AKRасing Nitrо Series

AKRacing Nitro Series

Once again, we’re looking at a gaming chair from AKRacing today with the AKRacing Nitro Series, and once again, it’s an absolutely average model – the dimensions are very similar to those of the Prime, the SL-4000 or the DXRacer F-Series. So as far as that goes, the gaming chair is rather unremarkable. What makes it stand out from other models? Well, first and foremost it’s the design and the fact that only versions with a PU leather cover are available. Otherwise, the manufacturer once again provides a colorful selection of colors and trumps with the usual advantages, first and foremost the high load capacity.


The AKRacing Nitro Series caters to the average gamer. It is solid, stylish and ergonomically tailored to the majority of potential buyers.


Since the dimensions are practically identical to those of the AKRacing Prime, I won’t say much about it. If you like the look and prefer faux leather, the Nitro is certainly a good choice. In terms of color, you have the choice between blue, green, orange, red and white.

Who is the Nitro suitable for?

Experience: 165-189cm according to the community, loadable up to 150kg.


Cool look, good quality, average dimensions.


I myself had the pleasure of testing some ▷ AKRacing chairs some time ago. I like the models of this brand very gu – so well that I bought a second chair a short time later. With my 189cm and just under 90kg, I definitely still sit very comfortably on it. 2m should actually still be in it, but I advise rather larger models such as the Pro, SL-5000 or the DXRacer K series.


AK Nitro Series Features

The AKRacing Nitro chairs are only available with PU leather cover. Fabric variants are not available – if you want fabric, check out the AK Prime or DX’s D-/F-Series.

The chair is equipped with a comfortable hard foam upholstery. The faux leather is breathable and reduces excessive sweating.

You get as much as you pay for here. Price / performance fits.

I like the design of the Nitro from AKs with the best. Many different colors and also simple – something for everyone.

Typical gaming desk chair: ergonomically shaped backrest, lumbar and neck cushions for back support.


Adjustment options of the sport seat

The seat height is adjustable from 42-50cm. If you choose the AKRacing roller blades, then you can upgrade to 48-56cm. The armrests can only be adjusted in height and the backrest can be tilted at an angle of 90°-170° – it looks like this: 170° backrest. The resistance of the backrest when leaning backwards can be adjusted by a wheel under the seat.

Good alternatives to the AKRacing Nitro Series

If you are 1.60m tall or small and rather petite, then the Nitro should still fit, but better would be the SL-2000 from Vertagear. The same applies to tall people over 190cm, there it should at least be the Premium series of AK. Better still the ProX or the King series from DX, especially if you are around 2m tall – test reports on this can be found on my site. As for the weight, you don’t really need to worry, all the chairs mentioned can carry 150kg or more. However, the seat width is more relevant – long story short: Take a look at my recommendations, you are well advised.


For the same size or weight:


AKRacing Prime, AKRacing Premium. Info here: AKRacing Chair.


DXRacer D-Series, DXRacer F-Series, Racer 1-5, R-Series. Info here: DXRacer chair.


Vertagear SL4000 or SL5000 All info here: Vertagear Chair.