predecessor. I don’t dare to draw conclusions about a higher durability from this, because I don’t know whether a tensile and tear test is the appropriate method for this. But what the heck, the fabric cover has been optimized for the better, and that’s a good thing for now!


In any case, though, Softweave is a super comfortable and soft fabric cover that feels similar to the noblechairs HERO TX fabric cover. The qualities of the fabric covers can already differ greatly. Compared to the fabric cover of the DXRacer 1, this one is really worlds better.

Neo hybrid leather - Caution misunderstanding

Secretlab claims to have developed the new Neo hybrid leather itself. With hybrid leather, I first thought of the noblechairs Black Edition, which consists of vinyl & PU and is particularly robust and breathable. Secretlab means the “hybrid” in the name but differently:

high quality-neo-leather

The Neo synthetic leather consists of a carrier layer of microfiber and a top layer of resin laminate. Secretlab has developed this top layer itself. The surface also feels really great, the leather is really nice and soft and actually reminds you of Napa leather, one of the most expensive genuine leathers around.


However, I am somewhat critical of the term “hybrid”. According to my research, it is relatively common in the production of PU artificial leathers to take a backing layer of fleece (also microfiber) and provide this with a PU top layer. According to this, the hybrid leather is a normally manufactured artificial leather:


In both cases, you have a fleece/microfiber carrier layer and a top layer. The innovation here then lies “only” in the top layer, which Secretlab has developed. I find the new leatherette absolutely successful, haptically it is really great! Only with the term “hybrid” I have my problems.

Workmanship & quality on the Secretlab TITAN Evo

At a price of around $470, I have very high expectations here, which could already be met with the predecessors and also met with the TITAN Evo 2022. I have nothing to complain about here, the chair looks very valuable.


Here you can see a very minimal wrinkling on the headboard, the leather could have been a bit tighter. Here I complain but at the highest level, I had to hold the lamp well on it, so that you can see it at all – I’ve noticed it myself only late.


The seams are otherwise very precise without exception, the manufacturing level is high here.


And you don’t have to worry about the use of materials either, after all, the chairs can withstand loads of up to 150kg or 180kg – you can’t afford materials that are too cheap, especially not if you give a 3-5 year warranty.

3-5 years warranty with exclusions

Secretlab offers a 3-year warranty on the TITAN Evo 2022. You get 2 years on top if you either pay $50 or share a picture of the new chair on social media. A warranty beyond the 2 years is commendable.


However, there are also some exclusions in the warranty statement. Natural wear and tear, for example, is not included, but that’s normal and basically how all office or gaming chair warranties are handled.


Secretlab’s statement has a lot more, though, so “aging of materials” is excluded, as well as damage if you sweat a lot due to illness, and “accidents” are also excluded, whatever that means. That’s the point: these points can be interpreted generously and it’s not entirely clear what exactly the warranty covers.


What it should definitely apply to, however, are cases in which basic components of the chair simply break, such as the base, seat, armrests or similar. At least these points are covered in my opinion, and for longer than is often the case.

Conclusion on the TITAN Evo Review - Buy?

This has become a long test report, which speaks for the Secretlab TITAN Evo for now, because: If I have a lot to write about, it’s either because there are a lot of features, or because there is a lot to criticize. The only criticism I have for the TITAN Evo is the marketing: The cold foam patent is a bit of window dressing, and I’m not sure if the “hybrid” leather was deliberately chosen to make more of the new cover than it is.


Although that wouldn’t be necessary: The neo-imitation leather with its nappa-like surface is haptically great and successful. However, I’m not sure if I can really hold that against Secretlab – marketing is marketing.


The bottom line is that Secretlab has made a big leap in the evolution of its own chair series and created an all-around successful product. With 3 sizes to choose from, everyone can find their perfect chair, features like the L-Adapt 4-way lumbar support make a big splash, as does the new Cloudswap technology for the armrests.


The chair is well thought out down to the last detail, the magnetic neck cushions are a highlight for me and you can clearly tell that they are making the right effort in developing the perfect gaming chair. I find the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 really great.



Secretlab OMEGA Review

neck pillow-velours

Secretlab OMEGA in test: My experiences & offers for Ω

Finally I can add another of the current top brands to my website – I have the Secretlab OMEGA in test. Among many of my videos you have asked when I’m going to say a few words about the manufacturer Secretlab, now it’s time. The manufacturer itself should already tell you something, because whoever has informed himself about gaming chairs via Google, often gets ads on Facebook from the brand.


Secretlab has particularly trumped in the past with the cool designs of the chairs, which also made a very solid impression in terms of quality. So there is real potential to take something from the market from the big top dogs. Whether I really like the OMEGA, which body sizes it fits and whether I would recommend a purchase to you, you can find out now!


The essentials are already in my video. A few pictures and details about the body size you can take from this report.

Table of contents



matt lacquered solid aluminum base, breathable cold foam upholstery, PRIME PU cover – fabric or genuine leather possible, memory foam in cushions, large 60mm plastic castors, molded soft plastic armrests

4D armrests, lockable rocker mechanism, tiltable backrest (165°), max. load capacity of 110kg

Features & Benefits of the OMEGA

Let’s start in short format with what makes the Secretlab OMEGA: Of course, we find in the chair all the usual features that you can expect from a chair in the price range between $334-649. These would be:

The OMEGA in the test - Can it convince?

Now again just as detailed as in the video, but with high-resolution images: I’ll introduce you to the individual functions and show you the workmanship of the chair. You will notice that everything sits and fits as it should.


OMEGA Series dimensions

The OMEGA’s dimensions are more suitable for slim to normally built people. The dimensions are basically the same as those of the competition, but there is one very important restriction: The seat is theoretically wide, but the side bolsters limit the legroom. So, since you can’t make your legs infinitely wide here, the chair is less suitable for bulky people. For the “normal” stature (what is normal?) but fits perfectly.



Especially cool: fabric, PU and faux leather possible

I’ve never seen that from any manufacturer before. There is the faction that likes imitation leather and the faction with the cats at home who prefer fabric. Secretlab offers both with the OMEGA, TITAN & THRONE:


You can get the chair with so-called “Prime PU leather” or “▷ SoftWeave“, i.e. fabric. I think that’s cool! So everyone gets their money’s worth. Even the real leather fans: Napa is certainly pleasant, but $649 is of course also a house number.

Design: Versatile and simple on demand

At least TITAN and OMEGA Series are rather elegant chairs. Basically, the 3 series remind me of the 3 at noblechairs. They started with a more sporty model and it gets more and more elegant towards the top. I find the design of the OMEGA definitely office and gaming suitable and very nice simple and elegant.


With fabric cover the chairs look special, but already very cool. The color accents are also pleasantly subtle with all color variations. I find my black OMEGA with golden embroidery and red stitching very successful.

The aluminum base

The base of the Secretlab OMEGA is made of aluminum and is painted matte black. This alone makes a very nice impression visually.


60mm large PU rollers

The casters are pleasantly quiet and light. So you won’t make any noise at home. With a size of 60mm, they are also pretty standard: The noblechairs HERO, for example, has wheels of the same size. Some chairs use larger casters – the Core Ex Wide, for example, has 63.5 mm – but I don’t see why larger casters would help. That’s why I don’t care whether they are half a centimeter larger or smaller.

Field test: My experience with the features of the Secretlab OMEGA

Now it’s all about the OMEGA’s features. You’ll now learn what the chair can do, how its features work, and then finally my assessment of the seating comfort. In just 2 minutes, you’ll know whether the OMEGA is worth the money or whether you should keep looking.

Rocking mechanism infinitely variable

Of course, the OMEGA comes with a rocker function. The mechanism can also be locked in different positions, so that everyone will certainly find their favorite sitting position. Only the synchronous mechanism is better than a rocker mechanism – but such a mechanism is very rare, chairs like the Backforce One or Backforce One Plus, for example, have one integrated.


Backrest tiltable 165°

“Have a break, have a 165° reclinable backrest.”


Who doesn’t know this famous phrase? Either you’re sitting at your desk and just don’t feel like studying/working anymore, or you’ve been gaming for half an eternity and are failing non-stop – you need a break at some point. It’s nice when you don’t have to go to the bed or sofa, but simply tilt the backrest back 165° to the seat with a lever on your right and take a few minutes to reflect.


You can also fall asleep on the chair. It’s happened to me a time or two at work. It’s not a solution for a healthy 8-hour sleep, but it’s fine for a power nap.

4-Direction (4D) PU armrests

The armrests can be adjusted in 4 D̶i̶m̶e̶n̶s̶i̶o̶n̶e̶n̶ directions. The “D” stands for “direction”. Not dimension. You can see what this means in the video above.


The surface of the armrests is made of soft PU, plastic. Hard plastic is not used so that elbows are protected. Hard plastic creates too much unpleasant friction – so everything is done right with the OMEGA.

Lumbar and neck pillows: Velour & memory foam

Of course, there are also lumbar and neck pillows. Fortunately, the pillows are covered with velour, a fabric. So they are less rigid compared to artificial leather pillows, feel much more comfortable in the bare neck and are not cold when you just take a seat. I like that extremely well!

neck pillow-velours

Since I got my first fabric pillows, I haven’t used a PU pillow. To be honest, I find them really uncomfortable by now.

Lendenkissen ohne Befestigung - überhaupt nötig?

It needs two holes in the upper backrest area to fix the lumbar cushion. If we do not have such holes, then we cannot attach the lumbar cushion. This is now the case with many current models, which do without the racing seat holes for optical reasons. But think about whether you need the cushion at all.

lumbar pillow memory foam

The backrest is pre-curved in the lumbar area anyway. I personally do not need the cushion despite a slight hollow back, I prefer to sit without it. Who has a more pronounced hollow back, the cushion must then probably straighten more often.


But don’t feel forced to use the cushion. If you find it rather unpleasantly disturbing, then just leave it out.

Seating comfort: the OMEGA is this cozy

I rate the seating comfort as very good. You notice before and after sitting down that you are sitting on a high-quality chair. It is very comfortable to sit on. The only small point of criticism: The side bolsters on the seat are very pronounced and stand a bit high. This limits the legroom. For me, this is still within reason, but it will certainly be uncomfortable for somewhat bulkier gamers. However, the chair is not made for massive gamers anyway.

Body sizes: My recommendations & Secretlab's

The chair is loadable up to 110kg. Secretlab recommends the OMEGA for gamers between 160-180cm tall in weight classes of 50-80kg. I am with my 189cm and 89kg so a bit too tall and fat. So I should actually rather take this one: Secretlab TITAN Test


In my case, you can see that there is still sufficient space between the leg and the end of the seat. The rule of thumb says that there should be about two finger widths of space. With a height of 189cm you have no problems with the length of the seat.


The backrest is a bit trickier: According to the manufacturer, the OMEGA is only suitable for gamers up to 180cm. I can almost agree with that, but I would say that 185cm is still possible if the chair is absolutely necessary.


Here is a photo of my test person with 167cm height. Also here it still goes. The manufacturer states 160cm as the lower limit. That may go with a different torso and leg length ratio, but my test person would perhaps already have difficulties with 7cm less height. So but it fits very well!


The only limitation: the adjustability of the neck pillow. As you can see from the elastic band, it is already pulled down to the maximum. And already there it has to readjust the one or other time. Body sizes under 165cm will have problems here.


I also almost agree with the assessment: However, I would shift the limits by 5cm: So from 165cm to 180/185cm. My partner with her 167cm still sits very well, but the seat could be too long for people under 165cm, in addition, the neck cushion can not be fastened low enough. But that becomes a problem with pretty much every chair. With other constellations between torso and leg length, however, this may still fit 1a even at 160cm – I do not know.

Buy Secretlab OMEGA - Best price?

Finding the best price is little difficult. Secretlab does not use external distribution and handles sales & shipping of its own chairs itself. According to the manufacturer itself, the chairs can therefore be offered at lower prices, and that seems to work: Some series are completely sold out.


So if you want to buy the OMEGA, take one of the links from this article, like ▷ this one: You will get directly to the manufacturer and may even benefit from discounts.

Really cheaper through direct sales?

A question I asked myself. In my opinion, you undoubtedly get a super chair that is worth the money. And models at DXRacer and AKRacing are also often actually more expensive without offering great advantages (My opinion). In this respect: Yes, the chairs are worth their money. But you don’t necessarily make a super bargain either. The price is good for the performance, but also not significantly better than some competitors: noblechairs, for example, surprises with equally good prices.


Conclusion: Buy OMEGA or go to the competition?

If you like the designs at Secretlab or OMEGAS, I see no reason to look any further. In my opinion, the chair is great, it has everything you need: 4D armrests, a lockable rocker mechanism, 165° tiltability of the backrest and above all: comfort and high-quality materials.


A pleasantly thick padding, tightly covered and valuable PU leather, precisely finished seams. If it fits your height, then you can buy the OMEGA without hesitation! Click here to go directly to the store:

Secretlab TITAN Review


Secretlab TITAN Test: Better than the HERO? My experience with the TITAN series!

I am happy to present you my new Secretlab TITAN test! I have already told you my experiences with the Secretlab OMEGA and they were already quite good. But this time I go one series higher to present you the new TITAN in the 2020 Series. I’ve been sitting on the new Secretlab chair for a total of 4 weeks now and I’ve noticed a few things about this gaming chair.


Above all, it is similar to the noblechairs HERO in all its functions. You can also find out how the two compare in this review. The reading time is about 5 minutes and is refined by a lot of photos to illustrate the individual functions of the TITAN. Let’s go!

Table of Contents



Painted solid aluminum base, breathable cold foam upholstery, PU cover/genuine leather/fabric possible, large 60mm plastic castors, molded soft plastic armrests

4D armrests, lockable rocker mechanism, tiltable backrest (135°), max. load capacity of 150kg, NEW: Continuously adjustable lumbar support, NEW: Memoryfoam in neck cushion

Features of the Secretlab TITAN - The Highlights


Secretlab TITAN in the test: The details

Even though I already have 25 chairs standing here, it always brings a smile to my face at 3 moments: When the package delivery guy rings the doorbell, when I cut open the box and take out high quality chair components that don’t stink, and: When the chair is in place and I feel like I’m the owner of a new and imaginable model. That’s exactly how it was with the TITAN. And then I sat on it for 4 weeks for the time being….

Dimensions: No tightness, lots of free space

If you’re interested in the Secretlab TITAN, there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about: About free space. The side bolsters are very pleasantly flattened. So if you are either a bit bulkier or like to sit very wide-legged, you don’t have to worry about being limited in legroom by pronounced side bolsters.


The TITAN is the largest model in the Secretlab family and it is absolutely commendable that they have created a model for tall and wide gamers at an affordable price that is not beyond $500. In the shoulder area, the side bolsters also do not protrude and ensure that men with wide crosses can sit comfortably.


Height: For my 189cm, the chair is made for me. My 167cm tall test person also gets along very well with the chair. She gets her feet on the floor and the seat is not too deep. So you can sit well on the TITAN with heights from 165cm to 205cm.

Design: Successful with loving details

Visually, Secretlab has designed a good wallow with the TITAN, which is additionally available in many exciting versions. There is a Dark Knight version, Dota version, as well as deadmau5-version among many other variants. What I additionally like are the details. Many normally standard parts like bezels and other small plastic components are specially molded and some have the “Secretlab” logo on them.


Something like this shows me that there is attention to detail in the chair. You could have used standard, but you opted for something special. This underlines the demand for a unique and lovingly designed gamer chair.

All aluminum base with lacquer finish

The base is made of metal and has been painted black. Even though the base may not be the centerpiece of a chair, it can make a visual impact. And it does.


The design gives the entire chair an additional elegant look.

60mm rollers with solid running properties

These are hybrid rollers that can be used on both carpets and hard floors. For hard floors, a floor protection mat is often recommended for plastic rollers, but they do run pleasantly in any case.


Otherwise, rollers are not a highlight for me, as long as they do not scrape loudly and crabby over the floor. Everything is right here.

TITAN in the field test: Functions & comfort

What I just showed was nice and important accessories that round out the chair. But now it’s down one level to the heart and kidney test to prove the capabilities of the important functions. My experience with the Secretlab TITAN goes into detail, just like before with the OMEGA:

Special: variably adjustable lumbar support

I have a feeling that this very feature will one day become the standard. Lumbar cushions often adapt well to the lower back, but often they don’t: We people are built too differently for that. The curvature of the lumbar spine is more pronounced in one person than in another. That’s where a variably adjustable option comes in handy.


This wheel allows you to adjust the curvature of the lumbar support to your own spine. Some people may know this from their car. For longer sessions, the spine and the surrounding muscles can be relieved in my opinion better than with a rigid cushion.

Neck pillow with memory foam

The HERO has memory foam directly in the head area of the backrest. The TITAN provides memory foam in the neck cushion. In both cases, the memory foam can improve the seating experience.

memory-foam neck pillow

This is a nice innovation of the 2020 series. The advantage is not particularly noticeable, but a nuance more comfort may be there in the long run.

New: 4D armrests "Full Metal

These are the new, much higher-quality metal armrests in the 2020 series. I have to say, it makes quite an impression. Of course, parts of the trim are still made of plastic, but the new metal elements definitely bring an upgrade in feel & look and certainly in durability.


For comparison: Here are the old armrests again. They are basically the standard of many manufacturers and also solid, but look almost cheap compared to the metal version, although they are not.


Of course, the armrests can also be adjusted in 4 directions (4D=4 Directions) as usual.


In addition, the armrests are equipped with soft plastic and provide sufficient and comfortable padding for the elbows.

Lockable rocker function & tilt mechanism up to approx. 125°

A rocker mechanism should not be missing in the Secretlab TITAN test. It also works flawlessly in the long-term test. However, you have to adjust the rocker mechanism to your body weight. You do that by turning the dial underneath the seat directly on the mechanism until it can be tilted lighter or heavier.


The tilt function allows an angle of up to 125° to the seat surface and also invites you to watch movies or YouTubing at your desk. You can influence the behavior of the tilt function by turning the tilt mechanism on or off.

Seat comfort test: Is the Secretlab TITAN comfortable?

I sit comfortably on the Secretlab Titan. Experience has my butt now already collected with many a cushion. At AKRacing, for example, the cushions are softer, at DXRacer too. Secretlab and noblechairs, however, use rather harder cushions. In a direct comparison between noble and Secret, I can’t see much difference in the hardness. So if the HERO is not too hard, you will also be satisfied with the TITAN.


The seating comfort is essentially a result of the interaction of the individual components: Extensively adjustable armrests, the shape of the TITAN, the upholstery, the neck cushion and, importantly for me, the lumbar support.


With this chair, which is comfortable anyway, an even higher comfort level can be achieved with this feature. The only thing that could still offer an upgrade here would be a synchronous mechanism. However, experience has shown that you have to pay a bit more for this.

Secretlab TITAN vs. noblechairs HERO

That’s exactly what I’ve been asked many times: Who performs better, the TITAN or the HERO? Well, the differences between the two chairs are not that big. The noblechairs HERO has memory foam in the headrest, the TITAN has memory foam in the neck cushion. I think both make sense – it’s a tie.


The other features seem to be pretty much the same. There are only some visual differences, which is why I declare the TITAN vs. HERO battle a pure design issue. Decide for the model that appeals more to you visually, because otherwise two equal giants meet here.

Conclusion: Can I recommend buying the Secretlab TITAN?

Absolutely. The seams are all where they belong, nothing was sewn crooked here. The workmanship is on a very high level and Secretlab did not let itself down in terms of design either. In addition to the visual aspects, the range of functions also shines:


A rocker and tilt function is available, we have memory foam in the neck cushion, 4D armrests with soft plastic and a lumbar support that can be precisely adjusted via a wheel.


In addition, the TITAN offers unlimited space and legroom due to very flat designed side bolsters on the seat and backrest. The chair is suitable for people from 165cm-205cm height and from a weight of 65kg for those who do not like harder seats. In my eyes, an all-round successful product! I can only recommend you to buy the Secretlab TITAN. You will not regret it.

Secretlab Chairs


Secretlab - Tests, size advice & videos about the chairs from the Secret Lab!

Secretlab, some also write “Secret Lab”, is a gaming chair brand from Singapore. It was founded in 2014, and the first models were available on the market in the following year. The models of this brand are distinguished by the quality of the products and decent prices at the same time due to the exclusive sale in its own store.


The two founders Ian and Alaric are two passionate Starcraft players, who one day had little pleasure with their seats while gaming and therefore came up with the idea to establish their own brand and sell chairs as they would like them. This has resulted in 3 series so far, the TITAN EVO series, the OMEGA series and the TITAN series. These series range in price between $335-530.

Table of contents

Basic equipment of all 2020 Series models

In 2019, Secret Lab decided to upgrade all models – while keeping the price the same. The competition in the gaming seat segment is growing year by year, so I consider it a valuable step to go one level higher and constantly improve the quality of our own products.

Of course, that’s not all the chairs can do. The other features like rocking mechanism, tilting mechanism, armrests etc. differ depending on the model. The above list really only describes the common features that all series have.

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Secretlab TITAN Evo - Available in different sizes:

The TITAN Evo 2022 is the new flagship of Secretlab, which offers an extreme wealth of features & innovations, some of which are really nice. Secretlab has worked 2 years on the model and it is definitely an outstanding result come out:

The great thing: The chair can be ordered in different sizes, so that everyone can definitely buy his suitable chair. In addition, Secretlab has developed a new, very soft leather, the backrest can be tilted up to 165 ° – here comes the best of TITAN & OMEGA together.

▷ To the Secretlab TITAN Evo test with pictures, video & more! ◁

Secretlab TITAN - For gamers from 165cm-205cm


The TITAN is the flagship of the Secretlab brand, so the absolute premium model with the most features. Fully equipped with massive space and many possible designs.

Especially with the very flat side panels, this Secretlab chair is particularly suitable for gamers who weigh a bit more and are looking for space. However, “normal” builds will also find room on it. For lightweights under 70kg, one of the lower chairs is better suited.

▷ To the Secretlab TITAN test with pictures, video & more! ◁

Secretlab OMEGA - For gamers from 165cm-185cm


The OMEGA is the middle model from Secret Lab’s trio. Compared to the TITAN not soo much is missing, apart from space and a variable lumbar support. In addition, other rollers are included.

In terms of size, this model is in the midfield. If you are too tall or heavy, you should opt for a higher class. Compared to the THRONE, we have installed a better rocker mechanism.

▷ To the Secretlab OMEGA test with pictures, video & more! ◁

I am absolutely sure that Secretlab will position itself very strongly in Germany in the future. Currently, the main business is probably abroad, but the German market is asking more and more for the solid chairs of this manufacturer. Not for nothing, by the way, the chairs are almost constantly sold out!


My favorites are OMEGA and TITAN. You can easily reach for these chairs if you are looking for a cool chair of decent quality. And note the many design options open to you here: There are constantly changing special editions.