nоblесhаirѕ ICON Sеriеѕ

noblechairs ICON Series in test - My experience with the model

After noblechairs shook up the scene in 2016 with the revolutionary EPIC gaming chair, it was quite quiet around the luxury manufacturer for quite some time. But as the saying goes: Good things come to those who wait – I can only emphasize that, because honestly no one needs a product inflation á la DXRacer.


In contrast, noblechairs only releases chairs that have been thought through down to the smallest (design) technical detail and continuously optimizes them in response to buyer feedback. No unnecessary redundancies, no compromises, no half measures – each chair fills its niche optimally.


Long story short: the ICON Gaming Chair is here, adding fresh design, optimized components – including armrests, base, backrest – and new ergonomic features to the manufacturer’s fine lineup. You can find out who the ICON Series is suitable for in terms of budget and fit, and where you can buy the chair at a good price in this review including video.

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Steel frame, solid aluminum base, cold foam upholstery (55kg/m³), PU imitation leather or genuine leather cover, 60mm PU/nylon castors, PU armrests

4D armrests, height adjustable (49.5cm-59.5cm), lockable & adjustable rocker function, backrest tiltable up to 135°.

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The usual advantages of the luxury brand

The ICON initially trumps with the usual strengths of noblechairs, which I will briefly summarize:

In addition to these purely physical advantages, i like to emphasize that the german minds behind the brand are not only customer-friendly, but also (technically) competent. you often look in vain for such a level of expertise in this market segment, where the majority of “manufacturers” buy their chairs off the shelf – this impressed me from the very beginning with noblechairs, and of course buyers of the ICON will also enjoy this excellent support.

There were hardly any real points of criticism with the previous model

Some gamers found the padding a bit too firm, while others liked it very much. It always depends on what you prefer. I sat on the EPIC for a long time and found it great. When I sat on a softer chair for a while afterwards, the noblechairs upholstery also seemed quite hard. What you learn from this, though, is that it’s a matter of getting used to it, in a way.

Overall, the main thing I wanted was a model with the same quality standards that would work for larger, heavier gamers. Even if the 120kg maximum load capacity of the EPIC was rather pessimistic – noble plays it safe and includes load spikes when sitting down, for example – the shape of the backrest was only conditionally suitable for broad-shouldered people.

What makes the ICON special?

Let’s take a look at the innovations before the practical test. I was particularly curious about this because the ICON is not the umpteenth clone of tried-and-tested design borrowings, but an innovative product from a company that is known for its meticulousness and attention to detail.


First a look at the dimensions

When comparing the mere dimensions of the EPIC and ICON, one or the other is puzzled, because the practical differences lie in the design. While many data are identical, there are small differences here and there: The entire width of the seat surface is 5cm narrower on the ICON, for example … narrower? Isn’t that a step in the wrong direction? Don’t worry, the dimensions are deceptive here – more on that in a moment.


More freedom for the thighs

The EPIC already offered more room to breathe due to the flatter side bolsters, which also merged directly into the seat. In other gaming chairs, the seat simply stops before the side bolsters – if your thighs are a bit wider, you’ll feel an uncomfortable squeeze after a few hours at the latest. With the ICON, we’ve gone one step further by flattening the cheeks even more by removing a steel brace. This widens the effective seat surface enormously. Let’s be honest: Nobody needs lateral support in front of the desk anyway.


More freedom for the backrest

While the familiar design – fine leather look & diamond-pattern decorative stitching – also prevails in terms of backrest, the lateral support is also less aggressive here. On the way up, the backrest does not spread as usual, but tapers and also does without the typical belt holes.


A mixture of throne and sport seat

Where the EPIC had a width of 54.5 cm in the shoulder area, the ICON is “only” 39 cm wide. The meaning behind this is as follows: Of the 54.5cm width, only a good 30cm could be used effectively so far, because from this point the lateral protrusions lean strongly forward. While this is a great feature for narrower or normally built people – it feels like being hugged from behind – this shape becomes a problem for broad-shouldered gamers, whose cheeks press into their backs from behind.


The ICON does away with the usual sport seat silhouette, leaving shoulders free while the upper back rests snugly against the even more padded backrest. The headrest is also extra thickly padded and slightly more pronounced towards the front, so many gamers will be able to get by without a neck pillow. The new shape gives the ICON a royal look that is more reminiscent of a throne than a sports seat – a successful symbiosis.


A design upgrade for the armrests

The armrests were already one of the highlights of the EPIC. After all, noblechairs was the first manufacturer that managed to attach its 4D armrests in such a way that they did not rattle unnecessarily. The upholstery also took a different approach than usual.


With the ICON, they went one better design-wise by giving the originally stainless steel-colored metal parts a black powder coating now, to match the rest. While they are “rounder” overall and somewhat smaller in size, the upper part of the armrests has been given a chic high-gloss look, which harmoniously accentuates the noble overall work of art. Furthermore, the surface is less rough, which should benefit the elbows.


An indestructible base

Because the manufacturer also wants to provide more weighty gamers with space on the new ICON, they have further optimized the base: It is now made of solid aluminum, which was unique in this industry at the time around 2016. In the meantime, there are also many other manufacturers with aluminum bases. Together with the class 4 gas lift, the chair can support up to 150kg – considering how restrained noblechairs is with this information, the ICON is certainly one of the most robust gaming chairs ever.

Practical test: Do the innovations prove themselves?

Purely visually, the ICON is a matter of taste and after many years on the market by now, the EPIC & HERO are probably more likely to meet the eye of the average gamer – the ICON is popular, but not as much as its siblings.

For me, the main innovation that does the most for the sitter is the flatter design. So if you have broader shoulders, you may sit better on the ICON.

I’ll make it short: Yes. Not only that the haptics come across as classy and high-quality as usual – for me, one of the best artificial leather covers on the market. Hardly any other manufacturer has such thick cover materials in its range. Ergonomics and comfort are also convincing across the board.


Back then, the noblechairs models, including the ICON, were the best chairs I’ve sat on. Today, many years later, the market has evolved and certainly there are better chairs nowadays, but which also often call a higher price.


In the price range of 350-390€ the ICON is still one of the most solid chairs I know and I still like to recommend them.


I hardly need to say anything about the range of functions: 4D armrests, rocking & tilting function, height adjustability … everything works flawlessly. Without squeaking. Without hooks.

My conclusion to the test of the ICON Series


From concept to execution, I think the ICON gaming chair is a complete success. The bold move away from the tried-and-true design to a completely new silhouette is a complete success: they are now catering to a wider audience by targeting comfort lovers as well as those with a broader stature.


The solid all-aluminum base and effectively wider seat also open up new potential for heavier gamers, who will feel much more comfortable thanks to the less aggressive side support and shoulder room.


The brand name is also iconically incorporated into the design of the ICON, as the symbiosis of luxury sports seat and royal throne look is thoroughly classy. I particularly like the look of the more padded, somewhat protruding headrest, while the shape of this same headrest also allows for more leeway in terms of user size (more on this in the size guide below).

Last but not least, details like the small design and functionality adjustments to the armrests prove once again how much attention to detail noblechairs puts into designing new products. Here, optimization is ongoing – that’s exemplary!


Size advice on the ICON - who does it fit?

Officially, the ICON Series – except for the maximum payload of up to 150kg – is designed for the average gamer, just like the EPIC. However, as already mentioned, there are some features that make the ICON accessible to more stately gamers:


  1. The seat cheeks have been lightened by a steel strut and flattened further, so that the thighs are less “pressed”.
  2. The protruding wings in the upper back area have been replaced by an upwardly tapering silhouette, which gives the shoulders more space.

Furthermore, the new shape allows more leeway in attaching the neck pillow. On the one hand, it can be attached further up, since the above-average width of the headrest there prevents it from slipping, and on the other hand, it can be pushed further down, since the usual “wings” are missing. In addition, the more heavily padded headrest makes it possible to dispense with the neck pillow altogether, which further increases the leeway.

In terms of maximum user height, both seat height and type of headrest or neck pillow attachment are limiting. Overall, I consider 1.70m to 2m to be realistic and 1.75m to 1.95m to be optimal. In terms of weight, the maximum load of 150kg and the space available on the seat and backrest are limiting factors. This point is difficult to determine, since weight is always to be seen in relation to size. I would not go below 65kg – in this range, for example, the EPIC is more suitable – and for larger people I consider 140kg to be the maximum. The ICON can certainly handle 70 to 120 kilograms without any problems.

ICON buying advice - where to buy?

The ICON is most attractively priced at overclockers – I also like the support there the best. As soon as there are more offers, I will of course inform you. Until then, take a look at the brand’s current range in the store: